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By Shamus Posted Friday May 25, 2012

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This Sunday, I will be appearing as an interview guest on Headshots from the Heart, a Child’s Play charity event where they play Borderlands to… hang on. Let me just give you the scoop from their site:

There are many marathons online which contribute to causes like this one, but what makes Headshots from the Heart unique is that viewers not only have the option to donate directly, but to pledge an amount of money to be earned by the players each time they defeat a foe with a critical hit, or “Head shot”. This will force us not merely to play for twenty-four hours straight, but to play well, in order to earn your money for charity. Children deserve our best, and we at Headshots from the Heart intend to give it to them.

So… a twenty-four hour game of four-person Borderlands. That sounds like enough time to play through the tutorial and then car-wrestle for twenty hours. Or maybe that’s just me.

Twenty-four hours of multiplayer Borderlands? Let’s hope Gamespy behaves in some way other than the way it usually behaves. (Or maybe they’re playing on XBox?)

The event begins tomorrow at 12:30pm EST. (5:30pm GMT) I’ll be appearing on Sunday at 10am EST. (3pm GMT) If all goes well, we should be able to get the video feed working this time. Please tune in if you can.


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14 thoughts on “Headshots from the Heart

  1. Torsten says:

    Desert Bus has been used to these marathon plays for years, and now Borderlands is getting popular. It is like there is a rule that the marathon game plays require a game that has gotten criticized for having monotonous gameplay.

    That said, is anybody invited me to join in an endurance race on FUEL or Race 07 I probably would.

    1. Dragomok says:

      Actually, I have heard about one or two Call of Duty marathons and Rutskarn played pen-and-paper RPGs for 48 hours straight once, so I think repetition isn’t exactly necessary.

      1. Daemian Lucifer says:

        Call of duty is repetitious,and Rutskarn did submit himself to that abomination of a…calling it a game would be an insult to games everywhere.So I think Torsten is on to something here.

        1. Dasick says:

          Competitive multiplayer is rarely repetitive, especially not when you play with the right kind of people. While I agree that Call of Duty franchise could use a lot of hype-deflation, at least try to be fair.

    2. JPH says:

      Monotonous gameplay, eh? We should organize an Alan Wake charity!

      1. Adam says:

        Let’s not go crazy, here.

      2. Syal says:

        Now I want to see a Deadly Premonition shave-a-thon.

    3. OldGeek says:

      The difference is nobody watches Desert Bus to see Desert Bus. They watch to see Loading Ready Run. If the only real interesting thing to see are headshots…I’ll make my donation a different way, thank you.

  2. Wandring says:

    So it’s going to be a team of four snipers then?

  3. Factoid says:

    Ewww…you have to use gamespy to play borderlands? I didn’t even know that service was still around. And they actually host the servers, not just the matchmaking?

  4. Nick-B says:

    If they had me playing borderlands for em, they’d gain a headshot every second. I ONLY aim for crits on that game :D

    How do they track this, anyway? Does a crit shot (but not kill) count? can you get multiple headshots from one mob? what about the final boss with that massive crit spot and billions of health?

  5. Tam O'Connor says:

    My word. I never actually saw all of Brick at once. His waist is so tiny! As in, about the same size as his ridiculous arms. Do the steroids he use only work on his upper half?

    1. Dasick says:

      It’s there to emphasise the broad shoulders and the bulging muscles.

      Plus, you know, what do you super-size? Abs? They don’t grow, they get definition. Legs? Big legs means that you’re either a coward and run a lot or that you’re a girl and kick a lot. The pelvis? … Let’s just say that it’s a PG-rated game.

  6. PhoenixUltima says:

    Whenever I think of Borderlands I think of grinding Crawmerax over and over looking for pearlescents. Good times.

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