Session 7, Part 1

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12th of Last Summer, 1501dy (Late evening)

They are in the Town of Tal Podere, and the party has just rescued their friend Endo. He’d been blinded and seemed confused. The party brought him back to town and brought him to Enoch’s room where he was healed. Now it is time to speak with him and find out what has been going on…

Also, Pat was late due to work. So his character (Eomer) isn’t going to do or say much for the first half of the session.


Endo asks what has happened to them. He thought his friends had died in the shipwreck. He is also shocked that they went to so much trouble to free him.

Skeeve tells the story of what they have been through. He tells Endo about Breakshore, about Joland Village, about Crossway, Noreeno, the tomb, the freeing of Mordan, and about their struggles since them. Endo realizes that he has missed a great deal.

Thu’fir offers Endo some food, but Endo isn’t up for eating just yet. He looks weak and pale. His eyes show that he is still in some pain, although he is too stoic to mention it. Whatever has happened to him, it is clear the events of the past few weeks have taken their toll on him. After a few minutes of quiet reflection, Endo begins his tale in his deep, raspy voice…

I washed ashore before dawn. I didn’t know if anyone else had survived. The rain was still pouring down as I knelt on the beach and coughed the water from my lungs. As I rested, I could see a light through the trees in the distance. Not knowing if it was from friend or foe, I drew forward towards the campfire of the Alidian soldiers in search of warmth.

As I reached the edge of their camp, I found a number of soldiers beating a young man. They were armed, and there were too many for me to fight alone. Instead, I circled around the camp to where their horses were tied and freed all but one. I spooked the horses and they ran off.

The soldiers stopped and ran off after them, leaving only one man in the camp to guard their prisoner. I drew near and killed him. I did not know at the time that he was their commander.

I freed the prisoner and we mounted the remaining horse for our escape. However, my skill as a rider is limited. The horse bucked and I nearly fell off. I suppose this is when I dropped my staff, although I did not know it at the time. I had given it up for lost by the time I realized it was missing.

My companion’s name was Garret. He knew the ways of this land and how to reach Telwin Port. We traveled together, hoping to escape the island. We rode to Breakshore, where we had a brief rest in secret before moving on.

After a few days of travel, Garret revealed to me that he was the Prince. The Alidians sought to kill him, fearing that he would rise and take his father’s place as Chief Wizard and leader of the Lormanites. However, Garret knew little of magic and even less of commanding an army. When he was young, his father sent him away to study abroad. He spent many years of study in the lands of Dunlock and Mar Talos. He did not have his father’s skills in magic or leadership. When the city fell, he dressed as a pesant and fled into the wildnerness, where he was captured. He was sure the enemy would have discovered who he was and put him to death if I hadn’t freed him.

We tried to sneak around Crossway, but scouts spotted us and I was captured. I was drugged and taken south. I remember nothing since then. I do not know what became of the prince.

His story told at last, Endo falls asleep. Everyone else is still on a nighttime schedule. Most of them just got up a few hours ago, near sundown. They let Endo rest and retire to their rooms.

Skeeve studies the sphere:

Since they fled Crossway they have been moving during the night, and sleeping during the day, hoping to “hide” their movements from the enemy. Now Skeeve discovers that this is the exact opposite of what they should be doing! They need to keep Mordan’s orb in sunlight as much as possible, so that they can keep him in a weakened state as much as possible.

He studies more:

So now they see what would happen if they did destroy the phylactery. It would kill thousands, weaken the owner, and then allow Mordan to possess the owner if they survived.

Skeeve goes to Enoch and explains what he learned about needing to travel during the day.

In the meantime, Enoch has translated another chapter of the book:

Part V: The Building of Fol Thron

The following is a much reduced version of the history of Mar Tesoro between the rule of King Lorman and the rise of the second Dwarven King.

– Chronicler Norvus

King Lorman ruled and mined Khelberg for twenty years, when he was assassinated by one of his own lieutenants, a human foreman named Ingol. Ingol was a brutal leader but did not have the insight and cunning of his former master. His chief enforcers were more Orcs than Humans, and he ruled by fear and cruelty.

The Dwarves heard of the fall of Lorman and saw that Ingol was a weak leader. They attempted once again to reclaim Khelberg. Their forces landed on the southern shores of Mar Tesoro and pushed north. Few who worked in the mines were willing to fight to defend their cruel master, and Ingol was defeated before the end of the fifth year of his reign. As the war ended, many humans fled north and settled in those lands.

In those days the mining had begun to take its toll on the valley. The mountain was now naked of trees and grass, and the water that flowed down from the hills was dark and filled with the dust and waste of the mines. The Greenlands turned gray, and crops failed. The inhabitants were obliged to move away from the foot of the mountain.

The Dwarves built a great city southwest of the mountain and called it Fol Thron. They ruled from this place and sent many workers to live in harsh camps at the foot of Khelberg.

Although they were invaded twice, the Dwarves held the mines for fifty years. Even when not facing full-scale invasion from Humans or Elves, they were regularly harassed by bands of Orcs from out of the North, who came often to raid shipments of food and gold.

Continued in Part 2…

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    I would never have the patients to write out that histor ahead of time, I don’t think.

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    This is an entertaining story and I’m commenting so late it’s pointless, but on reading the “Banishment” card, I can’t help but think it doesn’t matter if they travel during the day or night. Mordan can work magic during the hours of darkness even if the owner is sleeping, no? I might even suggest it’s better if the owner is awake during darkness when he’s more likely to notice any effects of Mordan’s magic.

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