Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones: Ending

By Shamus Posted Tuesday May 1, 2007

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After heaping shame on the game because I wasn’t ready to work for the ending, I realized someone probably already had it on YouTube. Sure enough:

Spoilers. (Duh.)

For those unfamiliar with the game: The bit he says at the end about time not flowing like a river is the very opening dialog from the first game. That game started out with him telling his story to that same girl. Then through numerous rewinds and alterations to the timeline he lost her not once, but twice. Now he’s done mucking about with the timeline and he’s ending where he began: Introducing himself and explaining how he knows her, what he’s done, and the part that she played, even if she no longer remembers.

It’s very short, but perfectly ties in with the first game, closing the loop and bringing the tale to a satisfying end. If I’d had to fight the Boss for an hour and a half to see that one minute of footage, I would have felt very cheated. Now I’ve seen the ending and I didn’t have to waste my time to get it, I can enjoy it a bit more.


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19 thoughts on “Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones: Ending

  1. Protist says:

    That one minute is not the whole ending. As posted in the other thread, review these videos to see the whole ending:

    Part 1:
    This includes the boss fight, so you can skip to the end of this video.

    Part 2:
    This is the real meat of the ending, where the Prince confronts the Dark Prince. Worth watching.

  2. Woerlan says:

    A friend once noted that in the Dark Prince fight, it’s as if the Prince was fighting the evil that is Warrior Within, laying THAT specter to rest before concluding the Sands of Time trilogy.

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t the end of the franchise. Prince of Persia will get another story for some next gen console (maybe all of them). Hopefully the next gen Prince continues to evolve and learns from the mistakes of the previous games.

    I think all Prince fans at heart want the same things:
    1) A good story
    2) A Prince with personality and charm (not existential angst)
    3) Environmental puzzles that make you THINK, not panic
    4) Occasional, but varied combat to break up the puzzle sequences

    Everything else is just icing (at least, for me).

  3. Ace says:

    Quite frankly, ever since I’ve played the first Prince of Persia (the 2D one) back in the days when I was really young, I hated it. Mostly because I sucked ass at it though, so please don’t hate me for feeling this way about Prince of Persia. Ever since, the title Prince of Persia or games like this have left a foul taste in my mouth.

    Now don’t get me wrong, platform players, I can understand where the fun is in a game like this. But I guess I’m more of the hardcore RPG players, you can’t fall down a cliff because you weren’t supposed to be there. I’m not much of the climbing, falling, rolling, dodging (bar bullets in shooting games) or swimming type, so these games are wasted on me anyways.

    At any rate, this boss fight would be nigh impossible for me. I watched the thing on YouTube, I could probably best the first part of the fight, but the second part? Hey.. I had trouble running around in Ninja Gaiden Black (shame on me, yes). This is an impossibility for me, despite that I really liked how the movie looks. The acrobatics are cool and the moves are sweet. But all in all, this isn’t my genre. I’ll stick with any game that doesn’t require me to be -really- expert at a level.

    Ace out.

  4. AdamB says:

    Bah. I’ve played all 3 PoP. I have to disagree with you on you diagnosis of the third. The 2nd wasn’t as good as the first but I feel the third was superior to all of them. The graphics were improved, the combat engine was better.

    The chariot race was punishing, but the boss afterward wasn’t. Also the Dark Prince part were not nearly as difficult. Did you forget that you get infinite sand as the dark prince? Yes you were required to move faster but you did get more sand. I’ll admit though that the last boss was difficult but that made the game more rewarding.

    Ok my rant is over.

  5. Mordaedil says:

    Hmm… Is it still worth picking up?

  6. Hal says:

    Y’know, that is one of the worst things they can do to you with a video game: The 30 second conclusion.

    You spend hours and hours playing a game through, dying to know how the story ends. Your reward? Less than a minute of cutscenes to nicely wrap up your game. It ruined KOTOR2 for me (not to reopen old wounds or anything).

    I could probably pick any game at random out of my collection and describe the horror wrought at the end from this concept. I know a lot of people might say that the greatness of a game comes from the path and not the conclusion. Not me. If I just spend 40 hours slogging through an epic tale of heroism and villainy, I want to have an ending that will either make me misty-eyed or so excited that you have to strap me down to the chair.

  7. empty_other says:

    I loved this game. But i do think this game was specifically made to match my skills. Did never do more than about five retries (except for the battlebrothers, the fight after the chariot race, but i found them fun, used all the skills in this game’s combat to defeat them!).

    I really wish they did put in an alternate ending if you decided not to walk up the stairs and rather stay and fight your warrior within. Would just have felt more natural; the player gets a choice ingame, stay and fight or turn your back to him. Unfortunately, should you choose to stay, he will just spawn forever… :(

    Warrior Within game: Why i loved this game? Two reasons; redone and really cool combat-system, and the music by Godsmack. Another album of great music added to my mp3 collection!

  8. Rebecca says:

    It still looks pretty cool. I might get a copy of the original.

  9. hank says:

    “Your reward? Less than a minute of cutscenes to nicely wrap up your game. It ruined KOTOR2 for me (not to reopen old wounds or anything).”

    /me bleeds to death

  10. Robyrt says:

    As a hardcore Prince of Persia player, I totally understand where you’re coming from – the boss battle after the chariot race and the final battle took me about 30 minutes each, and I’d played Sands of Time SIX TIMES before picking up Two Thrones. I felt Two Thrones was much, much better than Warrior Within (the 2nd game in the series), and they tried really hard to get the characterization and the puzzles back, but they pushed everything too hard so it felt more like a video game than an exploration experience by the end.

