Final Fantasy XII: Bunny Ladies

By Shamus Posted Tuesday May 29, 2007

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In Final Fantasy XXII one of your party members is Fran, a member of the Viera, who are a race of bunny women. Yes, a “race” of women.


But all women? This raises a few interesting questions…

At one point in the game you visit their village, and it is all women with bunny ears. I’m okay with this, because if their race had men they would look ridiculous. Well, more ridiculous. Females can pull off the bunny / catgirl look, but men? Not so much.

Left: Fran.  Right: One of her “sisters”.
Left: Fran. Right: One of her “sisters”.

But I’m not sure how this is supposed to work. Balthier makes a comment at one point, “Fran knows all about men.” I assume he means human men, since there don’t seem to be any Viera males.

But how can they not have males? They seem to have otherwise normal family relationships. One of the bunnies is Fran’s sister, others are not. This seems to indicate a family structure with siblings, which doesn’t make a lot of sense if they are asexual. Not that I know anything about asexual cultures, but I’m just saying.


But now that I think of it, these aren’t the only bunnies you see in the game. The other bunnies are little munchkins who look much more like rabbits.


These bunnies are more of the fluffy bunny and less of the Playboy bunny variety. They are short, cute, and they call everyone “Kupo”


In the game you see them building mechanical doors, maintaining airships, and inventing intra-city teleports. Once in a while you see one running a shop. These bunnies are clearly mostly engineers and entrepreneurs. Oh my gosh! These bunnies are guys! These must be the Viera males!


Q: But… how would they…
A: What? How would they what?
Q: You know…
A: Ooooh! Yeah. I see what you’re getting at.
Q: Yeah. How would they do it?
A: Very, very carefully.

UPDATE: Wonderduck answers the most important questions in the comments here.


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123 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XII: Bunny Ladies

  1. Roxysteve says:

    These Bunnywomen all appear to be between the ages of 18 and 22 and to have nothing to do of an evening but make enticing underwear.

    Let’s deal with them single-handedly!


    1. Clarissa Evans says:

      I read somewhere that there are male viera. They live in separate villages made up of males. Since viera are long-lived they rarely socialize with the male viera unless it matting season or something. I for got what all was said, but some thing like that. Still I wish there had been a game that let you explore there world more, all species in Ivalice outside of humes. Where you would help maintain the village and have to pick a job, warder or salve-maker, even village elder if you mastered the other two. That would have been awesome, I always wanted to play as Jote anyway! ^^

  2. Cenobite says:

    I agree with the theory that the smaller rabbits are the males. There are several species of animals and insects on our own planet where the females are much larger than the males.

    Maybe they don’t reproduce using sex. Maybe it’s more like clams. At a certain time of the year, the females all gather in one spot and deposit their eggs on the ground. Then they leave. Then the males show up and do the same thing (only they aren’t depositing eggs) on the same spot on the ground. Then they also leave. Several months later, a new generation of bunny babies can be seen hopping around the forest and foraging their own food.

    The ability to make enticing underwear evolved separately, after the Viera acquired pay-per-view.

  3. Robert says:

    The smaller bunnys are young and adolescent males. They are sent away from the women to make their way in the world until they reach the age of contest. At which point they returen their home to challenge the single reigning adult male, called “The Hef” in his secret Grotto. The current “Hef” has not been bested in over 50 years. If all the males were allowed to stay the Viera would overpopulate the world.

  4. Otters34 says:

    Why do they have rabbit ears?…..WHY?!(sobs)

  5. I’ve always thought that they were a sub-species with an X dominant that is suppressed by the Y. That is that they breed normally with human males, but their female offspring are Viera but their male offspring are normal human males. The other option is that Viera breed with human males but their biology naturally terminates male children, resulting in only female offsprign from such couplings.

    Why yes, I DID think about this too much, why do you ask?

  6. Mrs T says:

    Okay, where are the overweight middle-aged bunny women? I’m thinking that wouldn’t be so cute.

  7. Adam says:

    Not that I have played this game but… Seems like somebody has a wild fetish streak here.

  8. JohnW says:

    “Not that I have played this game…” yet

  9. Dev Null says:

    Final Fantasy: Training the next generation of furries…

  10. Grant says:

    It has been a while since I’ve taken any biology classes, but why does having sisters preclude them being asexual? If they both came from the same mother, wouldn’t they be sisters? I don’t see the need for two parents in order for the following terms to work: sister, mother, daughter, aunt, niece, grandmother, granddaughter, cousin, etc.

  11. Grant says:

    Of course, being asexual they would all look exactly the same, which is silly…

    Oh wait. They do. :)

  12. AJ says:

    Sigh, Moogles aren’t bunnies! If anyone were to suggest such a thing to the greatest of the Moogles, Mog, they’d get a dance-based tail whoopin’. As far as the Viera, who knows. Having leggy furry women in the game just seems to be about adding some sex appeal. After all, you need something since your main character is apparently a metrosexual…

  13. Dave says:

    There’s a bar hidden in one of the sections of Viera-town that you can’t get to. That’s where all the guys are :).

  14. Gary's Friend Jim says:

    You could just chalk it up to the fact that videogames are inherently ridiculous.

  15. Breklor says:

    It’s Japanese. Do you really want to know anything about their sexuality? I love anime, but there is some seriously TMI-grade stuff that these folks take for granted.

  16. Gary's Friend Jim says:

    Good point, really, I mean, it’s coming from a nation of people who sell girls’ used underwear in vending machines, for pete’s sake. A race of nubile bunny-women doesn’t seem like as much of a stretch when one considers the source.

  17. Maroon says:

    Consider this: if all dwarves, regardless of gender, have beards, why can’t all Viera (Vieras? Vierae?), regardless of gender, have, y’know, girl cooties?

    Corollary: when Balthier comments that Fran knows ALL about men…

  18. Remus says:

    Consider this: if all dwarves, regardless of gender, have beards, why can't all Viera (Vieras? Vierae?), regardless of gender, have, y'know, girl cooties?

    Corollary: when Balthier comments that Fran knows ALL about men…

    *snickers madly*

  19. rmg says:

    Regarding the questions about middle aged Viera… they allude to them being long lived, and Fran not being young. Maybe they’re like Tolkeinian Elves?

  20. Roxysteve says:

    Grant Says:
    It has been a while since I've taken any biology classes, but why does having sisters preclude them being asexual? If they both came from the same mother, wouldn't they be sisters? I don't see the need for two parents in order for the following terms to work: sister, mother, daughter, aunt, niece, grandmother, granddaughter, cousin, etc.

    If they reproduced sans male interference, they would have to be sisters. No X-chromosome material involved. I think this is called parthenogenesis? Each child would basically be a clone of the mother.

    I think.

    Agh! You make me attempt to remember biology lessons long sent to the basement of not-needed-any-more.

    Of course, this line of thought begs the question: Why the corsets?


  21. wererogue says:

    There’s no reason to assume they aren’t hermaphroditic. That would allow for mitotic reproduction without an obvious male. It makes the game designers seem even *more* sinister, though.

