#28 Something For Everyone. Almost.

By Shamus Posted Sunday Jun 2, 2019

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Killing off a player character is like euthanizing rabid Old Yeller: It’s messy, someone will probably cry, and likely as not the whole thing will come back to bite you in the end.

Shamus Says:

I still think of Cap’n Crunch when I see these images.

Shawn Says:



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9 thoughts on “#28 Something For Everyone. Almost.

  1. Karma The Alligator says:

    Wait, so it really was the whole dungeon? That one room?

    1. BlueHorus says:

      Not necessarily.
      (though it IS Casey running this game…)
      Those were probably just the interesting bits. Since the goblins all got slaughtered outside, the rest is just ransacking empty rooms and checks for traps.

      Though I do like the idea that Josh (and/or Chuck) looted a load of random crap in the hopes of selling it elsewhere. Chuck is exactly the type of player to be found trying to pawn off a pile of used goblin underwear to an unsuspecting merchant.

      1. Decius says:

        There was a thing about how the furniture, even the doors, of a typical dungeon were pretty valuable and worth the cost of hiring teamsters to bring them back to town.

        1. Matthew Downie says:

          Especially in those situations where the GM says the doors are made of made of indestructible metal so you’re forced to look for the key.

  2. Galad says:

    What’s an old Yeller, is this an euphemism for some type of animal?

      1. Abnaxis says:

        **Looks at Wikipedia article even though he’s seen Old Yeller**

        … Wait, WTF is Savage Sam and why haven’t I heard of it!?!?

        God, just the title of it makes it sound like an atrocious idea in connection with Old Yeller.

      2. Joe Informatico says:

        I’ve never read the book or seen the film, but for over 30 years American pop culture has been spoiling the ending for me by referencing it whenever some character brings up euthanasia or mercy-killing, especially of an animal. The only thing I know about this story is the ending. I find that kind of interesting.

  3. tremor3258 says:

    Just to point out, this is the most flexibility I think the DM has shown to adapting to the players’ situation. It’s a far cry better than his weird constructed world with the wizard pushing them point to point and hogging the glory.

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