DM of the Rings CXLII:
Rank Bribery

By Shamus Posted Monday Sep 3, 2007

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Frodo Wins!
Gandalf buggers off, and Aragorn is happy.

You can get away with anything, story-wise, as long as you give the players enough rewards. These rewards become hostages which compel the players to stay. Sure, you can leave the campaign now, but then you’ll never get to use this +50 vorpal sword of awesome that glows like a lightsaber and once a day can be used to create 2d8 pieces of delicious candy.

To clear up this continual confusion: This is NOT the last strip. The comic ends on Friday. You’ll know it’s the end. It’ll say so.


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145 thoughts on “DM of the Rings CXLII:
Rank Bribery

  1. Mike R says:

    Thanks for a wonderful comic

  2. KC says:

    Wow… I caught the moment a new comic is uploaded. And this is my first comment…

  3. Russ says:

    I’ll miss this comic :)

  4. Maok says:

    Finish already ? :'(
    Now you will have time to do the 6 star wars :)

  5. Amberyl Ravenclaw says:

    Sweet! First in!

    Thanks for this strip, Shamus. Been reloading this page to see when it would come up. Coincidentally, cable TV in my country is showing the whole LOTR series this month – The Return of the King being on this Wednesday – and I had a good laugh in recollecting how different the *actual* movie story was compared to the DM of the Rings campaign!

    Cheers and looking forward to your next project!

  6. Amberyl Ravenclaw says:

    Haha… *embarrassed cough* Looks like I’m not the first. You guys are fast! *looks around at other readers*

  7. Brad_nm says:

    Well there is still the 20 minutes or so of extra endings that you could fill in.

  8. So, last comic or will there be one for Gimli and Legolas after the war?

  9. mortellan says:

    Shamus this strip was pure genius. Good luck in your next endeavour.

  10. Brad_nm says:

    I think the player of Lego-my-ass would be great as Anakin Skywalker, Aragorn could be a still clueless Obe-wan, and of course Gimli’s character would have to be Yoda.

    And the guy who played Boromir could be the jedi played by Liam Neeson. I’ve forgotten the characters name, but I know he dies, Boromirs’ player should be used to it.

  11. Huh! Legolas really did kill Gollum after all… so Frodo had to make his will save. Wasn’t sure how that would be handled.

  12. elda says:

    i hated the fact that the second you thought it was over and went to leave, they showed yet another ending thing.

    *screen goes black*
    me: YAY IT’S OVER!
    *another scene comes on*
    me: *cries*

  13. Brad_nm says:

    You could have the players of Sam and Frodo come back, having missed most of the game, but given XP to let them rejoin the game on an even footing.

    I always hated when a GM did that. Whats the point of killing all those monsters if the GM is just going to hand out free XP to players who couldn’t be bothered turning up for six months!

  14. Karellen says:

    I have a +50 vorpal sword of hating this campaign.

  15. GEBIV says:

    Heh. He’s just happy that Captain Exposition (Gandalf) is gone. “Don’t mess with my daughter.” and Frodo are bonuses.

  16. Meems says:

    Shamus, I would like to congratulate you on a comic well done!
    …but I am left wondering if this is the last page or if we’re going to find out what happened to Legolas and Gimli.

    Not that the MOVIE ever mentioned it…

  17. Henebry says:

    How appropriate that you completed your labor of love on Labor Day!

    Thanks for a great comic, Shamus!

  18. Arthur says:

    I love the fact that Aragorn’s happiest about Gandalf leaving Middle Earth forever.

    I also love the fact that the players (aside from Gimli, perhaps) are going to end up remembering this as a really great campaign because of all the cool stuff their characters got… in the epilogue, after it matters.

  19. Arthur says:

    @Henebry and others: this isn’t the end. Shamus has clearly stated that the strip will end on September 7th – we’ve got two instalments left.

  20. Shamus says:

    Everyone keeps asking: “Is it over?”

    The final page is this Friday, Sept 7th. Exactly one year from the first comic.

  21. SteveDJ says:

    What?!? Your sword makes candy? Wow! I want one of those! :)

  22. brassbaboon says:

    Two more strips to go. This strip has become geek mythology Shamus. Congratulations. I’ll miss it, but it’s probably best for me not to be reading and posting from work anyway. Heh.