    Of course, you can’t blame it on the designers of FFXII, as they were introduced for FF: Tactics Advance. I always figured the men were either reclusive or comparatively feeble (or both) and so weren’t seen. They definitely aren’t Moogles!

    Why do I know all of this?!

  22. Barbara says:

    A race of women is biologically possible, but one has to wonder why they’d have prominent breasts. I thought the current theory was that these evolved in humans due to sexual selection.

  23. melchar says:

    …or it could be, like some species of fish, that the males are really tiny [like finger-sized] and attach themself to a female during [mutual] childhood.

    As a gal myself, I prefer the idea of parthogenesis myself. It means all offspring will be female and there won’t be much genetic drift, but could work for an all female race. Especially a very long-lived race.

    [However, just because I’m silly, salacious thoughts of them being fertile hermaphrodites has some appeal in the bunny-fem-on-bunny-fem action. They are pretty enough to appeal to girls and boys, after all.]

  24. Dustin says:

    Barbara, I think that this is a case where you’d just have to chalk it up to intelligent design ;-)

    (Someone, feel free to make a comment about what part the designer was using to think…)

  25. Wonderduck says:

    “But all women? This raises a few interesting questions…”

    Like ‘where does one get travel tickets to this location?’

    “At a certain time of the year, the females all gather in one spot and deposit their eggs on the ground.”

    Are the eggs all rainbow colored, and surrounded by green plastic grass?

    “A race of nubile bunny-women doesn't seem like as much of a stretch…”

    I am intrigued by your ideas, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    “Why the corsets?”

    If one needs to ask this question, one will never understand the answer.

  26. Kotenku says:

    Clearly Square-Enix were aware that their storytelling and character development wouldn’t sell this game. :D What better publicity can you get than a hot race of bunny women with no males whatsoever?


  27. Matt` says:

    I am intrigued by your ideas, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    If it has funnies like that in it, I’d like to subscribe to yours

    and @ #16 (Gary’s Friend Jim), underwear in vending machines… wow, I knew they were kinda kinky over there but seriously, that is pretty freaked up

    maybe they look back across the oceans at us and think we’re all hideously repressed when it comes to sex (and that if there’s a market for it then anything should be saleable)

  28. wintersweet says:

    Well, at least the underwear vending machines are illegal now…

  29. Danzaemon says:

    When the first underwear vending machines started appearing in the nicer areas of Tokyo, the police started recieving complaints.
    However, they found that – surprisingly enough – there was nothing in Japan’s anti-pornography laws that would allow them to force the machines’ removal.

    Until one day, a bright young police officer hit on a way that they could do it…

    Selling second hand goods without a license!

  30. Theoretically, if you accept the definition of “female” as “capable of bearing young”, hermaphrodites are “female”. They are also male, but they are female.

  31. Wonderduck says:

    Hey, #27 Matt? Just click on my name! It’s free to read, but the mental damage caused might be expensive to repair…

    #29 Danza said “Until one day, a bright young police officer hit on a way that they could do it… Selling second hand goods without a license!”

    I always wondered how they stopped those vending machines… thanks for the infobit!

  32. Dreamflight says:

    I know when they published the articles in Dragon Magazine about the half-satyr and half-dryad races, they said that the satyrs and dryads were actually the males and females of one species… not separate species. So a human woman who got charmed & seduced by a satyr would birth either a half-satyr or half-dryad, depending on the child’s gender. The same would happen with a dryad who got pregnant by the human male she’d charmed & seduced.

    Robert Asprin did a similar stunt in his “Myth Adventures” series. Chumley the Troll, and the assassin/mage Tananda are actually siblings — though they look nothing alike. In their home dimension of Trollia, the males are all hulking creatures known as Trolls. The females, on the other hand, are Trollops — beautiful green-haired women.

  33. Alden says:

    I notice there are no pictures of the bunny women’s backs, so enquiring minds wish to know: Do they also have fluffy cotton tails?

  34. Errol says:

    Yes. Yes they do. And you have no idea how much my brother kept complaining about me rotating the camera angle too much just so I could ogle a Viera. Pointed white fluffy tails…

  35. Ben says:

    Maybe they’re not hermaphrodite or assexual or all women. Maybe some of them are just men.

  36. Kevin says:

    “Barbara Says:

    A race of women is biologically possible, but one has to wonder why they'd have prominent breasts. I thought the current theory was that these evolved in humans due to sexual selection.”

    If I was a japanese game designer, creating a race of bunny-women, they’d all have the same tastes in women I did. Ultimately this would create (by natural or sexual selection) a race of bunny women that looked just like the ones I’d have designed by being a horn-dog with creative freedom.

    In other words, they’d have prominent breasts, because they like prominent breasts too.

  37. bkw says:

    Obviously the Viera procreate with human men. The female offspring are Viera, the males are human. There’s plenty of precedent from various mythologies.

  38. Matt says:

    Well, the Viera -are- made out to be somewhat druidic in the game, saying that if they leave the forest, then they can no longer hear the wood, and they are no longer welcome back (Fran gets the cold shoulder when you stop by). If we -really- want to find a male for them to mate with, what about the non aggressive treant enemies hanging out just outside the zone entrance to the village.

    As for moogles, there are different ones referred to as male and female throughout the game, it’s subtle but you can catch it if you look. (The one who hires you to take care of the turtle in the magicite mines in Bhujerba is female for example).

    Though there are no female Bangaa in FFTA, we do see one as a member of the bounty hunter Bagamnun’s group …I think she’s the blue one. Gotta give square credit, none of the lizard ladies have breasts.

    And also this isn’t the only race in FF where we have yet to see the other sex. However, in the case of the catgirl Mithra in Final Fantasy XI, they simply keep the men locked up inside the houses for the purposes of homecare and procreation.

    Lastly, the Galka are another tricky race. They’re classified as male in FFXI, but they are actually Asexual, and reproduce through an as yet detailed method of advanced reincarnation. (the game implies that’s what happens, but doesn’t go into the mechanics)

    – Matt
    – Anniastae of Caitsith Server, formerly Tazrael of Sylph

  39. James Blair says:

    My speculation (based on various sub-plots within the game) is that a Viera can only have children with her soulmate, normally a human male. However, many Viera are more than willing to enter a long-term relationship with a human on the mere chance that he might be her soulmate.

    The Fran sub-plot seems to suggest that Viera rarely leave their villages, but the number of Viera in Rabanastre alone seems to contradict this. Either exiled Viera are very, very common, or Fran did something more heinous than merely leaving (like being part of “the royal family” and leaving, perhaps).

    1. Felblood says:

      I’m just beaming in from the future to point out that FF:T:A2:GotR, which is set in Ivalice shortly after this, takes this a step further.

      There are actually given months of the year where travelers can count on bumping into freshly exiled viera looking to sign on with the first mercenary band, to offer them a chance to see the world.

      It seems that leaving the village is BIG DEAL in the villages, since you can never come back, but the viera are (SOMEHOW) prolific enough to maintain a population dispite all these deserters.

      –Or maybe not. By the time War of Lions rolls around, there’s less left of the Viera than of the ruins of the forgotten Moogle cities. Dark.

