Sims 4 Overthinking: The Decade Procrastination

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 22, 2023

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The next step to installing the laundry room is to put in tile. They’d both commented a hope to avoid the work and expense, but the idea of a unlucky laundry room flood including carpet has set them straight. They were both lying about not wanting to do it anyway.

Kelly and Logan have been both complaining about the workload of the project, but neither of them are actually excited for it to be over. Despite the kicked up dust and questionable old paint they’re having to reckon with, it’s at least something to do. It’s summer now, and Logan won’t be back in school for months. Last summer he was depressed, something he’d never really grappled with before, and mostly was holed up in his room. Now, spending time with his mom and getting something done feels good. He really doesn’t want the list of tasks to end.

And yet, before they know it, the laundry room is done. The tile is installed, the paint is up, and the washer and dryer have both been hooked up. There’s nothing left to do.

Both of them celebrate the end of the project, congratulating one another on their choice of tile, and how nice the finished product looks. But, neither of them are happy.

“You know, Mom…” Logan brings up an idea carefully, Kelly seems glad to be done, he doesn’t want to add to her plate if she isn’t interested. “The kitchen being downstairs is really annoying.”

It should be a huge conversation, a wild undertaking, something to really consider, but the two of them are bored. Michael is sat down at the table, almost ambushed by his wife and son with sketchbooks and almost manic eyes. They already ran one water line for the washer, and the kitchen is right beneath them. The house makes no sense anyway because it’s been through so many hands and renovations. If they just committed to an upstairs kitchenette it would suit their family better. They barely use their dining room as it is and-

Michael, overwhelmed and blindsided, puts his hands up to beg quiet for a moment. “Okay, okay, hold on.” He closes his eyes, considering for a moment how to approach the situation. “Dear…” He takes his wife’s hand. “What would you both think about a road trip?”

Kelly’s eyes show hurt, and Michael has to explain himself quickly.

He isn’t against the idea of moving the kitchen, but he is worried about his family. Kelly and Logan have been so excited to have something to do that they’ve taken several shortcuts and rush decisions. Moving the kitchen admittedly sounds like a good idea, but he thinks they need to take a trip and get out of their heads before considering another project.

Travel hasn’t been safe for awhile now, but things are settling, and national parks are a perfectly good option. He offers up the idea of the Grand Canyon. He’s got some paid time off saved up, and Logan is out of school for the moment. Kelly admits that might be a good idea, and Logan was on board from the very mention of the Grand Canyon. It’s still a brash decision, but a last minute long road trip is a lot less damaging than a last minute home renovation.

They can talk about their ideas in the car, and brainstorm, far away from sledge hammers and paint swatches.


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16 thoughts on “Sims 4 Overthinking: The Decade Procrastination

  1. CrushU says:

    I’ve got this vague sense of dread, now, and I’m not sure why… >_>

  2. Deleted says:

    This comment has been removed for violating community guidelines.

    1. Olivier FAURE says:

      Oh hey, now you’re impersonating people’s names too! I wonder if you’re trying to spoof your IP as well. Really going for the whole “anonymous online harassment” bingo, are you?

      1. Anonymous says:

        He isn’t very good at it, mind you. You have a distinctive profile image, while he has a truly ugly little screaming face.

      2. deleted says:

        This comment has been removed for violating community guidelines.

        1. Noah Gibbs says:

          It must be. You’re impersonating random people on the internet — by their names — to blame things they haven’t said on them. That’s horrible and scummy, and gives you basically nothing in return. It bothers people, erodes trust and makes the world worse, for no gain.

          I assume you find it funny, so that it’s parasitic — you get something and the world loses. Because otherwise you lose too, and it’s *just* making the world worse for no reason.

          If it wasn’t parasitic, it would be the same kind of stupid as breaking people’s mailboxes — just because they exist and it’s not practical to guard them 24/7. “Hah! Take THAT, all you people who think good things won’t be destroyed for no reason! Entropy and I think it’s funny to randomly break shit!”