    Good luck with the chainmail bikini strip. I’ll certainly check it out.

  23. Tim says:

    While I always found your comic amusing, I have only really and truely laughed out loud once or twice up to now, I have to admit… I am more of a silent smiler, really…

    But Aragorn’s expression when he hears of the Gandalf, Frodo and Elrond leaving, that really got me. ;) “Now THAT’S a happy ending!” – indeed. :D

  24. Masslight says:

    My first post on (I think) the last strip. All I can say is thanks, Shamus. You have done both the world of RPG’s and Tolkien proud.

    Lets hope they ask you to contribute to ‘The Hobbit’ when they make it. We’d all appreciate that.

  25. hendrake says:

    Great work, Shamus!

  26. TheDarkOne says:

    No…This cannot be true… This comic is too awesome to end right now :(

  27. Gary's Friend Mike's Friend Jim says:

    I have a feeling there’s still maybe one more strip. There’s a new Shamus thing coming out that has to do with Fear the Boot, and I don’t think there will be another screencap comic.

    But if there were, one that I think would be particularly funny would be X-Men done as a Mutants & Masterminds campaign.

  28. septima says:

    I feel very sorry for this. Shamus, please, make a book about this comic. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Fickle says:

    I am AMAZED that it wasn’t Legolas who interrupted! XD

  30. Lynx says:

    septima Says:

    September 3rd, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    I feel very sorry for this. Shamus, please, make a book about this comic.

    Can’t. Copyright issues. It’s one thing to create parodies online, quite another to bring into books.

    I think, to properly celebrate the DMotR heading to the Grey Havens, we should really try to establish the highest post/ comment count on the last ever comic. That’ll send it off on a good note. :)

    1. V2Blast says:

      Worst case, someone could just make a PDF of all the pages together.

    2. WJS says:

      Parody is protected speech even for commercial purposes, but not protected enough, unfortunately, to prevent big studios bullying smaller creators anyway.

  31. Aries says:

    +50 vorpal sword?…can i just say one thing…GIMME!
    now i wont say it hasnt been a wild ride and im shure we appreatiate all you have done and furhermore….oh screw it…MORE DM OF THE ( ) PLEASE! honestly we’ll take anything…ok almost anything.

    thanks for the quest shamus

  32. Arthur says:

    So, two more episodes left, who’s up for predictions about what the last two will be?

    My guess:

    – Wednesday: The GM makes some shit up about what happens to Legolas or Gimli. (Or actually uses Tolkein’s accounts of what happened to them.) Legolas is impressed. Gimli is nonplussed.

    – Friday: Epic comic where Gimli takes the DM to task about his appallingly bad DMing of the campaign, and points out to the other players how he’s just showering them with goodies they can’t do anything with because the campaign’s over.

  33. Minus says:

    Shamus, thank you for a wonderful comic!

  34. Isoyami says:

    Hahaha! Great strip. :D

    Yes, It has previously been announced that the last DM of the Rings will be on this Friday (the 7th).

    And Shamus has already announced his next project, and it’s not Star Wars. :D xD

    Still, I look forward to enjoying the new work. Even if I enjoy it half as much as I did DM of the Rings, it’ll STILL be a lot. :D (Just barely resisted the Python quote. Barely.)

    Great Aragorn screencaps on this one, especially at the top where he says: “I’m going home!”

    And is it just me, or is Aragorn staring at Aerwen’s chest when he says: “That sounds great!” xD xD

    And yes, Aragorn’s: “Wow, now THAT’s a happy ending” screencap is brilliant. :D

  35. Marmot says:

    Ahahahahah! This “Now it’s a happy ending” was one of the most hilarious lines ever! Such bribery…. awesome!

  36. Ceresk says:

    “but what happens to Legolas and I ?”

    I am awfully curious too, I hope the GM prepared something good !

  37. Wallbanger says:

    Well, as the strip is wrapping up, I figure I better leave a comment, as it is my first time. I absolutely love this strip, great work throughout Shamus! I can’t wait for the next!

  38. Oorlof says:

    It…it’s over? Well, it was a great ride! Very curious about Shamus’ new project, and very happy to have read DM of the Rings!

  39. Leon says:

    Infinitesimally minor nitpick: grammatically, it should be “Legolas and me” in the last panel.