  40. Lord ZYRK says:

    As mentioned by #12, those little furry things aren’t bunnies, they’re moogles. Kupo is just a sound they make. Been moogin it up since FFIII.

  41. Mark says:

    The Fran sub-plot seems to suggest that Viera rarely leave their villages, but the number of Viera in Rabanastre alone seems to contradict this.

    Traveling around Ivalice in general it seems you can’t spend five minutes without running into another “exiled” Viera, making their way in the world and doing just fine. My theory is that in fact most Viera have left their village because they couldn’t put up with its stultifying, tedious, and backward culture, not to mention the lack of men. All that argle-bargle about “hearing the Wood” and the hostility to outsiders, including Viera expatriates like Fran, is just propaganda used by the village elders desperately trying to keep the remaining residents from leaving as well.

  42. Matt says:

    Still, there’s also the ongoing quest with Ktjn and how she laments her choice to follow her sister out into the world, and how her new disconnect with nature troubles her.

  43. Otters34 says:

    Why the elders? why, whenever there is some oddness in an ancient culture are the elders ALWAYS blamed?

    What about this: Viera can actually Hear the Wood and Commune with Nature, but increasingly this is seen as being a rather round-about way of acheiving things, not to mention somewhat silly-looking.So more and more Viera are foregoing the way of the Viera and following the Humans in their search for technological perfection.While the elders are accused of being reppresive and unsupportive.Outsiders are disliked because that’s how the whole mess started in the first place.

  44. Roxysteve says:

    All this speculation, and no-one noticed I got the chromosome wrong for the haploid set-up I was describing.

    Tsk. The Internet is killing the intellect.


  45. Aeondaniel says:

    you know that those “little bunnies” are actually moogles, a completely different race from the viera? and you seem to have forgotten that viera have an infinite lifespan, moogles die regularly in the final fantasy series.

    just thought you should know.

  46. cyn says:

    ok, for one, the “little bunnies” are NOT the guy viera. those are freakin moogles. anyone who even has the slightest knowledge of ff would know that, even if they do look a bit different than usual. two, all the viera are sisters, you just hear the main three (fran, mjyrn, and whoever the other was) say it. but fran says that she is “no longer a sister of the forest”, therefore clueing in that, perhaps these creatures are born from the forest, hince, the perfect figures and beings. …so very ignorant of you, im sorry.

  47. Shamus says:

    Just a note: If you are humor impaired like some of the morons above, you don’t need to come in here and “inform” me. If you can’t tell this is humor, you’re reading the wrong blog. Go back to MySpace.

    I’m leaving cyn’s comment there as an example of what not to do.

  48. Steph says:

    Well some of you certainly made me laugh… Isn’t it possible (re the whole exiled viera complex) that they’re allowed to leave to mate (with a hume male presumably), as long as that’s the sole purpose and they come back to raise the child? Thus, Fran left for the sake of curiosity and rebellion and the like, and isn’t welcome back in the woods… the soulmate-searching viera however, is a victim of entirely different circumstances… just a thought. If any of you have read Garth Nix’s Lirael, its like the Clayr, they leave, mate and just tend to have female children.

  49. Scourge says:

    I think I read somewhere that Viere indeed have men somewhere, but these men are very rare (Hm, guess one is a hell of a lucky guy when one is born as a Viera Guy.. but then again, having those bunny ears as a guy? nah, looks to strange… though the pros surely weight out the cons.)

    Anyways, what I wanted to say is that the Viera females are also the more Dominant kind, they go hunting, cooking, etc,etc,etc,etc. The males are just there for one reason, mating, it seems.

  50. Ames says:

    Ok. One. I thought the very same thing about Viera being wholly a female race; two. It is not true.

    I came across a final fantasy wikipedia version that explained the races and other such things in context.

    Apparently; The male and female Viera live seperately and only contact each other whenever necessary (in other words no extra curricular things will be happening. >XP) And also went into detail about different TYPES of Viera which were both viera and another race mixed making them look like pink lolita versions of the playboy Viera only these offspring also had white markings on their body and their ears were significantly smaller.

    But back to the point at hand; Male Viera. Although they explained why you dont see any of them, there is one thing i will admit; though this ff wikipedia site DID say that they lived seperately, they failed to give a picture of the male viera so this may be a totally false claim. However, it seems to make more sense.

    And the tiny bunnies are Moogles, it says so everywhere. Come on people, they cant get THAT high up in order to reproduce, think of the…irregularities. But none the less everyone has their own oppinion i am merely letting you know what i found out. I’d give the link to the ff wikipedia site but i foolishly forgot to save the blasted url down which means i probably couldnt find it again even if i was offered a million dollars.

  51. Ames says:

    And by the way; the idea of moogles being the male viera, highly original and quite amusing. ^-^ i cant say i’ve ever come across such a statement so props goes to you for being the first to comment it!!

  52. Megan says:

    OK i’ve played the game but not all the way through yet. In my opinion these chicks are sweet, and assome and they can kick ass, and this proves it women can do anything a guy can if they set there mind to it. BUNNY VIERE CHICKS RULE!

  53. Alexondra says:

    Ok in reference to Ames, that whole plot was from Revenant Wings, the sequel to XII. The Viera you’re talking about are Feol Viera which are the offspring of Feolthanos and a Viera. They are disriminated against by regular Viera because they are half Viera and half “Feol” or whatever the race was called. The “Feol” race as I’m calling them , are a race of people with wings that can fly that look similar to Humes. The Feol Viera lack wings and in part Feolthanos left some kinda airship for them to use to return to their home in a skycity that I completely forgot what it’s name was. That’s basically the whole plot of the game. No male viera have ever been mentioned. Sorry buddy.

    Moogles are in no where close to the relation of Viera. That’s like saying a Giza Rabbit is the Moogles distant cousin or something. Lol.

    And another thing, if there’s a whole race of females there has to be a whole race of males to even the balance. The Garif are the only race full of well-built males and who knows what the hell they are. There are no females in sight in their village.

    Personally I don’t think a male Viera would look all that bad, we just are stuck on the female look and can’t identify with a male, but someone has to draw concept art or something. Lol.

  54. Alexondra says:

    Plus I agree with Megan, Viera can kick ass. Fran is at level 91 right now on my game and has the Sagittarius Bow plus the Artemis arrows. I’ve beaten the game, but decided to go back and do the dumb-arse side quests to get the feel of fully completing it. Vayne sucked, with a bubble belt on you can kick his ass freely, though I reccomend healing when your life is halved. Cause the bosses are rediculously retarded…f-ing palings and junk with your stupid abilities and protectives…fags…

    Excuse my ranting! XP

  55. Alexondra says:

    Here is a link from deviant art for some concept art on a male viera. I found it quite interesting.

  56. Megan z says:

    Thank you alexondra, know one ever gives me credit for stuff like that. And how did you get to level 19 i’m only in the 20’s. and can you go back to city’s later in the game? And one more thing where is the best place to level up,if you know. by the way i love that picture of the male viera, where did you find it? lol, i have no idea why i’m laughing.

