This Spam Smells Like Pork

By Shamus Posted Thursday May 11, 2006

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From the what-the-heck dept. I got what seems like a bulk (spam) email supposedly from Congressman John F. Tierney. I certainly never signed up for anything like this. I may have given this email address (this was sent to a private addr, not available on this site) to the Gov’t when getting my driver’s license or paying the local taxes, but it seems insane to think that a Congressman would have the nerve to spam all residents like this. Furthermore, I moved away and have not been a resident of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts since October of 2000. If you’re going to keep a list of residents, and if you’re then going to use that list to send bulk email that would be better aimed at your loyal base, then the very least you can do is clean out the list once in a while?

I’ve never been a fan of passing laws to fight spam, but I am of the opinion that lawmakers shouldn’t join in and make it worse.

Could someone be this clueless?

Bonus question: Who paid for this?

Clickie for the full view.

I take on some blame for being stupid enough to volunteer my email to the Gov’t in the first place. I’m sure I could have left it blank or used a bogus address. But still. Good greif.

I noticed this halfway down:

No, gas prices aren’t hurting my technology company too badly. Now taxes, on the other hand…


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4 thoughts on “This Spam Smells Like Pork

  1. Dan says:

    It sounds like we need to have a good old stickin’ it to the man rally.

  2. Dan says:

    “pork” Like pork barrel spending. I get it. hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Eric says:

    The new final fantasy looks ten times better dude!

  4. Vladius says:

    Liberals are morons. There’s almost no way to get around it.

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