Sims 4 Overthinking: Last Minute Changes

By Bay Posted Friday Apr 28, 2023

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The baby room is finished, the new washer and dryer are set up, and Lorretta can finally breath a sigh of relief. They did it, they managed in time, and with even time to spare. It’s five days till Kelly’s due date, and Michael is jumping every time his phone rings. He can’t stay with her at her dad’s house, which has seemed sillier and sillier a rule as she’s gotten more and more visibly pregnant. What’s he gonna do? Knock her up?

Four days from her due date, he gets the call in the middle of the night, and she’s headed to the hospital. Michael and Lorretta throw clothes into bags in a rush, and Lorretta calls her boss to let him know she won’t be making it to work that day. They arrive just in time to meet Kelly leaving the building. False alarm, the doctors are sending her home.

Lorretta leaves their bags right by the door when they get back to the house, so that next time they’re more prepared. They both go back to bed. Michael can’t sleep, though, he has days, or hours, or weeks until he’s a father, and he won’t know which until it’s happening, and he can’t even sleep next to the mother of his child yet. He gets out of bed just as the sky begins lightening, threatening morning, deciding to have a bowl of cereal and try to clear his head. He finds Lorretta in the hallway, painting an already-painted wall with several different paint swatches she pulled from her first test round. They should both have heavy bags under their eyes from a lack of sleep, they should both be exhausted, and they should not be starting a new project. But…he looks at the wall, then at his girlfriend’s mom. “Need a hand?”

She wasn’t entirely happy with her first color choice for the upstairs hallway, or the matching downstairs dining room. She doesn’t figure they’ll have time to fix both, but if she can’t sleep already, she might as well get one annoyance off her plate with her extra day off. She could easily just let her boss know she could come in after all, but she doesn’t want to, she’s not planning to stay at the stupid grocery store much longer anyway.

Michael had been right. Before, she’d been painting her house with prospective buyers in mind. That light green never suited her, and it was bugging her, and the antsy grandma-to-be needed something to do.

The paint takes a few coats, but they began at four in the morning, and only stop to go buy a full gallon of the paint, so it’s done within the day. Michael and Lorretta both crash through the afternoon, only to be woken by a phone call at midnight. Kelly is calling them from the hospital, rather than before going. A nurse has just told her it’s go time at reception and to call people who need to know. Lorretta and Michael once again pile into the car, but don’t make it out of the drive way before Kelly calls back. False alarm. Kelly mentions she feels silly, trusting the receptionists opinion given she’d not actually seen anyone yet. She apologizes and Michael and Lorretta go back to bed.

Both of them are back up by four in the morning, not because of a call, but because of buzzing nerves and being woken up the night before. It takes nearly no communication for them to start painting the dining room the same green, the line between the floors was stark, and they had paint left over. Why not.

Again they marathon the paint job. This time, though, they intentionally go to bed early, at five in the evening, both prepared for another middle-of-the-night call. Lorretta wakes up at midnight, and Michael is up a half an hour later, and they spend the night doing every odd job they can find around the house. Dishes are done, laundry is folded, and they prep a weeks worth of frozen casseroles. Michael stumbles out of the house in the afternoon to go to a job interview, and crashes as soon as he gets home.

Days go by, Kelly’s due date comes and goes, and the house is getting almost uncomfortably spotless.

Finally, three days after her predicted due date, Kelly calls from the passenger seat of her dad’s truck, on her way to the hospital. The sleep schedules are so bad that Lorretta groans to Michael about having to leave in the middle of the night, only to find the sun shining outside.

Baby Logan is born at 12:43 PM, weighing an entirely reasonable weight for a baby to be, and looking exactly as a newborn should. Kelly and Michael are parents.

You’ll have to forgive the fact that that is clearly not a newborn, just pretend it’s a Hollywood baby.


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18 thoughts on “Sims 4 Overthinking: Last Minute Changes

  1. Randy says:

    You’ll have to forgive the fact that that is clearly not a newborn, just pretend it’s a Hollywood baby.

    I think it’s fascinating how parents (well, actual caring parents, anyway) always say their actual newborn is the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen, but everyone else is split between “miracle of life” and “so ugly facehuggers are cuter.” I’ve always assumed the use of older babies in Hollywood was related to making the baby appealing to a wider audience, plus not dealing with a delicate newborn on set. (Well, that and it’s a lot harder to reliably get a newborn to put in front of the camera in the first place, given they’re only newborn for a couple weeks.) In a game, the latter isn’t a problem, but the former still is. But at least The Sims gives you a six-month-ish-old instead of Hollywood’s anywhere-from-six-to-36-month-old babies.