  57. Alexondra says:

    You’re welcome. I’ve been playing the game for over 200 hours, 217 I think. Alot of my life wasted but it was worth it! XD You can go back to cities later in the game. If you have teleport stones you can use them on the orange crystals and teleport to places that you’ve been, but later you can get Balthier’s airship and use it to it’s advantage. The best place I found to level up was Nabudis, but I’d pick a place with at least level 30 monsters. Seeing as how you’re in the 20s I’d say giza plains during the rainy season. Or raithwall’s tomb, I’ll have to go back and check up on the areas, I don’t want to send you into death lol! AVOID THE ENTITES!!! Don’t cast magic when you see one or you’re ended! LOL! Oh yeah, and I found the picture of a male viera at Under the search bar on the site I typed in male viera and that’s one of the results that popped up.

  58. Megan z says:

    thannks that’s a bunch of help, you know wats weiird you said to go to giza to level up in the rianing season i just passed that place and i don’t really know wat the place is called bbut couple of things where is raithwall tomb and also where is nsbudis? and i knw i should knw this but what are the ENTITES, and where are they? i knw this is asking alot but when can you use balthier’s ship? one thing that i can’t control over is fran when i put her on my team she doesn’t do a thing she just stands there. AND WHOA OVER 200 HOURS, I THINK I’M ONLY AT 50 HOURS. one tthing for me that stinks leveling up is i played the game for the entire night till morning for ten hours cause i started over and i was trying to level up in the giza plains while not raining, and it took me ten hours just to get to level ten. if you knw how to help me with fran, cause she’s not fighting she’s just standing there, can you tell me how to get her fighhting again PLEASE! I NEED HER STRENTGH. HELPPPPP!. thanks for everything so far.

  59. Alexondra says:

    Alright! Lol!! Since you started over, everything just pretty much follows the plot line. The rains in Giza don’t come until about the middle, including Raithwall’s tomb. Raithwall’s tomb is the climax for the mid part of the game. Sorry for misleading you!!! Nabudis comes WAY late in the game, your characters should at least be near level 60 by that time. Entities are those wierd ball like orbs that float around in different areas. There’s one in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea on one of the retarded refinery platforms. It looks like it has rocks floating around in it, you can find the same on in one of the Sands, Ester or Wester. I can’t remember. I can post a link in another message so that you’d be able to identify with what they look like. The only reason why I think of Fran is just standing in battle is because her gambits are turned off. If there isn’t that yellow “G” by her name, then it means that they were turned off. While she’s in your party just bring up the menu using “X” and scroll to Fran with the D-pad, once she’s highlighted go down to Gambits. If it says “off” then tap the X to flip them back on! A yellow “G” should appear next to her name indicating that they’re back on, she should be up and running after that! Lol! Oh yeah! And Balthier’s airship doesn’t come until near the end I believe since it’s needed to get onto the Bahamut. I’m sorry if I did an end-game spoiler. So very very sorry. But as far as I’m concerned, if you follow the plot line you should level up nicely. But since you’re in the beginning, I’d suggest training in the Estersand up until at least level 8-10. It’ll be a tedious task but it’s worth it! Lol! If there’s anything more just ask! :)

  60. Alexondra says:

    This is a link to the Final Fantasy page on If you copy and paste the link or click on it, it should take you to the page. The Entities are as follows.

    Diakon Entite
    Gnoma Entite
    Leshach Entite
    Mardu Entite
    Salamand Entite
    Sylphi Entite
    Undin Entite
    Leamonde Entite

    If you look them up it’ll list their stats and I believe they also list the locations. They also include the in-game description of them.

    Hope you enjoy. :)

  61. Megan z says:

    now i mislead you i started over long time ago, my level is in the 20’s, in the rainy seson. i put it aside 4 awhile cause my head was pounding and i guess i went to another game, and so u knw you didn;t spoile the ending 4 me. thanks i’ll check fran but i think her gambit is on. and i will come to u if i need help you helped me alot thanks. ya knw u could have a job iun gaming, this is wat my brothers trying 4 me he said i could help people with gaming by going on the computer and helping them with spicific games. yes i spelled that wrong, but i bet anything you could do that to. thanks, that gives me an idea.

  62. Alexondra says:

    Thanks I appreciate that! Another thing is if she doesn’t have an attack gambit set too, then maybe that. I don’t know lol. I’ve always wanted to work with flash programing and stuff like that to make animated shorts and games. If there are some programs that you know of I’d be more than happy to hear about it! Perhaps we could work together sometime! :)

  63. Megan z says:

    your welcome. and definitly i’ve always wanted to be in the programing too. and lets c, these r my goals, singer, cop, arcioligist, lets put it this way 4 a short version, i want 2 travel the world find tresure, and find something nobody has found yet you probebly think it’s stupid. but i can tell u this were gonna get along great. and don’t worry i’ll keep my eyes open 4 ya.

  64. Alexondra says:

    COOL! I’ve used to want to be an Archeologist, and if that didn’t work out, I wanted to be a Palentologist or however you spell those. One to look for treasure and the other dino bones. Maybe we could be sky pirates. XD Had a fantasy moment right there. lol. But yeah, I think we could get along great too! Besides people think things are stupid if they don’t benefit them. We know better though cause we’re smart. XD Same here, I’ll keep a look out for ya too! *Leaves out with nice-girl pose* Haha!

  65. Megan z says:

    very kool. you maake me laugh, in a good way. and sky pirates wow very intresting. however i have no idea wat a palentologist is. the only reason i want to become a archeologist is to not dig up dino bones but u gotta start somewhere, but to go to egjept yes i knw i spelled it wrong. i want to go there because 4 some reason i would love to do wat lara crft does, colect ancient relics… 4 instants if ecscalerber hasn’t been found yet that would b a great adventure. anythhing dangeres i might add. do u think going underwater 2 find a sunken ship with tresure is stupid? and ur rightif people dont give it a chance they wont knw. and we r smarter then them good call. oh i forgot i would also love to b a spy agent, my cousin is gonna b 1. i love ur way of thinking , sky pirates very kool but right now there is no way we can breathe in space, yet. and u got that from treasure planet huh. lol. just so ya knw i’m on this site every single day. now my pose.. going out laughing and with a big smile.

  66. Alexondra says:

    Thanks I totally appreciate that! Lol. Palentologist search up dino bones and stuff. Lara Crfot is awesome, and doing what she does is even cooler! I’d like to do that, I love adventure! Besides, I think the Excalibur would be found somewhere in Europe, although it could have been lost or moved to another location. Gotta start from the source sometimes. :) There’s nothing wrong with going underwater for treasure, I just have a fear of drowning XD. Spies are cool, they get all those crazy gadgets and info, it’s amazing, but of course there’s alot of danger in that. Oh yeah, lol, I didn’t figure on going that far into space, maybe airplane level, but even I have fears of space! Haha! I need to breathe!

