Diecast #163: No Man’s Sky, Dead Adventurers

By Shamus Posted Monday Aug 15, 2016

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Thanks for the feedback last week. I know how I want to structure these posts so that the RSS feed works and is easy to find, and the built-in media player appears properly. I just need to get around to making the changes. This would be done already, but No Man’s Sky is out and its ability to fill space is matched only by its ability to eat time.

Hosts: Josh, Rutskarn, Shamus, Campster.

Episode edited by Mindie.

Show notes:
00:01:00: We talk about why we started this show and why that plan has failed.

But it must be fun, because we keep showing up every week anyway.

00:02:58: No Man’s Sky

This is the trick that doubled my framerate on the PC.

Link (YouTube)

A day after recording this, and my experience with the game continues to improve. People sometimes mock Final Fantasy games for having the problem of “It gets good after ten hours”, because ten hours of lousy gaming is still ten hours you’d rather spend on a fun game. When I say “It gets good later” it’s not because I’m trying to talk you into buying the game. I’m just sharing my experience.

It’s hard to recommend this game, because while it’s a very unique and novel experience, the price tag is kind of high. $60 is a big gamble on an unknown like this.

01:03:27: Rutskan Tries His Hand at Coding Text Adventure

He’s using Inklewriter to tell Dead Adventurer stories, which are part of his Patreon work.