Session 7, Part 7

By Heather Posted Tuesday Nov 29, 2005

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17th of Last Summer (Evening)

At the same time Enoch is visiting the Archives, Skeeve visits the Mage’s Guild.

The Fol Thron branch of the Mage’s Guild is a simple spire of brown stone, crowned with what looks like an observatory. In any other setting it would look tall and impressivle, although it looks diminutive in the presence of the great Citadel.

The building is closed to all non-members, save for a few runners, (young boys who loiter in the vestibule and wait for the chance to deliver messages or goods around the city in exchange for a few coppers) so Skeeve’s membership is examined carefully before he is allowed to enter.

The interior is ornate and comfortable. The floor is covered in fine red carpet, and there are many expertly crafted chairs arranged in the lobby area. As in the Archives, there is an impressive arc of windows along one wall, filling the room with daylight. This main room seems to be a place for reading and quiet conversation. A spiral stairway leads up from this room as well, although Skeeve does not see where it leads.

He meets a few of the local wizards. They seem to work here in the city, although Skeeve doesn’t learn who employs them or why. Skeeve stands by the window and listens in on some local politics. It seems several of the senior members of this guild office are excited about the recently-won war. They are looking into opening up a new Guildhall in Fort Boland once the post-war cleanup is complete. The conversation seems to center on what sites would be most suitable for this, and who would be in charge of it.

Skeeve meets a few prominent members and makes polite conversation, but doesn’t learn anything of real value. He doesn’t mention the orb or Mordan.

Having learned little, he bids the other wizards good-night and heads back to the inn. Enoch shares the most recent chapters that he’s translated, which they ponder for a while before going to bed.

End of Session 7.

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4 thoughts on “Session 7, Part 7

  1. pate of the spear says:

    First of all wow no comments in five figgin years I’m sure its not the best section of campiegn but seriously would it kill you to comment secondly first lolz

    1. Cody Cromarty says:

      “first lolz”

      Get out.

  2. pip says:

    i read dm of the ring over a year ago.. ony recently found this. it’s amazing.

    1. Gandi says:

      Just came across this site, and have been reading it in one breath :)
      Great story, and the party seems like an experienced bunch, so it’s really like reading a good book, and less like reading a D&D campaign.

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