  67. Megan z says:

    hahahaha. i dont knw why but since i was little my dad and brother played games like resident evil thats wat got me into dangeres things 4 my future . i dunno maybe cause i would like to explore the world more then just sitting around all day, but coome on thats what we do now lol. oh by the way if we and or i went underwater we would have air tanks on our backs so we dont drowned. it would be so cool to have what are they , oh yeah underwaterscooters like in the movie lara croft. that would be assome! and i knw u wouldn’t go that far into space it would seem lke forever when we get back to earth. it would feel like decades. who’s ur favorite final fantasy chacter. me i have a couple, that would be clould of course, seperoth, and of couse , can’t forget him vincent valintine . those are just out of the guys. now girls not so sure.

  68. Alexondra says:

    Lol! That’s cool. I know how you feel because my brother likes to play those games too and he’s younger than me. Tanks would be cool, but I have phobias. Lol! But I think I can overcome them for that, gotta get some swimming lessons or whatever. Haha. I’m scared of space so yea, it would feel like forever when and if we got back into the earth airspace. :P My favorites are all the 3 you listed, girls would be all 3 girls in 7 too, I totally like Fran cause she’s so cool, Balthier is awesome also. Oh yeah, Squall and Quistis from 8. And a couple others. XD

  69. Megan z says:

    I also lke wat u said squll but i call him leon. i’d say 4 girls it would b fran of course, ummmm yuffie she kicks ass, yuna, isorta mybe shes 1 of my fav orites um asheoh yeah tfa kicks ass even harder then fran. but its not in that order, dont knw wat order reallly. and im sorry, i dont knw who Quistis is. i forgot one of the guys cant bleive it TIDUS duh. his cute. oh to help u with ur fears instead of running away, face them it helps alot. c i was afried of the dark amd my boyfreind helped me get through that, i used 2 sleep with a nightlight, but now i dont. so face ur fears and counquer them dont let them conquer u. and dont worry u can take all the time in the world but if u wait 2 long, u wont conquer them at all.

  70. Megan z. says:

    OH i forgot, when and if u conquer ur fears you’ll feel a whole lot better about ur self. it will feel like a huge wheight has been lefted of ur shoulders. u have 2 trust me on this, it will feel great. plus thats one fear u dont have to worry about anymore.

  71. Alexondra says:

    That’s so true. I don’t like running away from my problems either way, so it seems like I’m just totally stuck, but I’ll eventually get over them. As far as the FF Series goes, Quistis was the blonde haired teacher in FF 8 that used the whip. Tidus is really cool. He’s a believable character unlike some games. FF X had a good plot and I loved the music, even FF X-2, especially the dress spheres. I loved the outfits! I think Tifa does outweight Fran in hand to hand, but I do believe they’re equally as capable. We gotta remember when Fran goes into a Mist Rage, everybody is prone to dying, not saying Tifa can’t, but you know, Fran has those…ears…and hears everything but the Wood now as far as I know. LOL! But yeah, I do think they’re pretty equal, but materia does alot! And apparently Licences do too!! Haha!

  72. Megan z. says:

    Ya knw im soory bout wat i said i shouldnt be talking, you knw why cause if i want my siezures gone…. well heres the story. when i was 5 i got seizures, been going to childrens hospital. and they found a medicine to help them, except.. its not working for me. now the only way to get rid of them is to have surgery. but its my choice if i dont ill have them maybe forever, i dont want to lose them cause i grew up with em. now if i do get surgery ill be a normal person and ill be hell a scared, i dont want anyone cutting open my skull would you? heck im scared right now and i didnt even do it. like i said its my choice and i choosse not to.
    And your right fran is undefeatable when in mist mood its assome. but when normal she might be equal to tifa not sure. and just so ya knw i havent played ff 8 or 9 yet so i dont knw who he is period. O do u play world of warcraft? just wandering cause i do and if u do we could play together.

  73. Alexondra says:

    It’s alright! Really! I understood where you were coming from and I totally accept that! You don’t have to apologize for anything. :) It’s cool. We all have our trials that we have to overcome in our lives and fear is a part of that. Fear is always present, but it is contolable. Fear didn’t come with the human package, but we do have the will to control it. I understand completely. I wouldn’t want anyone cutting open my head, heck, I don’t like cutting myself period, but these choices that we face in life are hard, and they take some time to think about. And you chose not to. :)
    Oh and altogether they’re pretty great. Fran and Tifa. I guess I’ll label them as incomparable.
    I don’t play world of warcraft but i’ve been wanting to for the longest! I want to buy it and download it to my computer but my comp is on the craze and I don’t know if it will be able to support it. XP That totally sucks, but i’d really love to play it! Hoping to get a job so I can get a PS3 so I can play the game wi-fi! XD

  74. Megan z. says:

    THANKS, that was deep girl whered u learn that? if and when u do get world of warcraft. ill be there my chacters name is SHERONA. its jap. it means godess so when u do get it look me up ill help u. i didnt think i would like it but shout was i wrong its a blast i had no idea so many people played. i also want to get the ps3 cause of devil my cry 4, kindom hearts 3. so many games and so little time. youv’e been very helpfull to me . and a insperation to me. THANKS ABILLION TIMES ALEXONDRA. aand im glad u understand the sicthuation here. for one reason i dont trust them and 2 of couse would have to be FEAR. thanks a bunch. sherona= megan

  75. Alexondra says:

    You’re welcome! I’m glad I was able to be an inspiration to you. That makes me verry happy! :D I learned that by reading the bible. I forget which verse but it said “man was not given the spirit of fear.” Fear I’m assuming is a part of being human but is not included with the spirit. :)I’m studying psychology so it’s not like I was trying to get inside your head, but I’m just naturally a studious person, or I study people alot. :P I’ll be sure to look you up. If I get hired at this one place, maybe after a couple months, hopefully sooner, i’ll be able to get my alienware laptop! Top of the line for gaming! Whoo! :) Seeya Sherona-san! Talk with you soon! XD

  76. Megan z. says:

    thanks cool you learned it from the bible and evrything, but theres one problem. i will probebly most likely never touch the bible again my faith is gone 4 one reason my dad passed away in june and ever since then i got rid of everything thats connected to god. im even trying to not go to church anymore, i used to read the bible but never got through gennisis. ive prayed alot b4 and when my dad got sick even more i sad to god take him so that his suffering may end thats like the only prayer hes anwsered and i hate him for that. and its weird it still feels like my dad is still here sleeping, like he hasnt left at all. i dont even knw if god truly exist hes like myth. yes i knw avoiding these things are not good but think of it this way did u or if u had someone tooking away from u wat would you do. im sorta bouncing back but it takes a while maybe evn forever untill u die to get over it. it feels like i have no purpose anymore because my dad was more then a dad, he was also my HERO. oh if you do get world of warcraft you get 30 days free, relm im in is called GUL’DAN. i really doubt if im gonna pick up or even touch the bible 4 a long time. butany who how old are u if you relpy to that i’ll tell you how old i am. fyi when things come to mind like my dad or anything else i have to express em thats just the way i am.

    – sherona –

  77. Megan z. says:

    One more thing our we the only ones talking on this site. thats just weird. thought at least other people wouldv’e by now.

  78. Alexondra says:

    Yeah, but I think that they got the comments that they needed out so we are the only ones I think. Lol.

