Civilization 6 Stream: It’s OVER!

By Shamus Posted Friday Oct 21, 2016

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Tonight! Josh will be playing Civilization 6, and the rest of us will help him through relentless distraction, questions, second-guessing, and criticism. When the show goes live you can see it at


Well, that was fun. Josh had a rough start, hanicapped himself for purposes of fanservice, and then managed to conquer Rome just before the stream ended. Thanks for watching everyone.


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29 thoughts on “Civilization 6 Stream: It’s OVER!

  1. allfreight says:

    +1 for more “20 minutes with”. I buy 50% of the games featured in that series and wishlist most of the others. I think that it let's you sink your teeth into games that are otherwise unsuited for the Spoiler Warning format.

  2. Christopher says:

    I still think “Shamus Plays Really Really Tame Porn Games” is a funny idea for a series(but I accept the reasoning for why it would be too embarrassing). I don’t know anything about Huniepop besides the article he wrote about it, so from that writing I got the impression that it was pretty explicit. When someone in chat said it was super tame stuff I had to laugh, because I was now imagining it as about the same level as a Bioware game, but just with an art style that freaks Shamus out more.

    I missed something like the first hour of it, but I had a good time once I got there. Thanks for the stream!

    1. Lowercase M says:

      Shamus Suffers Fanservice would make a great title, but sounds like a terrible thing for someone who wants to analyze and comprehend to endure.

      1. Jsor says:

        Maybe he could invent a character for it, The Shame Moose.

        1. Christopher says:

          A new, mysterious guest contributor.

    2. Zak McKracken says:

      I would not like to watch that for mostly the same reasons why Shamus would not enjoy making it.

    3. Daemian Lucifer says:

      Huniepop is tame most of the time.Its just a funny riske game that presents you wtih busty anime women and some raunchy humor.However,the end scenes with every girl require you to play a minigame that,while not very explicit visually(just naked boobs in the censored version),are very explicit aurally,with very loud moans and groans.Of course,you dont need to play these,but then you dont get to experience the fun endings of the game(meaning the secret characters,not the happy endings).

    4. Viktor says:

      Maybe go with the really borderline non-porn games, instead? Lollipop Chainsaw, DoA:Xtreme Beach Volleyball, etc. Critique both the story and the poor cinematography while the game ignores the rule of thirds and puts boobs in the center of the screen.

  3. Galad says:

    Hey, what happened to the videos, older than yesterday, on the Spoiler Warning Twitch channel? Someone might be interested in rewatching them..

    1. Da Mage says:

      Twitch has been having problems lately. They may return.

  4. Zak McKracken says:

    I was not in the chat. Otherwise I’d have been shouting “let the Brazilians handle that” much of the time. Sometimes Josh would take damage fighting Roman units which were in battle with Brazilian units. Is it nota time-honoured strategy to make best use of your non-allie’s troops by letting them handle your opponent’s forces, then fight what’s left of either?

    Also, the game looks really good. The only thing bothering me at this point is that the AI players seem to behave a bit erratically. Sending troops around, camping outside Josh’s city for ages, declaring hostility based on completely irrelevant statistics (rather than some criterion which might be strategically useful for them) … but then I guess AI has never been really good in these games, so well.

    Would be interested in knowing whether this is a non-cheating AI or not.

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      All of the civilization AIs cheat.Thats a sad fact.

      And yes,this game is good.If you can ignore the things it picked up from V that drag it down(poor AI,poor UI and poor civilopedia),it really is fun.And,unlike V,it runs extremely well.Probably because they went with the more cartoony,fun graphics instead of the silly realism of V.

      Its also really complex,especially when it comes to espionage.This time,you dont get intelligence about your neighbors just by spying on them,but from everything you do:Your traders can tell you stuff about them,your tourists can tell you stuff about them,your delegations and your missionaries can tell you stuff about them.Its awesome.

      Also,trading now gives you way more stuff than just money,which is something I wished for practically forever.Your caravans can boost the two connected cities money,production,food,culture,or even religion.And not only that,but they can pick stuff up from the cities they pass through to get to the destination.Its really great.