    1. MrGuy says:

      I’d add that, for a game like the Sims, modeling babies of various ages would require a lot of different sets of actions and animations.

      True newborns just lie there and can cry (very well!). They can’t even really control their heads (which is why they also need to be held in a special way)
      Then they get old enough that they can lift their head but not do much else
      Then they can roll over.
      Then they can sit up.
      Then they can “pre crawl” where they can (and do!) flail their limbs but not quite get anywhere yet.
      Then they can crawl.
      Then they learn to pull themselves up to a standing position
      Then they can just barely walk
      Then they get better and better at walking, etc.

      The above phases cover roughly the first year to maybe 15 months. It’s truly amazing to watch in real time because there are so many changes. But I can’t imagine a game modeling every one of these stages (with appropriate animations and realistic baby proportions).

      In general, babies get to the

      1. Philadelphus says:

        …get to the WHAT? What do babies get to? Now I need to know.

        …unless…they got to MrGuy? Maybe he knew too much. Maybe I know too much now! Hopefully I can get this out before they get to m

        1. Sleeping Dragon says:

          I think they stopped MrGuy before he spilled their secrets so hopefully we should be safe, though possibly under watch…

          1. MrGuy says:

            This followup comment has been deleted by order of the Ineternational Order of Babies

    2. Mersadeon says:

      I’d say the “not dealing with a newborn on set” aspect is a bigger thing than people realize. Having child actors on set is already a huge headache – they have some actually good legal protections that are strictly enforced. This is why so many shows desperately search for people that look younger than they are – if you don’t have to use a kid, that will make your shooting schedule significantly less complicated.

      I can only imagine how hard it is to have a newborn on set!

      1. MrGuy says:

        Ah, “never work with children and animals.”

        Honestly, my bet is a newborn is WAY easier. They sleep most of the time. And they stay where you put them. Give mom a little room off the main set to chill on, wait for the baby to wake up, and you’re good to go.

        A six year old will topple every lighting boom and rip out every cable in the place the second you turn your back.

  2. RCN says:

    The Sims went a great way from babies being an interactable cradle that just exists to be taken away by social workers.

    1. Doran says:

      social worker speedrun any %

  3. Octal says:

    Baby Logan is born at 12:43 PM, weighing an entirely reasonable weight for a baby to be, and looking exactly as a newborn should. Kelly and Michael are parents.

    Phew. Smooth sailing from here on out, I’m sure! ;)

    The dark green does look really nice.

    1. Storm says:

      Nice to be past all the stressful bits, I’m sure everything coming up is going to be nothing but pleasant surprises!

      Also, agreed. I love me some nice saturated colors for walls, and the green’s a good one that blends with the wood fixtures. And contrasts nicely with some of the pastels by the looks of it.

  4. Zaxares says:

    I feel weird for wanting to congratulate a fictional couple on their fictional newborn baby. XD

  5. Philadelphus says:

    I can’t tell if Logan is supposed to be lying on something (with what looks like an illuminated ceiling light fixture[?] next to him?), or telekinetically suspended in front of a wall. Probably the former, but my brain keeps seeing the latter.

    1. MrGuy says:

      He’s clearly on the ceiling. Babies, man. Can’t take your eyes off ‘em.

  6. Dreadjaws says:

    Can’t wait to follow the series until Logan himself has to wonder what to do with the house.

  7. So when is Logan turning the house into a Bed & Breakfast?

    Also, I’m a 56 year old woman who knows absolutely NOTHING about babies. Is that number of false alarms typical?

    1. Richard says:

      No, but it’s not atypical.

      I think we had two false alarms, and the second one turned into “the baby isn’t coming but you’re way overdue, so we’ll need to induce. You’re staying in the ward tonight”.

      The major mistake we made was to pack plenty for mum, and nowhere near enough for dad.

    2. MrGuy says:

      As the dad of two small ones I’d say this isn’t atypical, especially given this is mom’s first (so she’s not sure what the difference between Braxton-Hicks and the real thing is) and also that she’s sort of on her own for a living situation (so very much “better safe than sorry” – if she thinks it’s nothing and turns out to be wrong that’s Very Bad)

      There’s guidance on when to stay home and when to go to the hospital, but the reality is every one is different.

      It goes both ways. For our first, my wife went I for a routine checkup 2 weeks before the due date. She had a blood pressure spike, and they sent us to Labor & Delivery for a workup just to be safe – some tests and a hour of monitoring. Blood pressure came right back down, and after an hour we were sure we’d be sent home. We were planning where to go to lunch when the doctor came in and told us “yeah, so the blood test came back and we need to induce immediately..”

      All turned out fine in the end.

      But nerve racking times for sure.

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