By Shamus Posted Wednesday May 10, 2006

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Note the newly-launched weblog of Cinneris. It’s less than a week old, but already it has some great posts. D&D, Technology, culture, and videogames. Nice. The blog is kicking tail.

Sadly, I note the site is lacking in a slight detail: It does not yet have a name.

Thanks to commenter . for the link. Is this blog yours, . ? I can’t tell.

You annonymous people and your enigmatic pseudonyms.


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One thought on “Cineris

  1. . says:

    Wow, thanks for the post here! Didn’t even know anyone was reading, but glad you’re enjoying it. And, yes, that’s my blog. Still very much a work in progress since, as you note, no name and not even a custom theme yet — Working on those.

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