    My compulsions aside, the entire comic’s been awesome. I’ll be following Chainmail Bikini just as closely.

  40. Joe says:

    So, when I watch RoTK, I always think about a scene that I just *know* happened on the set:

    Peter Jackson: Hey, Bob, come over here.
    Bob, low man on the totem pole: Yes Mr. Jackson?
    PJ: I have a very important job for you.
    Blmottp: Really? I mean, this is great. I know I’m new here, and I haven’t really been asked to do much, but I promise, whatever you want, I’ll do my best.
    PJ: I need you to film a very important scene in the film. Perhaps even *the* climax of the film.
    Blmottp: Wow! I never thought I’d get a chance to do something like that! I’m just.. I mean.. I’m… Um… Wait a minute… *The* climax of the movie? That would be the scene where the CGI character has a fight with the invisible Hobbit? So what you want me to do is hold a camera for a while and occasionally shake it?
    PJ: Bingo! Here’s your camera, there’s a rock, see you tomorrow.

  41. IronNerf says:

    “Yeah, so the elf bounces back to the greenwood to smoke dandelions and molest chipmunks– but what happens to the DWARF? WHAT HAPPENS TO THE DWARF?!”

    ‘Hmm. Lemmesee…{pages rustling}. Oh, here it is. Tossed him.’

  42. Roland says:

    I was going to wait until the last comic to make my first comment, but what the hell, there’ll be hundreds of comments on that one anyway.

    I’m really going to miss this strip, especially your insightful comments about gaming. Though there’s a caveat to the comment you posted today — if you lure a player back with Cool Stuff (TM) then you have to live with the consequences; bringing him back with a +50 vorpal sword that only has one charge (for instance) is cheating and will usually result in overturned tables and bonfires of gamebooks.

  43. d4b3ll3z says:

    Last one??? But I want to know what happens to Gimli and Legolas :(

  44. David V.S. says:

    Thanks for the tale, Shamus. It has been very enjoyable and a true joy: a gem in an internet that has too few jewels.

  45. Browncoat says:


    I was hoping for a tragedy.

  46. Daemian_Lucifer says:

    Excelent one,and you simply have to love ragorn laughing like mad.

    I wonder something shamus,if you didnt have that one week of fillers because of your operation,how would you finish your comic on the 7th then?

  47. Clyde says:

    Finishing DMotR a year to the day after the beginning is a nice symmetry, Shamus. As someone who has been popping in at least three times a week almost since the beginning (Thank you, Steven Den Beste for tipping me off), I have to agree that it has been a great ride… And I’ll miss it. I look forward to checking out Chainmail Bikini. Thanks for the laughs and good times, Shamus.

  48. SteveDJ says:

    Of course this isn’t the last strip. The characters now have to level-up, and go spend all their loot.

    Oh, wait, what loot?… :)

  49. Best screen cap of Aragon ever :D

  50. Myxx says:

    I really feel like I’m losing something today. I’ve really enjoyed the comic Shamus. Thanks for all the great laughs, and nostalgia you conjured up with some screencaps and your wit. I’m gonna miss this.



  51. Cameron says:

    Wow, this was amazing. I just read all of it today, and it really puts me in the right mood for going to Ring Game ( You did a great job!

  52. Davesnot says:

    Amazing how many people are so driven to give a poetic farewell that they haven’t even read that this isn’t the last one..

    Sept 7th people..

    I guess this is why it’s no good to take people to the airport.. you wax poetic about things.. say good-bye.. then the plane gets delayed so you just sit and kinda mumble about stuff.. at least that’s the way it was before 9/11… that’s one good thing about travel now.. it’s now ok to drop people off at the airport without walking them to the plane…

    I will miss this comic.. but I have no problem randomly clicking of past ones.. and I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the Teletubbies!



  53. LadyDyani says:



    It’s over. I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I can watch the movies without hearing a mental voiceover doing lines from this comic.

    Some people, when faced with the end of a journey, decide to begin anew. Maybe I’ll go back and read them again.

  54. Gelatinous Cube says:

    I hate this campaign, but thanks!

  55. Drow64 says:

    THAT WAS AN AWESOME COMIC! Thank you so much! You should make another comic called NPC Busters or Dice Wars! Anyone else got ideas?

