Go Outside and Play

By Shamus Posted Friday Apr 7, 2006

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The coming weekend looms large. My back yard:

Notice the oh-so-classy green chain-link fence. It’s great for creating that “junkyard” look. It was installed by the previous owners, and it’s been on my list of Stuff That Has To Go since we moved in. Last summer I managed to uproot some of it:

The pink line marks where there was a section of fence. It ended right at the house, between the back porch and the basement steps, which means if you wanted to go into the basement you had to go all the way around the house or jump the fence. Annoying.

It took about three days (well, three evenings) of back-breaking labor to get rid of that much of the fence. At the end of each fence post is a big ‘ol lump of concrete. Digging these up is no picnic. Sure, the previous occupants installed a fence that was ugly, cheap, and inconvienant, but at least they made sure it would last!


It was hard enough to get rid of the fence on level, open ground last year. Now this year…

…I’ll be working on this section, which is on a hill and tangled up in tree roots. Fun!

It turns out that spending years in a computer chair typing has left me ill-equiped for physical labor. Last time I was sore for days, and this time promises to be a good bit worse.

Boo freakin’ hoo.


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5 thoughts on “Go Outside and Play

  1. Zenja says:

    An apartment sure must seem tempting at this stage …

  2. That’s why God gave us dynamite.

  3. Dan says:

    Hey remember that time you were sled riding with the kids. You bashed your head of the fence post at the bottom of the yard, and you had that huge head wound. hehehehe

  4. Shamus says:

    An apartment sure must seem tempting at this stage …

    Ah! You taunt me! If only apartments existed that could hold five people and a home office.

    That's why God gave us dynamite.

    NOW you’re talkin! Oh wait. Looks like I’m fresh out. I better run to Wal-Mart and get some. What aisle would it be in? Hardware I guess. Well, I’m off.

    Hey remember that time you were sled riding with the kids…

    I did NOT have a “wound”. I was stunned. But yeah. I remember.

    Stupid fence.

  5. inara says:

    it’s like pulling Johnson grass: tough, annoying, and rooted so widespred you KNOW you’ll nevver get it all out — barring scraping off the top 6 inches of dirt and pulling the roots off like a sheet.

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