  79. Alexondra says:

    I understand exactly how you feel. I’ve had two cousins taken from me all within a year’s time. Plus an uncle that I didn’t even know and a friend. I always thought why they had to go but I had to think of it as they’re in a better place. Where they’re at is better than where we are now. I can understand that the pain you feel makes you not want to believe, but I say try to believe again. One of my cousins I knew my whole life and he passed at 19, the other I only knew for a week and she passed just short of her 23 birthday. I cried and I still am hurt about it today, but I knew that I had to keep my faith because my faith is the only way that i’ll be able to see them again. I do insist that you don’t let your faith get shaken by your father’s passing. I truly understand. I’ve had my prayers also. When my grandmother suffered from bipolar disorder she almost forgot who I was and my person, my existence in her mind was close to nothing. I prayed and she received treatment and became better. Know that your father hasn’t left you completely nor has God. Instead of keeping God away, try keeping him as close as you would your father in your heart. God is taking care of him now, and that should be a good reason to keep believing. God wouldn’t let your father die and let that be the end. Because God said that his people don’t die they sleep, for to die is to have eternal separation from God but to sleep is to wake again. And waking again to his presence is what we long for as Christians. So in a sense your father underwent sleep and awakened into God’s loving arms. He’s fine and he wants you to be happy. When I went to funerals they always said, this isn’t a time of sorrow but it is a celebration, because they are going home from whence they came. It took me a while to understand that but I figured it out. He’s gone up to Heaven and there’s no crying at the gates of Heaven. :) I can tell you to cheer up and I know it’s something that wouldn’t happen immediately. Things take time.

    As far as profile info goes:
    I’m Alexondra, Alex for short.
    I’m 18 years old
    I’m african-american
    I’m currently attending University of Phoenix for my Bachelor’s of Psychology. :)

    Oh and don’t worry, I’ll try and get WoW as soon as I can. :)

    No worries,

    Alex. XD

  80. Megan z. says:

    ive tryed that, i mean wat you said countless times but it never seems to work. i sorta go to church and not, wow and i thought u were mexican. i am currently reading abook called: why god doesnt make sense.that the only thing i have of god for the moment, it i think of anything else ill type.

  81. Megan z. says:

    and as for my info:
    name: megan zuby
    Age: 19 born in fresno ca
    b-day: june 23 1988
    and i start college next semester for now im sticking with singing. i go to fresno city.
    im white with a hint of russion in me, hope i spelled that right.

    but theres one thing u dont understand thats only half of it, im not going to tell u the other half for a reason, but if u were me you would knw. oh yea umm hope u dont have a problem with whites. and your still an insperation to me, every time i read wat u typed it gets me laughing bout myself and thats good. catch ya later.


  82. Alexondra says:

    Cool. I’m sure that I don’t understand your whole story since I only know parts of it. I can tell that you and your dad were closer than anything and a loss like that can make anyone not believe. I’m not trying to force you to trust in Hm because it is your will and i’m not going to impede that. I just wanted you to know that he’s still there regardless of non-belief, so anytime you feel the need to return you won’t be rebuked. As far as your profile goes, that is SOO AMAZING!!! My birthday is June 23 too!! That is awesome! I don’t think this was a random meeting. Oh and Idon’t have a problem with whites at all. I’m not one of those black people that hate because of no reason, but I do know some! Lol! I’m totally acceptable of anybody.

  83. Megan z. says:

    ur joking your birthday is june 23 of im geussing 1989, oh my god this is so cool. i also knw someone else with the saame birthday, rather not say. and how can it not be a random meeting its the internet. but so cool. oh thanks 4 the likeing whites i just guess or asume that cause alot of people at school picked on me for that cause our people enslaved yours. guess people have changed during time. and were exactly one year apart whoa, topsy tuvey whoa. again lol whoa. i dont knw wat else to saw except whoa lol

  84. Alexondra says:

    Yeah, my birthday is the same day! And you know someone else who has the same birthday too?! That’s cool cause I was the only one who I knew had that birthday until I met you. XD I know your people enslaved us, but that time has been overcome long ago. The battle has been fought in the past for the present to benefit from. All we have to do now is carry the mantle. We have to remember all that was done for us to be able to walk freely now. Though some blacks have an irrational disposition to go overboard with the slavery excuse. Violence doesn’t solve violence. Though to solve your problem, I say ignore them. Their ignorance overshadows their rationality. You have to laugh sometimes at how terrible that is. :) On the inside that is, cause an outburst may mean unwanted attention from them. LOL!! I have no reason to hate though. I’m cool. XD Those that picked on you are idiots and they shall remain idiots until redeemed by due process of an intelligence search. That may be hard seeing as how they are idiots, but even idiots have smart…stupid days. LOL!!! It takes a genius to be stupid and smart at the same time, and they take the cake for that one! Genius=stupid these days and vice versa. Just know I got your back for those that pick on you like that. :) Laugh at the idiot factor! Because those idiots can’t even scratch the surface on the history of slavery. Haha! Their retards. XD

    -Alex. (Whoo!)

  85. Fredrick says:

    Their are males if you paid attention. Take a close look at some of the NPC’s and you will notice there are males about the place. Granted they are girly looking males, but they are certainly males.

  86. Megan z. says:

    Uhhh. fred that was a coversation bout me, and just me , i knw there were males. and most males black and white can be pretty dumb not saying u r. take my boyfreind for example his a genius, and hes wants to be stupid alot. he acts that way cause he feels that he makes the peolpe around him feel inferior, so he acts very stupid. and alex that made me laugh alot, and thanks for always having my back same here with you. and fred im not even sure ur sentence made since at all. if u read my other posts u would knw y. this is baicly bout me, mydad, and stinking god. im trying to get over that buut i knw it will never leave. i bet ur a great guy fred, no doubt wats so ever. hehe


  87. Amanda says:

    Okay!!! the guys are Garif!!! Garrriiiifff!!! XDD This was my theory through the game. XDD A wholy girl race, and a wholy guy race, they live right next to eachother, both warriors and wise, strong. And I read somewhere above that the two dont live with eachother and look different… xD Ive always wondered what Garif faces looked like * looks up into thought bubble * maybe they look like bunnies. XDD So, being a guy race, it was atradition to wear masks? XDDD
    This is my thought LOL

  88. Megan z. says:

    that was a good thought, ya wanna knw way cause i dont csre i just like guys in mask, thats the only reason mostly. i knw sstupid. but wat can i say ima sucker for guys in masks, including women

  89. Alexondra says:

    Haha, I got got ya Megan lol. Glad I could make you laugh and all that good stuff! But back on the subject of viera, I thought the same exact thing above! Nobody noticed that the Garif were all male! How the hell do they reproduce?! XD And I searched all over Eruyt and didn’t see a darn male anywhere! And I mean searched. I checked all the NPC’s and not one looked male to me. So would it be logical to say that the two meaning the viera and garif mate? Seeing as how both of their cultural customs are the same. One is all male, the other all female, they’re both pretty reserved clans/groups/tribes/whatever. They both believe in nature and all that mythical hoohah. The only exception is that one has free will and the other doesn’t…technically. So that means the garif would have to travel to Golmore and start makin’ good lovin’ to the viera. XD I mean, since the males and females live seperate from each other…:P Okay, enough of me, any other suggestions people?

