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Name: Enoch
Race: Human
Class: Cleric (serves Pelor)
Played By: Bogan

Bogan wrote a great backstory for this character way back during out first campaign. Since then I’ve managed to misplace it. I’ll update this once I find his story. It’s somewhere in my DM notes.

Bogan is quiet, and so Enoch ends up being pretty quiet in-game as well. He’s actually one of the most observant characters, and uses his spells wisely. He’s caught me off guard a few times with suddenly casting a lesser-known (read: non-combat) spell like “zone of truth” when I wasn’t expecting it. As a DM, I always find it rewarding when players come up with solutions I hadn’t thought of.


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12 thoughts on “Enoch

  1. MH says:

    Question, do you hang onto ‘spell lists’ in noncombat situations?

  2. Rune says:

    I love playing smart spell casters. Theres nothing like making a DM krap his pants because I possibly just derailed a campain with a smart spell combo.

    illusions need much more credit!

  3. Find it damit! If someone would have lost my “great” (no way lol) background story i would be fuzzing bout it for ages till i he found it again.

  4. omnius says:

    dude that name “bogan” is definetly from star wars

  5. henrebotha says:

    Illusion magic 4 lyfe, yo. I’m playing a Wizard 9/Rogue 2/Shadowdancer 1 in an (admittedly stagnant) online campaign… Forget Evocation and Transmutation and all of that shit. The non-combat magic is what makes casters all-powerful.

  6. Dimas says:

    I had a theory about a year ago that if you never stated to others that you were actually casting an illusion, you can perform a weird arcane healing because the target believes the healing spell to be real. Since Illusion is almost entirely based on perception of truth, a PC with high bluff skills can basically convince all others that his spells are real and not illusions. A skilled and intelligent illusionist can best all but the greatest of mages with little effort using this theory.

  7. henrebotha says:

    @Dimas: That’s the point behind “shadow conjuration” and the like. :)

  8. Gandaug says:

    About 4 1/2 years since Shamus posted this and still no update on Enoch’s backstory.

  9. Chainsawhead says:

    And then one of my OTHER ideas is a super-vain Cleric or Paladin, that worships himself as the religion, and that’s where he gets his spells from.

  10. Blackbird71 says:

    So…. any luck finding that backstory?

  11. TheMan says:

    I guess not

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