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By Shamus Posted Friday Mar 23, 2007

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I long time ago I mentioned how much I love Optimus Rhyme. Their lyrics reach in an tickle the parts of my brain that usually only Wierd Al or They Might Be Giants can reach.

Last night I found this video on YouTube, more or less ignored. It features a really well-done stage area rendered in 3d, a great 3d rendition of Optimus Rhyme frontman Wheelie, and a nice transformation. This is really great work and pretty much nobody has seen it.

As of right now the video has a measly 800 views? My own video has nearly half a million. Seems unfair. Here’s hoping the promo makes it in front of a few more eyeballs.


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6 thoughts on “Optimus Rhyme Promo

  1. Katezorz says:

    Oh my god first comment? Yay!

  2. JFargo says:

    The transformation is too “noisy,” it kind of comes over the song itself too much. I mean, I know that’s not a big deal, and the 3D is pretty cool, but I was enjoying the music more than the rendering, and would rather the sound effects were more muted.

  3. mark says:

    As it was starting, i didnt realise it was rendered… :)

    nifty. =D

  4. Patrick says:

    Haha, reading through the comments on your video someone wanted help finding that song. Is They /Might/ Be Giants really that hard to remember? Why do people remember the Might as Must?

  5. Shamus says:

    There are hundreds of comments, and about a third of them ask for the song title, which is given in the credits. Then I get a private message every few weeks ago asking the same thing. I’ve stopped answering, since they had to look past the answer several times.

    YouTubers. Silly.

  6. Ilium says:

    Very very cool. I’ll have to check these guys out more!

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