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By Shamus Posted Saturday Mar 25, 2006

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While watching Sugar, a Little Snow Fairy, I just noticed how much the town looks like the town of Glie in Haibane Renmei.

Both towns have a very “old Europe” look to them. Are there really places in Japan that look like this? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. Still, the narrow cobblestone streets and quasi-tudor houses in a lush green countryside just don’t look very Japanese to me.


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4 thoughts on “European Style

  1. On one of the later Sugar DVDs, there’s a special in the Extras which talks about a trip that the director and a couple of others fron the creative team took to Germany, in particular to the town of Rothenburg, which was the primary inspiration for the fictional town of Muhlenberg where Saga lives.

    The town in Haibane Renmei looks more Italian to me than German, but it is unquestionably European.

  2. KM Chang says:

    “Still, the narrow cobblestone streets and quasi-tudor houses in a lush green countryside just don't look very Japanese to me.”

    The town in Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar looks like what it does because it’s supposed to be Germany.

    Now the city in DNAngel, that’s a confusing one, being stated to be in Japan yet looking more like some Swiss town.

  3. Tom says:

    Yes but although it’s Japanese animation and the scenery is European based I find it quite breathtaking even so!

    I especially enjoy the DNAngel town..which I believe is certainly based upon what looks a mixture of Franco-Italian-Swiss architecture however, I will not take it for granted as I believe it’s supposed to be Prague, Czech Republic. Except Prague is in the “middle of Europe” practically so I can’t tell how it has a sea *chuckles* but if I had a dream town that would definetely be it..

    Little Snow Fairy called Sugar however is just as good and definetely Germanic-feeling. I’d say Anime/Manga scene styles should be up to the author not origin of where the artistry comes from.. Although i like both style settings of European to Ancient Japan

  4. snow_hime says:

    i think it is because eroupean landscapes are more forien and exotic to them then japanese and asian ones. its like a show here being set in an asian town.

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