  90. AcidKitty says:

    i love Fran, she’s awasome!

  91. Megan says:


  92. Yeshiva says:

    Fran is a male fantasy. What further explanation is needed?

    I have a good one anyway, though…

    Fran’s character design can best be understood in Jungian terms as a projection of the Anima. The Eternal Female archetype that dwells in the subconscious of men has the following traits:
    Beautiful but ancient … mystical … aloof … graceful … in touch with the forces of Nature and the magic of the Earth.

    Fran fits the profile very well. She’s sexy, young-looking, but ridiculously old. She comes from a race that communes with the forest – even though she has apparently lost that ability, she had it at one time (and the “fallen from grace” element touches on another archetype.) The Victoria’s Secret armor? Well, that’s just for ogling – we are men, after all… And why bunny ears? It’s symbolic of sexuality. Think about why Playboy has a bunny motif: Bunnies are cute and snuggly, and their reproductive drive is proverbial.

  93. UnitOmega says:

    There ARE male Viera. You just don’t see them because they live in separate villages. Moogles are their own species, and are composed of males and females. You actually talk to a few Moogles who are identified as female if you play through the Hunts and extra bits of the game. However, since your play time was around 40 hours, I’m guessing you didn’t do those. I haven’t even completed the game yet but I have over 120 hours of playtime.

  94. Alexondra says:

    I don’t doubt that there are male viera, but of course you aren’t going to see them. On a side note, it’s easy to tell the difference between male and female moogles solely on their appearance. Anyway, I don’t believe anybody has questioned why the Garif are all male. Is a race of all male Garif more acceptable than a race of all female viera?

  95. Adam says:

    How many hours did you play this game? I mean, those small rabbits, those who say “kupo” to everyone… There are males and females!!!! That one in Giza Plains who sell maps was a female rabbit.

    About Vieras, who knows. A male bunny would not be that weird. You could make it like some kind of elf.

  96. kmesh says:

    These male ‘Bunnies’ are Moogles, a completely different species. And as stated by ^^^ADAM, there are male and females of the moogles. “Kupo” is a trademark of the Moogles and they are engineers. If you are going to post something like this get the facts right first.

  97. Shamus says:

    This thread has attracted an amazing number of humorless idiots.

    If you can’t tell the suggestion was made in jest, and if you are going to get ANGRY over it, then it’s best not to post.

    You’re only making fools of yourselves.

  98. Shamus says:

    Comments deleted: 5

    I’m serious. You ankle-biting fanbois are not welcome here. I don’t know what forum you people are coming from, but you’d best bet back to it. The reason you’re not getting the joke is because it is being made at your expense.

    Bye now.

  99. Bob says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious the real answer, since this game has been out in America for quite sometime now. The “male bunnies” are moogles, and no they aren’t the male equivalent of viera. They are a completely different race. Further more, the viera are tall and thin and moogles are small and, well, small. If you get my drift, it doesn’t work out.

    It was released somewhere that there are male viera and viera children out there, but they do not live with the women, they only meet when necessary, in terms of mating and one can assume when the race is in danger. So they are out there, we have just not seen them yet.

  100. Zoey says:

    Actually there ARE male Viera. The Viera race has both male and female, however they live separately and come together in order to mate and such. :-)

  101. lyke says:

    …i like fran’s voice lolz…umm…well ffx12 is a mysterious game…the character didn’t reveal much of themselves…not much on the history of the espers…and quickenings not much connected to the characters…

  102. Niku says:

    Hey Cenobite: LOL. Rabbits don’t lay eggs! =P

  103. GajaDragon says:

    The Viera live deep within the woods; male and female Viera live separately from each other and only make contact and communication when the need arises, though this may not be necessary due to their lifespan which is three times that of Humes. Viera have superb eyesight compared to that of Humes. It is said that they can spot their prey from as far as 10 km (6.21 miles) distance. Not to forget their sense of hearing, this allows them to tell the difference in footsteps which comes in handy if they are being hunted themselves. All Viera allies, with the exception of Fran, are weak to Earth.

  104. Amy says:

    When I look at the viera and their lack of “male inhabitants” it brings a question to mind.

    1. Is there any other “female race” only groups out there?

    Let’s take the legend of Zelda, for instance. Remember the Gerudo women? They are entirely a race of females except for one male being born every 1,000 years or so. So what do the women do? They go into the villages and repopulate themselves, this is done naturally. But since this is the viera we are talking about, let us examine the situation. In the beganing of the Viera episode it is explained that the viera “locked themselves away from the world” meaning possibly at one point they were in contact with people. It could be in that time that they were in contact with the male species of the land, not particularly bunny men. Also let us not forget the basis of the veira belief system. Everything is ran by the veira “law” and “spirit of the forest”, aka, the mother of the forest. Since this is Final Fantasy, it just could be possible that the forest also births Viera, thus establishing the “sibling” scenario. Also note how the Viera responde to outside visitors, particularly men with unwelcomed words. It could seem that the viera in a way dislike and blame men for the world’s trouble, and wish in to stay “pure” of evil influences. Perhaps that is why that once a viera leaves the forest, she is never allowed to return again with the exception of Fran’s little sister. However this very act could ruin the fragile system of viera life as more and more viera are showing up in the human world. You will see these outsider viera during different quest and areas of the game. Also just to note it is impossible for the “kupo” moogles to be possibly connected to the Viera. Why? During the episode of the Viera you will meet the moogles you have meet previousily when you were captured on the ship (if you went into the holding cell) the moogle will say something along these lines “I am as pure as white snow and yet the forest refuses me”. There is no way that the moogles are “male” viera because in order to be a viera you must be able to get pass the barriers in the forest, which only viera can do(the exception was for van’s group, ONLY because he was given the viera tear). Secondly let us not forget the Chocobo Seller located in each town. Gurdy is a FEMALE, so there is no way that the moogles can be the “male” race of the viera. Cousins? Maybe,Distant Relatives? Could be, but the male viera race? Impossible.

  105. ArdanBlade says:

    I would just like to say that my knowledge has been surprisingly enhanced as a result of the above comments. I know it’s retarded, but there are many interesting facts and theories all combined on even one such chat. I am sure if the collective theorists and animators on the net put their minds together, they could run Hollywood completely out of business.

