Twenty Sided Server: MEDIC!

By Shamus Posted Sunday Jun 28, 2009

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Here is some footage from a novelty round we had on the server yesterday. It was a full round of medics. Only medics. On both sides.

Link (YouTube)

Later, there was also a sniper round. And an all spies round. And a round of only scouts using their bats. And a round of pyros.

Good times.


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36 thoughts on “Twenty Sided Server: MEDIC!

  1. Jason says:

    Cool, but what’s with the cracked-out chipmunk routine at the beginning there?

  2. Rutskarn says:

    That’s just how we roll on the Twenty Sided forums.

  3. Joe says:

    The scout round was the man

  4. CoarseSand says:

    Pity I missed this, but Oblivion has me modding the blazes out of it.

  5. Nyaz says:

    Huh, an all spies round must’ve been pretty interesting, considering dressing up as the other team seems pretty useless :D
    “Ooohh, I’m a red pyro! …Oh wait, there are no pyros. WAAGH”

  6. JoeFF85/Skitzophrenik says:

    That must have been right after I logged off, because we’d started going Medics but Shamus wasn’t online yet.

  7. Avaz ( [d20]Teldurn ) says:

    That would explain why the server was completely full the entire night.

    Also, that video is epic.

  8. Stubby-=KCG=- says:

    That was the AWESOME! Glad to be part of it.

    And when you can get everyone to do it, playing maps as all one class is great times. But you always gotta have one jerk in the bunch.

  9. Volatar says:

    @ Stubby:

    Well, from my own experience, its easier than you might think with our 24 player servers. Plus, admins threatening to kick help, and once their threats are made solid through example, it seems to solve most such problems :)

  10. Ivan Voras says:

    What would REALLY be interesting would be a “opposites” match – like snipers vs scouts or heavy vs spy – very chaotic, that one :)

  11. Volatar says:

    @ Ivan: We did a few of those. Snipers vs Spies on pl_badwater was awesome :)

  12. Sam says:

    I don’t own TF2, because I’m not a fan of FPSes, but this actually looks and sounds like fun. I may consider TF2 if it’s relatively cheap.

  13. droid says:

    For the spy round, disguise as a spy as your color!

  14. Davin Valkri says:

    Wow, my voice sounds freaky when it’s recorded and played back…but that match was awesome.

  15. BarGamer says:

    “I came, I sawed, I got the Youtube video. Stupid T-shirts of the event are on sale next week.”

  16. SatansBestBuddy says:

    I swear, I heard a mouse Meep! in that video before it froze…

  17. Davin Valkri says:

    To SatansBestBuddy: Not a mouse. One of the players on the server, named Mayberry, likes to make incidental “meows” for no particular reason. She might have said “meep” though; maybe she was getting beaten up.

  18. Trianglehead says:

    “I’m the medic!”

    “I want a pony!”

    Hah. Priceless.

  19. Jason says:

    Sad I missed it. I’ll try to get in tonight once I finish re-downloading it. :)

    You may know me as the dude totally owning you known as Backov. :)

  20. Irridium says:

    Its seeing things like this that make me hate all stores in my vacinity that doesn’t sell the Orange Box or Left 4 Dead on the PC, only consoles :(

  21. Rehtul says:

    You can still download it over Steam

  22. Rutskarn says:

    Trianglehead: A pony named Richard Nixon, mind. I’m prepared to be picky about this.

  23. Pinky says:

    Curse my timezone. The server’s always empty when I go on.

  24. Eric(Ninjews) says:

    I love the all heavy boxing matches, those are a real blast to the face.

  25. Uncle Festy says:

    … ok.
    You guys may have convinced me to get TF2.
    After I find some way to play it on a Mac. >.>

  26. Mazinja says:

    Ahaha. Yeah, I think I was in on these.

    And the Engineer only-teleporters and wrenches round.

    And the Hadoken round.

    and the All Taunt Kill classes round.

    It was fun.

  27. RPharazon says:

    Engineer only-teleporters and wrenches round was crazy.

    Seriously, you’d walk to the last point, the RED spawn, and there’d be 24 teleporter structures up, all swirly and whatnot. It could drive a man insane.

  28. Adalore says:

    Shamus was there I am pretty sure, if you listen you’ll hear me saying “I got the blogger!” when I saw’d him. :)

  29. Spider Dave says:

    I think the red spawn was 12 red entrances and 1 blue exit.

    @Ivan: heavy vs spy strongly favored the heavy side. Apparently, it’s hard to backstab a heavy when there are 11 others, all with their backs to the wall shooting anything that moves.

  30. Terrible says:

    “The ’09 Medical Convention saw some heated discussion on the subject of the new color scheme for the medical uniforms.”

  31. Hzurr says:

    While I enjoyed doing a few of these rounds the other night, it seems like we’ve been doing a lot of these “novelty” rounds lately. Eventually, it gets a little tiring, so in the future I think we should be careful to intersperse the novelty rounds with the normal TF2 matches.

  32. MadTinkerer says:

    I can’t wait until my new laptop arrives and I can finally play TF2 on the twentysided server again. See you guys next week or sooner!

  33. RTBones says:

    OK, so while I have done little ever with TF2 (as in installed it, tried to get on the server, had to wait, did something else) THAT video is priceless.

    Need to get some healers together. LOL!

  34. Saph says:

    Heh, earlier that day we also held similar games: scouts vs heavies (melee only; when you’re a heavy, get stunned and die from 5 scouts whacking on you, you just know you’re having a good time), pyros vs spies (was pathetically easy for us pyro’s :p), all medics so everybody was àĀ¼bercharging eachother, and last but not least: medieval warfare: everybody went sniper and used only the huntsman, jarate and the kukri. Pure awesomeness.

    After a while in medieval warfare, we decided to add a pyro to each team to ignite the huntsman’s arrows. I was red’s pyro, and when I was just trying to train my airblasting “skills”, I ended up headshotting an enemy snip- err… archer with HIS OWN ARROW. Hilarity ensued.

    Good times, good times.

  35. Irridium says:


    Yeah, but my internet isn’t the greatest. I can play games online just fine. But downloads take forever.
    Plus I’m not exactly on the best terms with credit cards right now…

  36. Parallax says:

    That whole “That’s not a Heavy, that’s just a really big Medic” bit was pure unadulterated win.

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