Like Christmas on Cybertron

By Shamus Posted Friday Jan 27, 2006

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This came in the mail today. Like I said, this is my first new CD in about half a decade. There just hasn’t been much new music that made me want to pay full price for an album. Until now.

This is an innovative album full of infectious hooks and solid beats. Notable tracks include Organix, which has a fun rhyme and a punchline ending. JZ75 is another impressive track, where the group’s high-speed, high-bandwidth delivery will make you wonder if they really are machines. Precogni2 and Precognito are variations on the same brilliant lyrics, both of which are essential. Finally, Fuzzy Dice and Ford vs. Chevy are witty and fun tracks. The tracks are short but plentiful, keeping things fresh and coming at you from a lot of different angles.

Lead vocalist Wheelie Cyberman comes up with numerous complex and ever-changing Rhymes, while Bass player Stumblebee shows a great skill at coming up with basslines that puts the whole album on wheels.

The only nitpick is that a few tracks end with about 30 seconds of Japaneese(?) chatter and static. I’m not sure where they were going with this. It’s short and amusing at first, but after a few trips through the album I was anxious for them to end and get back to the fun.


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4 thoughts on “Like Christmas on Cybertron

  1. I thought cybertron whas were the transformers live

  2. Kizer says:

    Is the track Fuzzy Dice in any way a reference to the amazing sci-fi novel of the same name, by Paul di Filippo?

    1. VictorVonJovi says:

      No, it’s about a cab driver.

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