  106. Amy says:

    Since my last comment posted on this board, i’ve come across a few more discoveries. Indeed the viera have been exposed to men, as explained in the DS version of Final Fantasy 12. Gathering from other sources it has been concluded that a viera had fallen inlove with a wing-type of human creature thousands of years ago. Perhaps this is why viera are cold towards their male visitors (and other visitors as well). We musn’t forget that the veira is a race of prideful creatures. So the mixing of different species was proven to be highly disgraceful and even on the lines of abomination, thus the outcasting. My first theory has been based purely on FF12 for the playstation 2 only, but now the missing peices are falling together into place. I am glad that my accuracy lines up with the mystery reveals in final fantasy reverant wings for the ds. The mixing of the viera created a new race of veira(blonde hair and short ears) which were shunned by the original viera. We shall call the original viera Orthodox Viera, and the other viera New Viera. Thus following the storyline of DS, the New Viera were forced to live a life inside of a volcanoe. Sadly in the end the———SPOILER WARNING———–

    The surviving race was wiped out by one of its own. Just as in the Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess the Geurodo have become nothing more but phantoms of the desert, the only remains of them is the forsaken prison fortress. Thus due to the Orthodox Viera’s pride of keeping the “Law of the Forest” it could have been possible that the New Viera was might have been saved from their ultimate doom. However when vengance came would the Orthodox Viera been destroyed as well had they allowed the New Viera to stay? It was as though the Viera knew the the final outcasting of their doomed cousins. As an ant which can sense fungal disease within an another ant, so has the Orthodox Viera disregarded their blonde-headed kin, perhaps in an attempt to save themselves from destruction. It was a race that was never meant to be, and in the end it cost the genocide of both winged and New Viera races. Hopefully Square Enix will continue the storyline of the Viera in a new game in the future, I would like to see the state of the volcanoe that the New Viera onced lived in. Also as a side-note. If ANYONE knows exactly WHAT happened the the guerodo race in the legend of zelda Twilight Princess and other series please drop a line. Here is an e-mail if anyone wishes to discuss this topic or other topic relating to “female only races” in video games. Meer#@##@Soup@gmail .com (without the #@##@ after Meer and without the space after gmail)-Amy

  107. Amy says:

    Where as the male-viera that are claimed to be ingame?I’m curious if anyone has evidence of this. GajaDragon post has been taken off of a Wikipedia page without credit to the source! As the “closed-off” section it remains a mystery until someone finds a way to get through it!

  108. Pretorian says:

    “I bet you won’t even read all 108 comments before leaving your own.”

    You lost that bet.. It sure was vaste of time, but I like challenges…

    Oh… now you have to change that to “I bet you won’t even read all 109 comments before leaving your own.”

  109. MadeloniaXxX4 says:

    No, dont exist viera male, but the moogles arent viera males, in the moogles also exist female.
    And this of catgirl, mmm, in final fantasy XI exist the race of mithra, she are like catgirls, but male mithra also exist, the type of “catgirl” is more flexible that “bunnies” (but in my opinion they can make viera males =3), is more possible that moogles have direct relationship with the vieras for other reasons, in the nature exist animals that exist without males, and reproduces themselves, but all they born girls, also animals that change your gender from female to male. This is not antinatural for nothing, well, this is my opinion, and all that I say is learning from my biologist class. I love this race is cute, and sexy, Fran is 4ever my fav character of FF12 =3

  110. Roz says:

    *sighs* There ARE male Viera, the official FF Ultimanium Book says there are and I think I’ll believe the official book from Square than “oh noes it’s not on Wiki”.

    And how can anyone think those Moogles were male Viera, they say KUPO for Christ’s sake. If you’re a fan of FF you’d know straight away that meant they were moogles.

  111. MichelleRenee says:

    You all seem to be forgetting the Actual bunnies in the game. The male Viera? Better know as…

    Vorpol Bunny
    Crypt Bunny
    Ozmone Hare
    Happy Bunny
    Fury [Ultimate male who gives off lots of little bunnys.]

    See a pattern here?

  112. Brenna L says:

    Wow, seriously? If any of you actually pay attention, you would know that the bunny-looking creatures are actually moogles. I know, they look a lot different from the usual moogles in past Final Fantasies, but it does state many times in the game that the bunny-looking species are moogles.

  113. Emor says:

    Was I the only one who got lost in the Final Fantasy 12 story? It was a bit confusing =/.

    1. Eric says:

      No, you aren’t. I recently tried replaying it, but by the time I got to Pharos, I had no idea what was going on, despite trying my damnedest to pay attention. Didn’t help that I didn’t really like any of the characters.

      Keep in mind, I’ve played Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story multiple times each and love them both. I’ve never had any problems understanding the stories in either of those games (even despite FFT’s mangled translation).

      I really think Yasumi Matsuno’s influence on FFXII ended at the concept level.

      I also think that despite Alexander O. Smith’s excellent translation work on Vagrant Story, he went way overboard with the dialog in FFXII. Half the time I had to pause the cutscenes to puzzle over what had just been said. It sounded exotic, sure, but making easily understandable should have been a priority.

  114. MacGuges says:

    For the sake of posterity, I’d like to add my own comment on the bunny women of FFXII, who are totally hot and a perfect illustration of why I could not enjoy the game and eventually stopped playing. The notion that the male Viera are just off-screen in villages we won’t visit is a weak apology for a stream of experiences that falls apart when you consider it as a world. The dress of the Viera appeals to my male gaze, but while male Viera remain absent I realize who they are dressing for. If only exile Viera like Fran wore that lingerie that could make sense in a third-wave feminism fashion, but once you see the women at home dress the same way only in white, well .. that’s some plain symbolism. Oh, she was once pure but now she’s unclean.

    I don’t remember any hints in the game toward the village of male Viera. The notion is inspired only by the question it is meant to answer. The designers left this gap of logic untouched – you were not supposed to be looking here.

    Other Final Fantasy games have been derivative, but only while playing FFXII was I relentlessly reminded that design choices were made for superficial emotional effect. I believe certain plot developments occurred so characters could be staged into familiar scenes from Star Wars. I’ve hated the scene introducing Vaan, showing him pick-pocketing an Imperial guard by stealing a coin purse worn outside his clothes, an absurd anachronism in a world with computers, or pockets.

    I am wary of FFXIII, which I have not yet played.

    1. Aelelia says:

      Fran doesn’t wear black because she’s “dirty”. Fran wears black because she’s a Wood Warder, onr of the viera warriors. The viera that wear white are Salve-makers. If you look carefully after you first enter the viera village, you should see that the first two viera you see wear black like Fran does.

      As for male viera, they exist in separate villages according to the wiki, and I think a few of the Feol VIera in FFXII: Revenant Wings are male, but I can’t be sure, since you don’t see them for very long. I blame lazy game designers for the lack of male viera ever being seen for sure in the games.

  115. Joey Palzewicz says:

    I thought this was pretty funny. The little bunny guys are definitely moogles, them saying “kupo” all the time pretty much gave it away. Still, a fun read.

    I always figured that they were like a fantasy version of the asari from Mass Effect, i.e. they’re there for the fanservice and you’re not supposed to think too hard about it.

  116. Neisho says:

    In the history of ff, there has been only on male viera ever shown, in a quest in tactics advanced for the gba. He was a summoner.

  117. Sidge says:

    Actually, those “male bunnies” you talk of are the Moogle race and THEY have males and females both. And the Viera are older than they look (Fran hadn’t been to her village in FIFTY YEARS). I assume they occasionally mate with Hume males… like once every two hundred years or something like that. Kinda like the Gerudo of Legends of Zelda.

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