          We already know entropy is out there. We sigh and clean up the mess you leave for us. “Righteous indignation” is a bit strong. I have three kids, I’m well aware that stuff randomly breaks.

          But we won’t let you think we approve. You’re doing it because you believe there are no consequences. We’ll do our small part to remind you — this is a shameful thing you do in the dark. If you tell the neighbours about it, they’ll be appropriately horrified at you. So you do it where nobody knows who you are.

          That’s why you don’t tell people you do it. Because you know that people react that way. We make our disapproval clear, so that you — and those like you — know enough to be ashamed.

          You tell yourself stories that a lot of people agree with you. But you know you’re lying. That’s why you impersonate people we might believe (not you) to say things you know we don’t agree with (but you’ll say anonymously). Look how funny you are. That’s hilarious all right.

          You know you’re lying about that, and that’s why you try not to let anybody see your “heroic” antics. You don’t want the blame of being known. And you know it would be blame, not credit.

          Have they stolen a blog? Well, the creator would have been thrilled to see it go to his family and kids after his death. They’ve stolen a blog if the guy who built it can’t own or control it, and instead the rightful judge is you. You’re “defending” Shamus by declaring yourself more fit to judge his own creation than he was. You’d be laughed out of a court of law with your claim.

          1. DanB says:

            Wahoo!!! Brilliantly written. Thank you! I’m neither family nor friend but I think Shamus would have enjoyed Bay’s approach to this project. Building a better story for a game was exactly something he has done.

    2. Noah Gibbs says:

      That… is a weird thing to come to somebody’s little-corner-of-the-Internet blog and say. Though if you’re impersonating somebody and trying to make *them* seem unreasonable, then I guess it makes more sense. I mean, in a “you’re a pathetic horrible troll” sort of way.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I think the problem here is that Joe Impostor (sus) doesn’t think of this as “someone’s little corner of the Internet blog”, but as still Shamus’s blog and not Bay’s. Somehow Shamus’s actual child inheriting the blog is bad, and Bobby Troll here would prefer the blog is just left to rot.

        1. Deleted says:

          This comment has been removed for violating community guidelines.

          1. Anonymous says:

            How? With what methods? How do you define something as “theft” instead of inheritance? Does it, perhaps, actually have to do with whether or not you agree with the inheritors? Back when Shamus ran the blog, people like Rutskarn and that guy who like Final Fantasy would post on here to wild acclaim. Were they thieves?

            1. Peter T Parker says:

              Apologies for replying to you specifically I’m just aiming for the bottom of the thread so everyone can see it.

              We do appreciate the defense, it’s very sweet of you guys to stand up for all of us. And we’re sorry we didn’t catch the impersonation messages before you saw them. That said, trolls are like any other vermin. If you feed them they come back, even if it feels nice to know you’re in the right, the only way to win is not to play. He’ll keep replying, name calling and kicking his feet, there’s no stopping that. But in the end it’s words from a stranger online, and there’s not much substance to them. The best thing to be done is to ignore him and let us do the rest

              (Once again sorry Olivier, holidays had us running behind on comment sweeps this week. We should be back on the ball now)

              1. Anonymous says:

                Sorry. I just know that messages like that can be hurtful, so I thought that if you saw people defending you you’d feel better when you had to read it.

  3. Olivier FAURE says:

    No! Stop being reasonable and keep remodeling everything so we can get more ingame screenshots!

  4. LizTheWhiz says:

    I’m not really sure how to properly explain this, but there’s something really gratifying about this piece of work talking about Covid. Like…this and Glass Onion are the only bits of art I’ve seen discuss it, and like…I dunno, it helps? I guess?

    I guess this is just my way of thanking you.

  5. Leslee Beldotti says:

    I am really enjoying this Sims series. There is something so relatable about these people and their story.

    Please don’t give up on this blog. I really want to know what happens to this family!

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