  11. Ryan says:

    I remember playing the original 2D side-scrollers and becoming endlessly frustrated with game flaws, but even as that happened something about it just felt right for me. Then POP:3D came out and completely decimated my image. When POP:SOT was announced, I honestly didn’t know how I would feel about it – then I happened across an EB that had it on one of the demo machines a few days after launch.

    It was perfect. Good story, good characters, good puzzles, good action, good scenery, etc. Not even good so much as great. Even more, I thought the mixture of all those seemingly distant entities was spot-on. When it finished with the most innovative method of wrap-around ever, I felt more satisfied that I ever had about a single player only game.

    Then POP:WW came out, and although there were clear improvements it also felt like they were reaching too far. Island of Time? Empress of Time? Just how far does the rabbit-hole go. I continued to play and noticed that many of the good features of the first were there, except now you had these frantic-rush scenes with the Dahaka and character development seemed limited to the opening cut-scene. At least that’s how I felt until somewhere around the twentieth time fighting the empress in the past. I had already figured out that he was probably the sandwraith, but the scenes afterward leading to the catacombs and his discovery of the wraith’s purpose captured a new essence of despair and hope that to this day has yet to be seen in any other game. The experience saved it for me, and I was lucky enough to save just before the final point of divergence for the two endings. Both finished the storyline well considering the shaky framework, but the one used as the basis for game 3 (defeating the Dahaka) had the benefit of concluding with the same ocean-in-a-storm bit that we know so well.

    I snatched up POP:TT on launch day, and was surprised with the beginning story, because I had not thought about the fact that #2’s end doesn’t just erase it’s own timeline, but that of game #1 as well. Perhaps the sore points in WW that I had found a way to ignore dulled my perception of the same problems in TT. Still, I found the conflict between the princes to be entertaining in its own way. When it ended, sure enough, Farah returned to the picture and the ocean-in-the-storm story is told again for the first time. I was disappointed slightly with the “waking from a dream” ending, as it leaves a nasty continuity thread hanging out, but the realization that the two thrones could refer to his-and-hers just as easily as his-and-dark-his was enough reward to let it go.

    I have since gone back and played the entire trilogy over. Like a priceless movie, it doesn’t matter that you’ve already seen it – the prize is in the telling as much as the story itself. At least that time around the gameplay was easier.

  12. Griever says:

    Compared to Sands and Warrior, Thrones never really appealed to me much. It always seemed so … unpolished. The Prince’s character model made me laugh, and not in a good way, many a time – supposedly, Warrior Within had a less complex one, but it still looked better, damnit – and it was a similar case with the Dark Prince who looks like a bad Marvel reject instead of something as potentially disturbing and understatedly badass as the Sand Wraith.

    But what really got me was – and the reasoning may be a bit tangential – a little pet peeve of mine.

    Now, imagine a scene: It’s a few years back, and I’m slotting God of War for the first time.

    Okay. Ship. Storm. Fight. Generally dreary colors … wow, what a bad Warrior Within rip. The further you go, the less of this impression remains, but at the end of it there’s still a lingering bad taste in your mouth.

    Now, a bit later, I slot Two Thrones. Burning city. Rooftops. Chain weapon … wow, what a bad God of War rip.

    Anyway, yeah, as far as first impressions go, God of War was soured for me (this continues into the second game, though less annoyingly, with Kratos’ visit to the Island of Time … or at least a reasonable fascimile thereof … in order to change his fate) and then Two Thrones was soured in turn by some sort of, I don’t know, developer acid reflux?

    Then the whole thing is compounded by bad looking protagonist character models and occasionally unpolished environs.

    But that’s just my opinion, and I’m an unrepentant Warrior Within fanboy at that, so maybe it should all be taken with a grain of salt.


  13. Megan says:

    i love prince of persia two thrones, but i love the 2nd on even more cause i don’t knw i just do and just so you all know i two thrones the chain that the prince has on or like the whole game plus the dark prince i read somewhere that the dark prince was indee kialenna from theiland of time she cursed him s he could fulfill his mission. back too the 2nd game i like that 1 better cause i liketo play as the and wraith, even though i hav’t beat th game i can’t beat kilenna or dahakka, and i’m a hardcore gamer too shocking huh. so if anyoe knws how to bet then eaisly help me out please i’m dying to fu kalennia up straight to hell and the dahaka too. HELP A SISTER OUT please, ad you knw wat else i have the book it tells me nothing, i’m stuck when kalenna brings out her twisters and the dahakka i can get hm to the ledge bt i can’t get to him fast enough. HELP ME OUT PLEASE.

  14. Megan z says:

    I agree with AdamB. whatever he said.

  15. sean says:

    hey does anyone know what console this game is better on? gamecube or ps2? like are the graphics or cheats or overall gameplay any different?
    if any of you got any answers, go ahead and email ’em to me at [email protected]. thanks [=

  16. najus says:

    hello .!!! I am playin prince of persia the Two Throne …. i tried many times to kill the monster in “ARENA ” could anyone pls help me out .!!!!
    [email protected]

  17. sharan05 says:

    Is it true that there is no alternate ending to the two thrones….
    is it only about killing the vizier…
    i thought i could fight the dark prince is i got all life upgrades…but when i did it was nothing but the fight with the vizier…
    plz clear my doubt…
    u can email me at [email protected]
    thnx.. :) :)

  18. Goatcathead says:

    “the video has been removed by the user”

  19. Final_HeartBeat says:

    There is no second ending in two thrones. AT ALL. This whole “collect all the life upgrades” is from warrior within, where is you get all… Nine, I think? Anyway, if you collect them all you get a different ending. The one referenced in the opening of two thrones, actually.

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