Chump & Clump

By Shamus Posted Saturday Jan 9, 2010

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I don’t have anything incisive to say about this one. Just a little Saturday morning silliness.

Link (YouTube)


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17 thoughts on “Chump & Clump

  1. Turbosloth says:

    Missing the bus was clearly totally worth it.

  2. Heh, what a “trip”.

    [Insert Beavis and/or Butthead chortle here.]


  3. Teldurn says:

    That was fun. Back when I was still attempting to get into the animation industry, I once tried to do a short like this. All by myself.

    Yeah, it didn’t get very far.

    It’s still fun to watch great work like this!

  4. nathan says:

    they look like our gravatars!

  5. Selifator says:

    They managed to put more of a story and message in that short than others can in a big movie. Very nice!

  6. HeadHunter says:

    Those wacky Germans.

  7. Cragfire says:

    I guess the moral of the story is “Don’t get stoned while waiting for a bus.”

  8. Maldeus says:

    I got about halfway through before getting bored. So…They’re getting stoned/drunk? And?

  9. WoodenTable says:

    That’s the most adorable use of substance abuse I’ve ever seen. :)

  10. SiliconScout says:

    fun stuff…. I have a brother like these guys.


  11. MadTinkerer says:

    Ah, takes me back to high school… I was the only one in my graduating class not abusing some narcotic or other.

  12. Kirin says:

    Maldeus: But after halfway through is the best part!

  13. Arquinsiel says:

    It’s like some form of substance-abuse groundhog day…. nice to see they learned nothing from their experiences.

  14. Girl Gamer says:

    Who waits at a bus stop for 6 days?

    Just kidding. That was cute and made me smile a few times. I love that they were so happy to be reunited they completely missed the point that they were meant to be on the bus. Classic.

  15. Spam says:

    That really was fun. I found myself laughing more than I probably should have. Thanks Shamus!

  16. Zaghadka says:

    The bus should have left at 4:20.

  17. Some activities work best when you’re not near a street.
    But it’s nice to see these guys alive at the end, despite all the hugging in the middle of the road…

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