By Shamus Posted Wednesday Nov 8, 2006

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In the comments of the most recent DM of the Rings, I found this webcomic, which has this great strip about roleplaying dice.

Look at them! So colorful. I must have them all!


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2 thoughts on “dOrange

  1. Dylan Baker says:

    From everyone at dOrange, THANK YOU for the plug, Shamus! We really appreciate it!

    Funny that you should mention our comic in the same week that I plugged your comic in my personal blog. Must be good dice karma!

    Thanks for bringing us DM of the Rings! It’s well-loved by our gaming group.

  2. Fred M. Sloniker says:

    So whatever happened to this comic, anyway? The URL is 404-compliant, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact Dylan Baker without signing up for Vox or something…

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