Last Exile: Discs 4 – 6

By Shamus Posted Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

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After finally tricking Netflix into sending me a proper disc, I’m nearly done with Last Exile. Disc 6 is brutal. They are starting to kill off characters at an alarming rate. Maestro Delphine is a very good villain. Almost too good. I hate her so bad that my enjoyment of this series is now directly linked to how badly she dies at the end.

Last Exile: Maestro Delphine
Maestro Delphine: Not a nice person.

I’ve enjoyed this series so far, but all of that will be undone if she doesn’t die screaming.

Last Exile: Maestro Delphine
Maestro Delphine: So very evil..

While waiting for her (hopefully brutal) death, I can continue to enjoy the incredible visuals. Integrating CGI with drawn visuals has always been clumsy, but this series has done a remarkable job of blending the two together.

Time for some screengrabs!

Last Exile

Last Exile

Last Exile

Last Exile

Last Exile

Last Exile


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6 thoughts on “Last Exile: Discs 4 – 6

  1. Alex says:

    Man, I almost beat you! Having spent the last three days holed up watching Last Exile (and not loving it), I expect to have my own up sometime today or tomorrow.

  2. Evil Otto says:

    She dies of an overdose in a cheap motel in Jersey City.

    Sorry for spoiling it for you.

  3. Shader says:

    Last Exile was an awesome series. I just finished watching it myself! I hope you enjoyed it! And yes, Maestro Delphine is a really good villian, but I hate her as well. I thought her death was cool.

  4. Miako says:

    Last Exile was cool…

    But they stole one of their characters from Witch Hunter Robin (we had watched the two at almost the same time…. so the comparison was obvious).

    Amon worked better in the original show — why did we need an emo captain??

  5. Luca says:

    Maestro Delphine is very carismatic and fascinating for me, i love her asd


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