The White Chamber: Endings

By Shamus Posted Saturday Sep 29, 2007

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I thought I’d post some spoilers for The White Chamber. There are a lot of endings for the game, and you don’t really get a feel for the whole story until you see a couple of them. (And I really didn’t consider the game complete until I got the “good” ending.)

You should reach the end of the game at least once before reading more. (Actually, a lot of this won’t even make sense until you’ve taken a trip through the game.) Spoilers ahead. Duh.

First, there are a few “death” endings. I don’t know if these really count as real “endings” and not just a shortcut to the Game Over screen, but if you want to see all the ways you can die:

  • Venomous: When you get to the part of the game where a fridge is suspended in the middle of the room, don’t solve the puzzle right away. Re-enter the room several times and you will eventually be overcome by the fumes.
  • Space: There is a door which leads to a dreamlike beach scene the first time you open it. On subsequent visits, it just leads to outer space. Keep trying to open the door and eventually she’ll do it, and get sucked into space.
  • Decaying: When stuck in the quarantine chamber, when it asks you “Do you want to leave?”, simply answer “no” to get this ending.
  • Electrocution: If you take too long to solve the puzzle when strapped to the electrocution table, you get this ending.

Now onto the “real” endings. If you survive all the way to the end of the game, you’ll get one of these based on your actions during the game. Keep in mind that the guy controlling this nightmare world (the guy you murdered) is trying to see what sort of person you really are. He wants to know if you are a good person at heart who was driven mad by the artefact, or if you were just the cold-hearted bitch you seemed to be. There are six possible “good” points in the game. What ending you get is based on how many points you’ve earned or lost.

0 Points: Tormented Ending – The worst ending.
1 – 2 Points: Damned Ending – Not much better.
3 – 5 Points: Redemption Ending – The Happy Ending.
6 Points: Comedy Ending – Not very funny. Sort of odd.

At any given time you can see how many points you have by looking at the chalkboard. There will be one line for every point you have.

How to get / lose points:

  • You begin the game with 1 point.
  • +1 if you answer “yes” when asked “Do you Regret?”
  • There is a guy stuck in a tube at one point. You’re obliged to flush him out, but if you attempt to free him with the axe first it’s worth +1 point.
  • If you cut the override wire, you lose a point.
  • +1 if you attempt to put the blanket on the guy in the freezer.
  • +1 if you cover the body with the blanket once you’ve assembled it.
  • When it asks, “And risk spreading the disease?”, you get +1 if you answer “no”.

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31 thoughts on “The White Chamber: Endings

  1. Avaz says:

    Sounds like a fun game. I wish I had the time available to play. Sounds like you’re having fun with it – or did, until you finished it. :)

  2. mark says:

    Just did the comedy ending (having done the others earlier)

    My brain hurts…

  3. JKPolk says:

    Got the venemous and redeption endings on my first run. Not too shabby of a game, although I spent *way* too much time in the beginning attempting to get DNA onto my card.

  4. Browncoat says:

    “Not very funny.”?!?!?!

    How can you say that wasn’t funny? “Rocks hurl through space. Everyone dies.” I roared with laughter!

  5. Browncoat says:

    Okay, I didn’t roar with laughter, but when the asteroid hits the ship and disintegrates it, “Rock falls. Everyone dies.” was the first thing that came to mind.

    I’m not sure you’re entirely correct in your point analysis up there, though. The first ending I got was the tormented ending, and I’m sure I put the blanket on the assembled body. Whatever.

  6. Browncoat says:

    Shoot. Last thing:

    when you finally get your DNA card working and into that area of the station, there’s a game consul above the escape pod. Play it. She’ll argue for a bit, saying she doesn’t have the time, but keep at it and she’ll play. It’s cute.

    Really the last thing (I have to say):

    I remembered wrong above. I got the tormented ending by accidentally cheating. I hit the “Home” button on my keyboard, and weird stuff happened. ‘fore I knew it, I was escaping in the pod.

  7. Daemian_Lucifer says:

    Well one of the hints you get when you end the game is the “press home for the developers debuger”.

    Thanks for all the endings.On my first run I got space,decay and redemption.But I like the doomed one best.Also,did anyone find the use for soda and the fire extinguisher?

    Loved the MES game though.Too bad theres not much to do but die.

  8. Uncle Dark says:

    Thanks for pointing this game out to me. Not the cutting edge of adventure game technology, but still… Nice. I think the music helped set the mood. I’m not much of an anime fan, but I have to admit it looked pretty good.

  9. Sarah says:

    I’d like to play it, but I’m not sure that the game file’d be supported by my mac system.

  10. Craig says:

    no love for macs…

  11. SimeSublime says:

    I loved this game, though I didn’t know about the tormented and comedy endings. I replayed the game last night to get them. I have to say, the comedy ending was very disapointing. Developers in-jokes just aren’t understandable.

