Star Trek Cribs

By Shamus Posted Thursday May 11, 2006

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Via Eidelblog I find this gem: Star Trek Cribs – The Director’s Cut.

Very well done. And funny.

I love the little touches in the background. The outfits hung on the walls. McCoy playing Halo 2. Sulu pushing Uhura away. The Warhol-style Spock picture on the wall. Can anyone identify the picture behind Sulu? I don’t recognize it.


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2 thoughts on “Star Trek Cribs

  1. Dan says:

    I don’t know the pic in the backround, but the whole bit is actually a commercial for star trek on
    G4/tech tv. They just picked up the series and are running it in sindication (duh!). there is another one with spock singing kareoke. ( I think he’s doing a B. Spears song)

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