Sims 4 Overthinking: It’s Trash

By Bay Posted Friday Mar 29, 2024

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The headache has passed for the most part, and now we may return to working on the apartment.

Last time, we tested if the very small kitchen was functional.

Yeah, I…fully forgot a step. Sims technically need access to an indoor and an outdoor trashcan. The outdoor is no problem, the lot is big enough. The issue is the indoor trash can, since it’s really supposed to be a kitchen bin. My Sim here kindly let me know the error basically as soon as I opened the game. Awesome.

This kitchen is…tiny, so we’re going to have to get creative. Maybe that closet under the stairs?

Nooks are the best. Although, this was a bit more complicated than just putting in a new door. There wasn’t just ‘one’ wall in the way because of how stairs work in the Sims 4. Technically the door in the last screenshot wasn’t functional yet, because stairs come with their own (often invisible) walls built in. To put in this arch and make it a space the sims can move in, the stairs needed entirely pulled out, the invisible wall removed, and put back. I’d like to say I remembered this fact immediately and didn’t spend an hour troubleshooting, but I’d be lying. I won’t be able to put in any walls under the stairs here to isolate our new pantry space because they will destroy the stairs themselves, so I’ll have to fake it.

I’ve made a little pantry using countertops and shelves just to tuck the trash can in. It’s a toss up weather it’ll work or not, but it took forever to get the right combination of counters, so I hope so?

Okay, a…lot, happened here. It turns out that making trash in the Sims 4 intentionally is actually really hard. The sims can’t interact with a trash can without a reason, so I needed to create garbage. There seems to be a random chance involved in making trash. From what I can tell (from very little data) most things can create trash: dishes, laundry, eating, going to the bathroom, but it only actually produces trash a fourth(?) of the time during any of those tasks. Either way, it took forever to create trash to actually test this, and…nope, not functional, awesome.

My Sim is frustrated and uncomfortable, I’m frustrated and uncomfortable, and my trash nook doesn’t work. Back to the drawing board.

We have a winner. If we put the trash can on the side in the nook, it works. It’s not great for screenshots because of how wall collision works with the camera, but I’ll take it.

Even with shelves over it! Even with a pantry! Look how happy they are! Experience how happy I am. I hate this game sometimes.


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7 thoughts on “Sims 4 Overthinking: It’s Trash

  1. Zaxares says:

    I was just thinking your Sim looks WAAAY too happy to be hauling around a bag of trash. XD

  2. Olivier FAURE says:

    Yeah, but it’s the kind of hate that keeps you coming back anyway.

  3. Leslee Beldotti says:

    This story had me laughing way harder than it should because I’m currently dealing with a similar situation in real life.

    We are moving to a new apartment, and for whatever reason, apartments here in Germany often come without kitchens (or closets, or lights…). The space in the new apartment that’s designated for a kitchen is small and doesn’t make a lot of sense. But since the plumbing and electric is already installed, I don’t have much of a choice.

    Bay – since you already have experience, perhaps I can hire you to design my cramped and awkwardly placed Berlin kitchen? At least you won’t have to put a toilet in the middle of the room to see if I can use the trash can!

    1. Bay says:

      Oh absolutely! Just so long EA isn’t involved I’m there.

      I actually knew that about German apartments, but I didn’t know it went as far as lighting! Are you allowed to put holes in the wall for installations? Are there rules for things you can and cannot get? It always seemed so inefficient to rebuy counters for a space over and over when they have to be so custom in my experience. That has to bring moving into an apartment up to at least a several thousand dollar ordeal? Is there a benefit to the system I’m not thinking of?

      1. Leslee Beldotti says:

        It’s true: tenants must provide their own lights. Most apartments come with nothing but bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

        Bathrooms in German apartments are just as bad. There is no countertops or cabinets of any kind. All you get is a toilet, a bathtub, and a plain white sink hanging off the wall.

        Yes, you can put as many holes in the wall as you want. But the walls are usually made of solid concrete, so in order to actually hang anything, you have to get a special drilling tool that makes the entire building vibrate loudly.

        Building your own kitchen is incredibly inefficient. My guess is that this is an out-dated tradition that made more sense when people were less transient and remained in one apartment for 20 years or more. Now it just means that the landlord can overcharge for a living space that you can’t actually live in.

        And yes, we will easily have to spend at least 20,000 EUR for moving costs, deposit (3 months rent), kitchen construction, and closet construction. It’s absolutely bloody insane!

      2. Lars says:

        If you want a special build in kitchen that several thousand price tag is true. And if you buy a house or an apartment you most definitely want that. But in an apartment for rent most kitchens are just furniture you move with in standardized sizes. That standardization has merits and flaws. The furniture fits in most rooms but the standard height is back breaking for a 6’1 human being.

        1. Leslee Beldotti says:

          We have not seen any standardized anything here in Berlin? Is it different in other German cities?

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