      I most definitely recommend this game to anyone,especially if you at least liked civ V,but even if you(like me) think that IV was the last good one.

      1. Ninety-Three says:

        The AI of course gets bonuses according to the difficulty setting which could be called cheating, but does it cheat in the more traditional strategy AI sense of “Gets free information by peeking at the game code?” I suppose all the earlier Civs did this (most notable: they know your military strength without scouting), so 6 probably hasn’t broken the trend.

        1. Ringwraith says:

          Although you can look at anyone’s relative military strength here by checking the ‘domination victory’ status.
          So this is open information for everyone.

        2. Zak McKracken says:

          Yeah, I guess there’d have been be no way for the Egyptians to know Josh’s strength, and it would have been hard for the Romans to know for sure how many cities he had without a lot of scouting.

          This makes a bit sad because those things they’re basing their sympathies on are only obtainable by cheating, but also not very well suited to determine whether you like someone. Would have looked better if it was just based on their own strategy (“this guy looks weak, has has some things I’m interested in but I’m too busy to attack now, so let’s propose a partnership, get what we want, and then kill him off” — or “I want to attack X but need to make sure Y doesn’t attack in the meantime, so let’s ally”)

          With regards to resources etc.: I guess it would be hard to have non-cheating AI play as well as a really good Civ player, so I can sort of understand the cheating, but then at least for the lower difficulties, it should not be a problem to make a non-cheating one. I could imagine that the emergent behaviour of those AI players either looked weird, or it was simply deemded too much additional effort by the developers.

          Still, I’d be curious to see what could be done in a non-cheating way there. Since PvP is not a thing that exists in a Civ game*, it’d be nice to have at least a more “realistic” AI to play against.

          * Since the days of Civ 1, I thought it’d be great to play with or against other humans. Of course, a single turn can take a while but people used to play chess via snail mail, so why not?

      2. Joshua says:

        That’s why there’s a whole folder dedicated to Civilization at this completely innocuous website.

        Oh, and I also loved Civilization IV but didn’t care much for Civ V (thought it was too boring). Not that I’m terribly good at any of these games.

      3. Zak McKracken says:

        The last one I played was II :)

        1. Yurika Grant says:

          Last one I played was I ;)

          1. Zak McKracken says:

            You win!
            (for certain values of “win”…)

      4. Sleeping Dragon says:

        I’m hearing a lot of good stuff about this iteration and from what I’ve seen Josh play it looks pretty engaging. That said I can’t really afford to buy games at release prices so I’ll most likely get it in a year or two at the earliest. I’m also really curious what mechanical expansions they’ll release for this one.

        1. Yurika Grant says:

          Especially not price-gouging games like this one. £50 instead of £40… yeahno. Charging more just because you can is an ass move, will be waiting for a sale. ESPECIALLY so when you consider how much DLC these games get.

          1. Bubble181 says:

            It’s available 20% off via GMG, if you want. Probably the same or similar discount you’ll get at Christmas, so….

  5. Trix2000 says:

    I was particularly entertained by Mumbles quoting my spectacular advice from chat. :)

    …Which just made it even more unfortunate that my audio was off for the stream, so I only noticed when I rewatched it later. I feel so speeeecial!

    Was a fun time nonetheless watching Josh flail around killing everyone (and facts chat!).

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      Well,at least you got to read the bdsm batman edition,so having no audio wasnt the worst.

    2. tmtvl says:

      Wales facts: whales are actually sent by aliens to judge the human race’s worth. They find us lacking.

      1. Bubble181 says:

        Wait, the Welsh? Really? And they find *us* lacking? Pah!

  6. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Twitch is saving the chat now as well as the stream?Oh no…Thats not going to end well.

    1. Sleeping Dragon says:

      Speaking as someone who couldn’t attend in person it was most entertaining and is most appreciated.

  7. SpaceSjut says:

    Will this be on yt at some point?

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