Sims 4 Overthinking: Arm-wrestling EA

By Bay Posted Friday Jan 26, 2024

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No Sims post this week, the latest update to the game corrupted my save. I’m going to troubleshoot, everyone cross your fingers and toes that the finale to the story here isn’t going to be ‘and then an earthquake hit the house and undid decades of work’. (:

I don’t know what I’ll actually do if it’s unsalvageable, but hopefully we won’t need to find out.


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7 thoughts on “Sims 4 Overthinking: Arm-wrestling EA

  1. Tuck says:

    Even the Sims can end with “rocks fall, everyone dies”. :)

  2. Adam says:

    I feel your pain. I have a pending Skyrim update on Steam that is like a landmine waiting to explode my modded setup…

    1. Turbo says:

      Oh man, don’t even get me started on Skyrim. When they updated the Special Edition to the Anniversary Edition, but with half the content of the actual Anniversary Edition, it ruined any mod that relied on the dll libraries. That killed my latest modded playthrough, and has made it nearly impossible to use some older mods. It’s not like the authors are ever going to come back and update five year old mods that used to work fine.

  3. Zaxares says:

    Oh dear. :( I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you do manage to salvage the savegame!

  4. Sleeping Dragon says:

    Yeaaaah, I’m slowly playing through Cyberpunk 2077, already had one update through the playthrough that thankfully didn’t break anything but it has forced me to redownload more than 150 gigs. By sheer luck I have seen that CDPR have announced another big patch for next week and since I have in the meantime modded the game for some quality of life fixes I have tried disabling the updates. Fingers crossed it sticks because I hear it’s not always the case.

  5. CrushU says:

    Oh no. D:
    GOOD LUCK! Rooting for you!

  6. Wish you luck in your upcoming trips.

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