Good Robot Hangout: It’s OVER!

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Mar 29, 2016

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We are streaming Good Robot. Come watch Josh play the game, and ask questions of the development team. It’ll be fun. And also terrifying, if you’re one of the developers.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who watched!


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29 thoughts on “Good Robot Hangout: It’s OVER!

  1. DGM says:

    I just tried watching some of this and the sound bug is a huge problem. I can only make out about half of what most people are saying, and since I already have trouble understanding strong accents as it is I can hardly understand a word coming from Arvind. You guys might actually need subtitles on this one.

    The game does looks fun, though.

  2. Rayen says:

    ugh, i’m so bad at this streaming thing. I always come in right at the end…

  3. Tizzy says:

    OK. So it didn’t look quite as fast as the animations we’ve seen in the dev posts, so there may be a chance my elderly eyes can cope with the game. At least for the first couple of levels. Looking forward to next week!

  4. Felblood says:

    Finally got the kids to bed and the stream is over.


  5. ehlijen says:

    Woooo! Good Robot looks Good. Wish I could have heard either or both of the sound and commentary better, but no matter.

    Congrats on being a Good Robot Maker!

  6. Grimwear says:

    Do we know how much it will cost on release yet? I’m on steam and it only shows 33 CAD for the Pyrodactyl complete pack with N/A beside Good Robot on package info.

    1. TMC_Sherpa says:

      In loonies? We have a lot of Canadian customer at the shop and I’m pretty sure tire money has a better exchange rate. Shamus would know better but I would guess around half a beaver pelt. Depending on the beaver of course.

      1. collin pearce says:

        Or twenty six coffees maybe.

        1. TMC_Sherpa says:

          That’s probably easier. I’m not sure how you make change on half a pelt.

          1. Incunabulum says:

            I thought it was 4 squirrels to one beaver?

            1. Siliconscout says:

              HA! you wish .. that was when the Loonie was on par with the Greenback. Now it’s a lot closer to 5 squirrels and a rabbit.

              Alternately we can accept a case of beer but only if delivered on Mooseback.

        2. Dev Null says:

          That would imply that you can get a coffee for less than a dollar and a half?

          I’m moving to Canada.

          1. Jabrwock says:

            Depends what kind of coffee.

            Extra large Tim’s (24 oz) is about $2 Cdn, 8oz is about $1.25. McDonald’s and other fast food paces are similarly priced for drip-brewed “mass market” coffees.

            Starbucks and other “specialty” coffees places will sell the same kind of coffee for about the same prices. They just seem more expensive because everyone buys the complicated coffees, either because it’s prepared differently, or has other stuff in it, or contains beans that were shat out by a cat.

            1. Grimwear says:

              I’m all about the large Dark Roast Double Double for 1.90$. It’s the only thing I’m guaranteed to buy daily. Luckily I’ve also been saving my steam wallet funds just so I could day one purchase Good Robot I will not lie I’m pretty excited!

          2. Droid says:

            Italy: The further south you go, the cheaper the coffee. About 80-90c (about one dollar? no clue) for a macchiato (espresso with a bit of milk).

    2. Galad says:

      As far as I heard a comment in one of the previous Good robot-related posts, it will be 10 USD on release, probably converted equally to CAD for you

    3. It will cost 9.99, and in the first week of launch it will be 8.99 (launch discount!)

      1. Retsam says:

        Will there be a “buy 4 for the price of 3” option as there are with many Steam games?

  7. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Hey guys,have you read the page for good robot?I mean,the good robot brewery.Because….well,read the quote for yourself:

    Josh – brewery tours, media, off-site event and charity questions

    1. Ayegill says:

      If you ask Josh, the answer to the “charity?” question is always “no.”

  8. Galad says:

    I guess it’s a little late for any changes to add to release, but is it likely at some point to get some sort of a progress indicator? The end-of-game screen is good, funny-and-cryptic bits of info aside, but I’d appreciate also having something like Steredenn’s end of game screen. This is another shmup that – when the robot dies – displays all the bosses at the end, with the ones reached and defeated lit up, and the ones not reached shown as only a shadowy outline.

  9. Nixitur says:

    I’m currently watching this stream and the skill point system, as you talked about in “Game Design Changes”, confuses me a bit. It looks as if all points get more expensive the more you buy, so if you spend your money poorly, then in the mid-to-late game, everything, even the lower-level upgrades, appear to cost around the same.
    This seems to go completely against what you stated. It seems like it would end up with the same trial-and-error gameplay that you wanted to avoid because if you’re in the late-game and just need more attack power, even the level 1 Attack Power upgrade would cost the same as, say, the level 5 Shields upgrade if you’ve bought 4 Shields upgrades before which means that you’re kinda boned because you didn’t spend your points optimally.

    In the article I mentioned you write that the player “can choose from a higher level in a skill you're invested in or multiple upgrades in lower levels of other upgrades”, but if the costs of all upgrades grow with the number of upgrades purchased, this simply isn’t true.

    Or am I reading this incorrectly? Maybe the prices of upgrades you didn’t buy grow much slower than the ones you did buy?

    Edit: This appears to be exactly how it works… after level two or so. At first, everything costs the same (1000), but when Josh bought level 1 Attack Power, everything, including level 2 Attack Power cost around the same (2200/2250). Which is odd, I would have expected level 2 Attack Power to be more expensive than level 1 Everything Else.
    In fact, level 1 Shields cost more than everything else, even though Josh hadn’t bought any Shields. That’s even odder. Granted, the difference was only 50$, but it still seems weird that buying an upgrade makes an upgrade that you didn’t buy the most expensive upgrade.
    This seems like a bug, but I might just be overlooking something. In any case, here’s the link.

    Edit2: Also, the item description for the Rivet Gun goes beyond the text box. Not a huge deal, just something I noticed.

    1. Droid says:

      I think vending machines have different prices, too. So the first has a fixed 1000 for every upgrade, but only offers level one of everything, while the subsequent machines offer the differently balanced prices for different upgrades.

  10. drlemaster says:

    Sold. Looks good. Even though I own no controller, and suck at wasd movement.

    And you should have Arvind on more, he is hillarious.

  11. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been camping the Steam page since before midnight. I have been waiting years to play this game.

  12. DGM says:

    So, it’s after 10 a.m. and I can’t help but notice that Steam still won’t sell me Good Robot. Kinda hard to do the whole “shut up and take my money” thing when you guys won’t, y’know, ACTUALLY TAKE MY MONEY. Is there a specific time of the day when Steam puts out new releases?

    Also, will the hangout video be going up on Youtube at some point? Please tell me there wasn’t a recording problem again…

    1. So it looks like maybe Steam releases things at 10 AM Pacific, which is 1 PM on the east coast. ;_;

  13. Droid says:

    Wohoo, 19:09 CEST and it’s finally here!

  14. tmtvl says:

    Bought, will try on Wine over weekend.

    Linux out.

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