  56. BISt says:

    In an attempt to make this page the most commented on in d20 history, I’m commenting. :)

  57. Alex says:

    I really hope this isn’t the last comic you’ll be posting, LotR or otherwise.

    But either way, thank you Shamus for a wonderfull read and many hours of entertainment.

    -Alex Varveri.

  58. Psalm of Chaos says:

    Thank you Shamus!!!!

    I’ve been reading this comic since..oooh, since about march I think, and every strip has atleast brought a smile to my face, if not out right laughter.

    I loved this one, a beautiful ending for such a wonderful comic. I think I will go cry about it being finished, even more beautiful than the movies!

    Maybe you’ll consider making another, who knows? Only you can answer that. I’d also like to thank all the regular posters who have far mor patience than I.


  59. Psalm of Chaos says:

    Heh… my bad… but thanks anyway^^

    Maybe patience -is- a virtue.

    lol, it’d be really cool if Gimli’s player went on a rant because he got a run-of-the-mill ending. What?! this is crap! I’m never playing a dwarf again, does everyone have an agenda against races with a -2 charisma?!

  60. aimless says:

    Just started reading this epic last night and it seems you finished it just in time for me to get to the end! Hilarious stuff, just couldn’t stop hitting Next.

    The interplay between funny stuff from LoTR and funny stuff from DnD was brilliant. I also appreciate your notes section a lot, since my DnD experience has been very different from the one described here (no rulebooks, brilliant DM who controls it all on the fly, combat is simple from the technical side and roleplaying/thinking smart is a must to survive).

  61. Isoyami says:

    I also like how Aragorn gets annoyed and says that he’s going to go home almost at the very end of the campaign.

    It kinda makes me wonder of this whole comic strip has been one marathon weekend (or whole week) session over the summer where the players basically moved in to the DM’s house? xD

    And aimless (#61) You got lucky with a good DM and good rules. I bet a lot of people will want to join your group now… xD xD

  62. brassbaboon says:


    In case you haven’t noticed, most of the goodbyes have included a “I know this ends on Sept. 7th…” comment in them. Most of the posters know that there are two more comics, but they also know that the last comic is going to be swimming in goodbye comments so they are getting theirs in now.

    As for today’s comic, I just can’t see Aragorn’s player being excited about all these great things happening to his character WITHOUT being able to play any of it. My response as a player to this sort of Monte Hall ending would be “sure, great, I’m a king now. What other DM is going to let me bring my army into a campaign? What about some real loot I can use in future campaigns, huh?”

  63. Scarlet Knight says:

    “You marry Arwen, daughter of Elrond”.

    I was SURE you were going to use the scene of them kissing , with Gimli going,”It’s good to be the King…”

  64. Ambidexter says:

    I’ll never be able to watch the LOTR movies without thinking of DMoTR.

  65. DamoJO says:

    can we have this again from Gollums point of view?

  66. Errol says:

    I’m really gonna miss this comic… *sob*

    ooooooo! A new comic by Shamus! New fix!

  67. wowzaa says:

    Gollum died. Legolas shot first

  68. A reader says:

    Just wanted to comment at least once on this comic.

    Awesome job Shamus.

    Yeah thats about all I got…

    Can’t wait for the next project and I hope this one stays online for others to enjoy.

  69. Itzchy says:

    Aw man… now I’m all teary-eyed and nostalgic. Thanks so much for entertaining us in the past months, Shamus. All the best in your new projects, definitely looking forward to them! :)

    Hmm… and at least, there’s still the blog. :P

  70. ArchU says:

    I feel that you’ve been bribing your readers this whole time with the promise of a great reward at the end.

    So thanks! Now to generate 2d8 pieces of delicious candy…

  71. Inlad says:

    Wow, is it over now? I’ll miss this comic, but, like Aragorn said, it was a GREAT ending.
    I’ve been reading this comic for a while now, but just never got around to posting. I can’t wait for your next project.

    Inlad The Dashing Paladin.

  72. Synonymous says:

    Another nice, easily-overlooked screencap is “That sounds great” Aragorn, who’s clearly not looking at Arwen’s eyes.

  73. Jacob says:

    Dude. Totally started reading this comic on the day it ended. Awesome.

