The Elephant in the Room

By Rutskarn Posted Friday Aug 5, 2016

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Hey, guys, it’s Rutskarn. Some of you may recall how a while ago I expressed an interest in writing a short Joker fan comic. Emphasis on “writing”–the act you might recognize is the non-making-comics part of making comics. This meant that in industry terms, my idea was approximately as valuable as a time share on a pretend spaceship.

However, shortly after the episode aired, Stephan Kostrzewa and his unparalleled ability to use art supplies and pixels to effect storytelling reached out to me about making my non-comic idea into something extremely comic-like. Now, after four months of backbreaking work (and almost twenty full minutes of writing on my part), a comic-like product has resulted. You might even say it is a comic.

You can read it here. And should, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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99 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. Another Scott says:

    I absolutely love it. I didn’t know I wanted this so badly until I saw it.

    I hope that the the elephant in the room isn’t that DC’s lawyers might not see it as so wonderful.

    1. Grudgeal says:

      Considering all the fanmade bat-slash erotica already drifting on the dirt-lines on the intertubes, I think DC has a lot of worse infringements on their trademark before they get down to this.

      I’m saving a copy to my local hard drive just in case, of course.

      1. Wide And Nerdy® says:

        Both DC and Marvel from what I’ve seen have traditionally been very open about letting fans riff on their stuff.

        Alternately, there’s absolutely no reason DC couldn’t hire these two to write and render this as a standalone miniseries. It looks amazing. The art style reminds me of early 90’s Joker. I wish I knew the artists from back then to nail it down. And the concept is the sort of thing you’d expect to see in the Batman Black and White Anthology, as is the writing itself.

        Amazing work Rutskarn, don’t sell your part short.

        1. LCF says:

          Very good!
          Likewise, I love the 1990’s feel and aesthetics, along with the Joker’s design.

  2. Akuma says:

    This is perfect.

  3. Tea says:

    Is the elephant in the room the offensive transwoman stereotype in the FIRST PANEL?

    EDIT: This was said really shitty in retrospect, but I maintain my point. Otherwise I really love the comic and think you both did a great job. Still miffed about that gross caricature…

    1. Primogenitor says: