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Introduce Yourself

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Jul 9, 2008

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Allow me to take a break from analysis and nitpicking to just use this space as a megaphone:

A bunch of people have jumped on Kirin Tor and said hi to me in-game. I’ve grouped with a few people and had tremendous fun. Chatty DM and I stomped on the vile creatures that plague Bloodmyst Isle. My brother (who you’ll see in the comments here as Skeeve the Impossible) has jumped into the game and seems to be happy with his Gnomeish Mage. My friend Bogan and I have done a run through Deadmines and found various humorous ways in which to have the monsters of Azeroth send us to our deaths.

I have to thank the people who have dragged my diverse collection of incompetent heroes through their assigned quests, as well as those who humored me and all of my detailed questions instead of just replying, “Have you HEARD of Google, Shamus?”

Once again, here are my characters:

Shadekin, Livi, and Pavelock.

Pavelock happened by accident. I was just trying out a Dwarf to see their quests and starting area. Twenty-five levels later I realized I had a new main character. I do regret the name, though. It’s intended to be pronounced like Pave Lock but I’ve already had someone take it for Pavel-ock. Ugh. Someone else saw the “lock” at the end and assumed “Warlock”. I figured every possible compound word featuring stone is probably taken by one of the other million or so dwarves in the game. So “pave” seemed like a good substitute. (And Pavelock is actually a videogame reference.)

I do have trouble keeping track of who is who, in-game. With the proliferation of alts and names I get hopelessly lost. I see people talking about joining the game in my comments and on other websites, and I see new names in the game as people greet me, but I can’t sort out who is who. So, this is an invitation to people to post here and relate their name here in the comments with their name(s) in the game.


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44 thoughts on “World Of Warcraft:
Introduce Yourself

  1. Allen says:

    I like how you didn’t spend your talent points on Shadekin, though I guess you replaced it ENTIRELY with Pave.

    Also, I said “Pav lock”(as opposed to ‘Pave’) instead of Pavel-ock.

  2. Strangeite says:

    Does he salivate at the sound of a bell?

  3. Devon says:

    The Terry Pratchett fans will probably fall into the Pavel-ock camp, as the Patrician “Havelock” Vetinari is a popular character in his Ankh-Morpork books.

  4. Jeff says:

    I always thought of the Patrician as Have-lock, actually. I thought Pav-lock when I first saw the post as well.

  5. Allen says:


    I’m actually a Pratchett fan, and say it as Have-lock, though I never listened to the BBC radio show, so perhaps it is different in that.

  6. edcalaban says:

    I never refer to him as Have-lock, but rather as Vetinari. It seems more appropriate.

  7. Clint says:

    I’m Cranck on Kirin Tor… Shamus might remember me as the underpowered level 8 mage who helped him with some screenshots in Westfall (I’m level 16 now).

  8. Bogan the Mighty says:

    I suppose I’ll put my name down in here. That name on Kirin Tor Would be Visen the punching bag of a paladin. Bubbles ftw!

  9. Liz says:

    I’m not on Kirin Tor, alas, but the name pronunciation thing amuses me on a personal level. My first toon’s name was Atheri, and in order to help people keep track of who was who, I wanted to keep “theri” as part of my alt’s names. So my second character (long since abandoned) became Therival. Pronounced Ther-i-val. Not “The rival”. *sigh*

  10. HeatherRae says:

    Hee hee. I don’t have any characters on Kirin Tor, unfortunately. My characters are all on Windrunner or Nordrassil, but they are: (Windrunner) Liriela, (Windrunner) Tiriela (do you see a pattern here? hee hee), and (on Nordrassil), Laralee.

  11. I’ve got 2 characters on Kirin Tor now:

    Pathuun: Dranei Mage level 20

    MoeHawk: A Male Nightelf Warrior level 5 (Special request of a reader who joined me)

  12. Derek K says:

    I always thought Havelock was Hav-eh-lock.

    And I read Pavelock as Pav-eh-lock.


    My favorite dwarven name was for my female hunter – Blunderbuss.

    I also enjoyed Kickaxe, my warrior.

    Really, I only make alliance characters when I have a name that matches. Or when they’re Draenei.

  13. Tacoman says:

    I tried out the 10-day trial back in January, but then got back into classes and kicked the habit. Now that I’m finishing up a summer semester course, I’m going to try it out for real. I had a male night elf hunter (Phonar) as well as a male dwarf paladin Bloodhoof. I’m probably going to start over and sign up on Kirin Tor.
    Thanks for dragging me back into WoW, but your descriptions just made it all the more real for me about how much fun it was back then.

  14. Rubes says:

    Well, thanks to you, I just started out the 10-day trial. If you see a male nightelf hunter newbie named Rombune wandering around seemingly doing nothing, that would be me.

  15. Eric C says:

    Yay, a dwarf main! For some reason, I have an unexplainable soft spot for the male dwarves in this game, too. They’re humourous, but not overly ridiculous like the gnomes. Pretty much any class is made better by being a dwarf.

  16. qrter says:

    Pavelock is from Thief: Deadly Shadows if I’m not mistaken.. nice reference, Shamus.

  17. Luke Maciak says:

    Shamus, do you play Horde side at all? I’m Redmanetusk – a Troll Hunter on Kirin Tor.

    I picked the server cause initially I wanted to roll up a Gnome Warlock and maybe find you and say hi, but for some reason I ended up being drawn to the Horde much more. :P

  18. Evil Otto says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not on Kirin Tor, but if you’re ever on Uther, buzz me. I’m Sanguinari (my main), Boomstik, and Deekay, all Horde, and Sprokette Alliance-side.

  19. Derek K says:

    “but for some reason I ended up being drawn to the Horde much more. :P”

    Because the Horde is AWESOME.


    My Belfs were Exsanguinate and Sanguinus. I’m amused how many people know sanguine as a root. ;)

  20. DarkLadyWolf says:

    Pave-lock seemed natural for me when I first read it. I can’t quite get my head around the alternatives for some reason.

    And I don’t call Havelock either Havelock or Vetinari, I call him “Sir”.

  21. Katy says:

    I rolled up a human priest(ess) on Kirin Tor, but have yet to actually say hi. But if you see Antonya cringing from the idiocy in Goldshire, do say hello. (Or the gnome, Bargidge, she’s hired to do her banking in Ironforge).

  22. I’m the “reader” Phil was referring to… ;-)

    I am on Kirin Tor with my GeekBoy.

    me – Eyriane (NE priest)
    my bf – Valamarth (NE rogue)

    Look us up!

  23. Eric says:

    My hunter’s name is xusuck.

  24. Since I’m not terribly creative when naming my characters, I have the following gals on Kirin Tor:

    Leslee (the Rogue)
    Racheala (the Priest)
    Safflower (the Mage)
    Copperleaf (the Rogue)

    I’m also the one who helped you do some screenshots in Darnassus and Westfall (with Cranck).

  25. J Greely says:

    Ah, The Deadmines. I swear, Van Cleef should just give up on world conquest and open a Hooters franchise on that ship.

    [it’s been so long since I logged into Kirin Tor that I can’t even remember what characters I have there; I’m only active with the Defias Rod and Gun Club on Bronzebeard, and not even much there]


  26. Nabeshin says:

    Thanks to Shamus, I’m playing again.
    Much to my GF’s chagrin of course.
    While I haven’t made a character on Kirin Tor (and I don’t plan to-I can’t abide Alliance chars save for my Dwarven hunter), I hope you enjoy the game!
    I play Icecrown myself, You’ll usually see me as Bullzilla running around finishing old quests.

  27. MPR says:

    My wife Leslee introduced herself above. She makes me play this game. /sigh
    Octothorpe – human rogue
    Gladiolus – draenei shaman
    Artemais – night elf hunter
    Helborg – night elf druid, really “Beathach” but there was a renaming accident during a server transfer and he’s stuck with this one for a couple months

  28. Mr. Son says:

    I’ve said it before, but I have no trouble saying it again, I’m on Kirin Tor (unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve seen you yet) with a Dwarf Hunter named Tyrgleu. He has a snow leopard named Greulich.
    Here’s his armory page:

  29. Skeeve the Impossible says:

    Alright I’ll bite.

    Grimisolt-The gnomish mage.

    I just started tailoring so if you want some new socks or some crap like that. I am the man to see, but if you want anything better than that. You had better shuffle off to the auction house. cuz I cant make it :)

  30. Allen says:

    Dear lord… Do I DARE join Kirin Tor, and subject myself to Shamus and his goons?

    Dammit. I’ll do it later, though.

  31. Allen says:

    Crap, I caved REALLY quickly.

    Rustem – Human priest
    Cafall – NE Druid

    I will work on these later. :(

  32. Moose says:

    I’m not on Kirin Tor, but on Dreanor. Started playing a month or two back, hung up on a Belf Lock named Merrem.

    My wife names all of our toons when we can’t think up something good right away, she is a nurse and gives us the names of different drugs.

    Would love to play with you guys, but I’ve just never been pulled to the alli side. Maybe I could try a dwarf though…hmmmm

  33. the Jack says:

    Hunters don’t need strength.

    Most green gear is “good” to 5 levels past the required level.

    Oh, wait. You’re RP. nvm

  34. Sitte says:

    Eric – that’s two threads in a row you’ve made me laugh out loud.

    I still haven’t started my trial, which is good since two weeks ago I stated that I could never have a healthy relationship with WOW. When I do start my unhealthy relationship, though, I’m worried that Kirin Tor will be horribly overpopulated by everyone from here that’s joined or moved over there!

  35. Shin Ji says:

    I play a Tauren Druid named Yalon on Kirin Tor. If you’re ever in the crossroads (you Alliance scum!) I’ll be the one /spiting on you. :)

  36. Delve says:

    Damn. You’ve got me considering starting a trial. Now that I’ve got past that deadline at work… I can’t believe I’m considering this. :/

  37. SteveSamson says:

    Shamus, you mentioned that you regretted your choice of names for your dwarf character. You can fix that with a visit to Blizzard’s website and $10 on a credit card. They allow both name changes and transfers to different servers (which cost $25). These are excellent options for players who have characters that they like with names that they don’t, or who have characters on one server and friends on another.

    To change your character’s name, go to the main WoW website and click the Manage Account link on the left side of the page. You’ll be prompted to enter your account info and then taken to an Account Management page where you’ll find a bunch of options, one of which is a Paid Name Change.

    As far as my characters, I am unfortunately not on Kirin Tor, so we won’t be crossing paths in WoW. After two years on a PVP server, my friends and I had had enough ganking and griefing to last a lifetime, so we all transferred over to the Scarlet Crusade RP-PVE server. I am Quirk and Joth (70 gnome mage and 70 human paladin) plus more alts than I care to admit. If any Twenty-Sided readers are there as well, be sure to say hello!

  38. Justin says:

    Kamalon, human paladin, level 7. Though I more often play Shuonai, my mage on Echo Isles.

    In other news, if you check out Goldshire today you may see about 6 corpses piled on the fire at the inn. Those wacky Goldshirites!

  39. msgoldcup says:

    I’m sorry, I have been a lurker just enjoying and admiring
    not contributing
    all this WoW talk
    I hadn’t played in ages
    you’ve inspired me to try alliance, for a change,
    on your server, all shiny and new
    (new to me)

    What fun! I haven’t had that feeling of exploration in a good long time
    Thank you!

    Hope to run across the good folks from here

    I chose to be a shaman draenei
    named Conina

  40. Mike says:

    Hiya Shamus! Mike here.. RL friend of our beloved Chatty ;) I’m somewhat of a veteran at WoW (Got some lvls 70th at my original server Zul’Jin) and have joined your lot into Kirin Tor. My toon is Ganimà¨de, the lovely Dreanai pally, and we had a blast into BFD the other night… see ya soon :)

  41. Eljacko says:

    Ugh. I created my main on Silver Hand in an idealistic time when I expected to be roleplaying and I wasn’t aware of the extreme level of prejudice found in WoW. So naive was I that not only did I roll an Alliance human, I also commited the truly unforgivable crime of being a paladin. Also, people in WoW really seem to hate roleplayers. I don’t play much WoW anymore. I mostly play EQ2 now, which has a much better RP community. I’ve also started dabbling in Ultima, but the escort quests are weighing on my sanity.

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