Mel Gibson’s RAGE?

By Shamus Posted Saturday Aug 5, 2006

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Just spotted this ad on Fox News:

Mel Gibson Stoned

First: I realize this story has been beaten into the ground. Days after the story was over and normal people had moved on they were still trying to milk it: “What do our readers think about what Mel’s therapist said about the Jewish reaction to the Catholic Statement responding to the press release from Gibson’s publicist on the police report of Mel’s original drunken tirade?”

But just what is going on there? Look at that picture. Mel’s Rage? In that picture he looks thoroughly baked, man. His body language suggests he’s describing the size of the bag of Cheetos he wants to eat right now. If they describe this photo as a rage then I can’t imagine what they would think of one taken while he was wide awake. Are photographs of Mel Gibson so rare that this is the best they could find to go with the “rage” headline? They couldn’t even get their hands on one of him mildly peeved?

My caption would be: “Mel Gibson mellows out using herbal remedy and could totally go for a huge pizza right now.”

Guess that’s why I’m not a journalist.


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3 thoughts on “Mel Gibson’s RAGE?

  1. Bonnie says:

    My caption is:

    Mel Gibson describes catching large trout with his bare hands.

  2. hank says:

    He looks a little like Emperor Palpatine:

    “Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!”

  3. Rick says:

    “…and then I blew this bubble-gum bubble *this* big…!”

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