  12. OldGrover says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this – that was very neat

  13. Sean Achterman says:

    Aaand like most adventure games, I’ve managed to get stuck.

    At the vent, to be specific. Not sure what I’ve overlooked.

  14. Daemian_Lucifer says:

    Try to do something with those gross body parts.Find a place that fits.

  15. Uncle Dark says:


    It isn’t something you can do directly, for yourself. You need to complete other puzzles, first.

  16. Adam says:

    Played it for a while and got to the vent after playing with the body parts and could not for the life of me figure out what to so I just started putting objects at every thing until my “eyes” began to bleed (hehehe). So I get through it and bam, it feels like I was in a Strong-Bad episode and he just yell, “IT’S OVER!!!”

    It was fun though and some really freeky effects and scenes.

  17. Elryc says:

    For a little easter egg, start a new game, and go try to put in the droid control code before you get the note.

  18. NobleBear says:

    I played it on your recommendation, Shamus, and thought it was fairly intriguing. I got stuck on a couple of spots (the electrocution chamber and figuring out how to give the encoder some clean DNA) but a hints only walkthru helped immensely

    I’m definitely interested in other games this company has/will have to offer!
    thanx! :)

  19. NobleBear says:

    One more thing I forgot to add:

    that as a fan of the survival/horror genre it was interesting that I wasn’t nearly as creeped out on the first go (i got the doomed ending the first time)so much as the second time I played. A first for me! :)

  20. Lochiel says:

    Good game, there were some parts where I was randomly applying items to things, but over all it was fun and entertaining. Its short length was a boon.

    I hope to find more games like this


  21. Gary says:

    I thought it was kinda fun. I got redemption ending right off (after I got sucked into space, electrocuted a dozen times and stuck in the MES game system).

    I thought the storyline was interesting, though I figured out who the MC was pretty quick. It was fun and definitely sucked me in. I was glued to it until I beat it.

    I was a little disappointed in how short it was. But then again…it was FREE! :D

  22. Spam Vader says:

    Elryc, someone is not amused by your attempts to be smart.

    I enjoyed it, thanks for pointing me to it, Shamus. On my first run, I was listening through headphones and got well immersed in the game, which upped the creep factor considerably. I really like how absolutely consistent the game is. I also suggest that if you liked it, go and download the Gray Tower audio drama.

  23. Mark Magi says:

    remember when she says the only way to end the games is to die or throw the pad against the wall. well, there is a canister of explosives sitting there…

    anyway, great game, spent a while playing through all the endings just to kill time. have yet to listen to grey tower but I plan to.

  24. Sanjay says:

    These are all nice funny guys picture remember when she says the only way to end the games is to die or throw th epad against the wall.

  25. Sajina says:

    You can also get a point if you try to free the guy who’s stuck behind the plastic in the freezer before you cut off his leg. Try to free him with the scalpel or the axe.
    Just thought I’d tell that. ;)

  26. HYPNOTOAD says:

    Each ending gives a three character “set” at the top of the ending type screen, with the exception of one, which has a four character set. When you combine the character sets, it spells out a web url. When you go to the site, there is an image of what looks like skin, with a map on it. It looks as though someone drew up a little map on their arm, and made a game out of it. Brilliant.

    Two of the four death endings give the same character set. “ATH”, and the other two give “.CX”. The four real endings, give “IGA”, “NAV”, “THE”, and “TOR.”, in order of their score ranking. After some trial and error, I found that is was the the url “”.

    It doesn’t make much sense to me, as I can’t seem to apply the game map to this map in the url….perhaps it is how the company’s games are related, or a rough draft of the game’s map. Not sure, but one of you research fanatics can post after me to let us know.

  27. HYPNOTOAD says:

    It turns our that it’s some kind of product map, apparently. “The Grey Tower” is a prequel of sorts, to “The White Chamber”. It is a 19 minute audio log on a character related somehow the the white chamber’s back story. The studio also offers in as text in pdf format, if you’re not an audiophile, although after listening to the first entry in his log, I thought the voice acting wasn’t bad. Should you listen to the grey tower before playing the white chamber? I dunno. It might make it more interesting.

  28. KK says:

    I must just be a really good guy. I got the comedy ending on the first try without looking it up. :3

  29. John says:

    I think the guy who’s in the Grey Tower thing was in Waking Life (the angry guy in prison saying how he’s going to get the people who got him locked up). Also, it felt very much like Doom.

  30. Chevsky says:

    What struck me more about the game is how similar to Event Horizon it was. I’m presuming that was intentional. (“Where we go, we wont need eyes!”)

    At first i thought “what a ripoff”, but nice to see that the story is more differentiated than that. :)

  31. Jjkaybomb says:

    The first time I played this I got zero, just like the obsessive, goal-oriented and horrible person I am =D

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