Session 1, Part 1

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22nd of Suncrest, 1501dy

The unlikely band of heroes waits impatiently at the inn, for what they do not know. The town, Golgotha, is swarming with mercenaries but as heroes the party finds that they do not need to pay for anything. All they want and more is at their fingertips, yet they itch to be gone. It has been months since they left Greymoor and some have unfinished business there awaiting their return.

The inn is nothing more than an abandoned house in view of the docks, the old inn having been destroyed in the battle three days earlier. Endo stands in the lobby watching the comings and goings; fighters, merchants, sailors, thieves, all can be seen walking along the road near the docks. The docks themselves are a flurry of excitement. A new ship, rickety and hardly sail worthy, looking to be on its last sails, is in the dock being stocked full of boxes from the blacksmith shop down the road.

A young boy runs in the door asking if an Eomer or an Enoch is at the inn. Endo points toward their rooms. The boy nods and runs off, disappearing into the depths of the inn.

Moments later the others join Endo in the lobby. Eomer has been given the following letter:

Eomer son of Claudius,

We hope you have enjoyed your travels, but the council bids you to come home and lend aid to our country. We are beset and in need of the skills of you and your companions. Troubles have come to our land and we ask that you would remember your obligation to your family and homeland. Please make haste to the Keep in Bayhaven and we will reveal what it is you must do.

With Hope,

The Council of Grey Moor

Enoch also speaks up, saying that he received a letter from Sagemaster:

To Enoch, Servant of Pelor,

Trusted friend, word may reach your ears of the troubles in Grey Moor. The Council of Bayhaven has sent word to many allies in search of aid, and I expect they will contact you as well. I request that you and your friends come see me in Talosport before visiting the counsil. I realize this will be an inconvenience to you, and I do not make such a request lightly. I do promise that what you hear will be to your advantage. I do not wish to hinder you from acting on events as you choose, but I would like to advise you before you get involved.


Sagemaster Teerin Forwinol

Grey Moor was the site of their first campaign. They actually set up the Council of Grey Moor in the wake of the campaign. Sagemaster Teerin is a trusted friend of the PC’s and a powerful individual. He is the ruler of Mar Talos. (See the map for more details). The party is on uneasy terms with the council, but trust Sagemaster a great deal.


The party discusses their plans, considering whether to go straight to Greymoor or to stop at Mar Telos on the way back. Lucian decides to stay and help the people rebuild their town. Eomer looks sternly at Lucian and just as sternly says, “Stay away from my girlfriend”.

Lucian, known to be a bit of a cad, just grins.

Eomer wanders off to the docks to speak to the boat-masters. After speaking to several he finds that the only one heading that way is the Ocean’s Majesty, the same decrepit ship Endo had seen being loaded down with cargo. The captain, Captain Purlof, a rather fat, optimistic old soul, is on the deck seated upon a large barrel, rocking slowly back and forth. Behind him stands the XO, First Mate Inorem. He’s a rather sour looking elf, who shows great disdain for everyone, including the only elf in the party, Skeeve.

Eomer leads the negotiations with the Captain, throughout which Inorem contends with whatever the Captain says.

Purlof plans to head for Fort Boland on Mar Tesaro, then proceed to Bayhaven on Grey Moor, and finally to Talosport on Mar Telos. Eomer asks how much he would make per trip, hoping to be able to pay extra to get him to go to Mar Telos first. The elf cuts in, refusing to divert the course, whereas the Captain insists they will gladly divert for 100 gold.

As for passage on the ship, the captain says he will take 25 gold each, but will gladly refund it at the end of the journey if they make themselves useful. Inorem is enraged at this, insisting that they are still passengers and should have to pay full price, regardless of how they spend their time. The Captain gladly welcomes each upon their acceptance of the offer, happily contradicting whatever comment First Mate Inorem makes regarding their uselessness as crew.

A sailor with an air of authority walks, by giving a tour to the other passengers. Meanwhile the other sailors are hard at work loading the ship with more cargo. The party all begins to help with the loading as Enoch goes below decks to pray for a safe journey. With the weight of the new cargo, the ship gradually sinks lower and lower into the water.

As the ship becomes ready to sail, a man comes running towards the ship, yelling for it to wait, wearing only his underwear, his clothing and sword held over his head. Behind him runs the half-orc blacksmith, who’s daughter is waving from the inn window, a sheet clutched to her breast. As the man boards the ship the gang plank is raised leaving the furious smith standing at the docks glaring.

This was the introduction of Eric’s new character. He and I had agreed on this little scene beforehand. What makes it funny was that earlier (back at the inn), Eomer had told Lucian, Eric’s OLD character, to stay away from her.


Continued in Part 2…

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3 thoughts on “Session 1, Part 1

  1. Dan says:

    i noticed skeeve had no problems flying in the storm. did you make me roll for that?

  2. Shamus says:

    No. Doh!

  3. Dave says:

    umm.. the proper DM response to the above question is:.. of course! I can’t believe the rolls he got! .. followed by Doh!

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