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By Shamus Posted Saturday Aug 5, 2006

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  • Despite the success portrayed in this instance, I still maintain that if you are going to attack someone you should not use your face to do so.

  • Here is a cool meme that got a bit out of hand: A Blog Tour of Homes. Like all the best memes, it might seem a bit obvious and pointless at first, but then turns out to be quite interesting. People run around their house and take pictures, post them on their blog with some (hopefully) brief descriptions, and then you get to have a look around the place. It’s fun to see these different homes and the different ways people live. I found it strangely compelling. Unless you’re some sort of salesman or peeping tom, you usually don’t geet to see inside of a lot of different houses, so this was interesting. My wife has our house in the list somewhere.

  • Scott Morris at SUSE Blog has made his book “The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read – an introduction to Linux for Windows users” available for download. It’s aimed at the total newbie. Brilliant. My wife used Linux for a while and it has a lot to offer the tired Windows user, but those first few steps are brutal. Any move in this direction is a good thing in my book. (Although I do hope the book is more pithy than the title!)

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One thought on “Link to someone new

  1. Gilf says:

    Woo, first comment in an obscure post!

    Also, I’ve never actually used Linux or talked to anyone about the possibility. I might as well expand my horizons and click that link.

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