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By Shamus Posted Friday Jul 21, 2006

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Ok, this whole blog thing is getting too inbred. Arrive at blog A. Follow link to B. Follow link to C. Then follow a link and find yourself back at A. Too many closed circles. I’m as guilty as anyone of perpetuating this.

So: Link to three people you’ve never linked to before.

I’ll start…

  1. Gnome’s Lair has an interesting bit about a few Oblivion Mods, and also a post about some of the more large-scale Morrowwind mods.
  2. My wife has a blog where she posts her various art projects, which includes stuff like photography, metalworking, and painting.
  3. BasuGasuBakuhatsu has a cool post on favorite %anime music artists, with lots of pretty pictures.

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3 thoughts on “Link to someone new

  1. Pete Zaitcev says:

    Inbreeding, groupthink, colonial living syndrome are ever-present hazards in all sorts of social networks, and blogs are especially vulnerable because the technology allows like to find like as never before. So this is a good meme. I won’t be taking baton only because I try to live by this principle continuously.

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