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By Shamus Posted Saturday Apr 29, 2006

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My wife is painting a sign in the garage, and she has her paints sitting on the trunk of the car in a way that makes me nervous. I look at the surface and sure enough, there is a blob of white near the paint can. I poke it, and it’s still soft. I can wipe it off with my fingers, so it hasn’t dried yet.

“Is this paint?”, I ask accusingly.

“No”, she says, “That’s bird crap.”

She was right.


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5 thoughts on “This just happened

  1. D'nah says:

    *laugh* I’ve been reading the DM of the Ring all day, and thought I’d check out some of your old stuff for variety. You are just humerous in general!

  2. Katrani Merack says:

    bravo, bravo.

  3. Andrew says:


  4. Rick says:

    When I saw this was an old post I felt a little disappointed… I came here under the promise of a glorious wet paint tale, and was side-swiped by a scat story :p

    1. Syal says:

      That’s what they call a twist ending.

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