  74. Davesnot says:

    brassbaboon … I dunno.. from my seat, it seems like not many besides you have read Shamus’ comment about Sept 7th.. thing like,

    I loved this one, a beautiful ending for such a wonderful comic. I think I will go cry about it being finished, even more beautiful than the movies!


    It's over. I don't know what to do.

    I think most people read the first comments.. then drop to then end.. but thanks, brass, for reading..

    Shamus, you da’ man!

  75. Dean-O says:

    I have followed this from the beginning and have told many many people about this. By far the BEST comic I have ever read. Now Legomyass!

  76. Alyc says:

    I’m going to be so sad when this is over… even if I can’t wait to hear Gimli and Legolas’ reactions when they find out they’re destined for each other. OTP. Twu Wuv. Actually, it’s really Aragorn’s reaction I’m looking forward to!

  77. Joe says:

    Since I don’t think I’ve ever posted on any of these, I at least wanted to say something before DM of the Rings comes to its (inevitable) end.

    As both an extreme Tolkien loyalist and long-term gamer, I have enjoyed this so much, and will miss it when it’s gone. Still, just the work you’ve done on this has made me interested in your new project, so I’ll check in on that.

    Thanks for much enjoyment over the last few months!

  78. Mari says:

    OK, so I’ve admitted that I tend to play video games really, really late. Today I finished up LotR: The Third Age. And couldn’t help but scream “That does it! I quit! We’ve been playing this game for like a year now and at the end I find out the war was won by a lone NPC. I’m going home.”

    The hubs looked at me and I looked at him and we both laughed until we couldn’t breathe anymore. It was sweet how well today’s strip tied into my real life. Usually I have to stretch to filch your funny lines.

  79. 'tarako says:

    ‘This is my second time posting and I just want to reiterate some of the things that were said. Good job shamus, this is an amazing comic. it got me through my senior year of highschool and into college. I cant count the number of times ive gotten in trouble for laughing to loud at the newest installment. Kudos man. This is amazing. Dude, maybe you should make it a book or something…

  80. Iván says:

    Hi, Shamus. Excelente trabajo. I’ll miss Lady Legola´s faces, Pimp Aragorn´s comments and Father Gimli´s lessons. Thank you so much for making the role playing croud a lot happier. Keep up the good work.

    What’s next one about? Shadowrun, Mechwarrior, RISK?

  81. Maverick says:

    Oooh, a light saber sword, i’m in! Nice comic shaums, ill be sad to see it go.

  82. Chiwigi says:

    Just commenting to say thanks…first comment from me but have been reading from almost the beginning…looking forward to commenting on the last episode.

    Shame you aren’t doing Star Wars but thanks for the LOTR.

  83. Samir says:

    Candy producing sword! I ran a gurps campaign where the most prized weapon that the players had was a a meat cleaver that once per week summoned a WHOLE COW.. Sometimes it was alive and mooing, dead, rotted or neatly butchered. The players always talked about the cleaver called “fetchie Le moosh” They even managed to drop a cow on a villain NPC.. Not easy since it was always a random location within 30 feet.

    Awesome adaptation Shamus, awesome!

  84. Medium Dave says:

    OVER? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  85. CJG says:

    “To clear up this continual confusion: This is NOT the last strip. The comic ends on Friday. You'll know it's the end. It'll say so.”

    Ha! Confusion about when it ends? It’s just like the movie!

  86. Browncoat says:

    Germans bomb Pearl Harbor? C’mon dude.

    Yes, it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor that got us into WWII in which we faught the Germans, but it was the Chinese that actually did the bombing. Learn some history.

  87. Browncoat says:

    My dad’s favorite joke:

    Two pilots got to talking on a transatlantic flight. The captain was Jewish, and the co-pilot was Chinese. It was the first time they had flown together, and it was obvious by the silence that they didn’t care for each other.

    After thirty minutes, the Captain finally spoke. He said, “I don’t like Chinese.”

    The co-pilot replied, “Ooooh, no like Chinese? Why dat?”

    The pilot said, “You guys bombed Pearl Harbor. That’s why I don’t like Chinese.”

    The co-pilot said, “Nooooo, noooo …. Chinese no bomb Pearl Harbah. JAPANESE bomb Pearl Harbah.”

    The pilot answered, “Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese… it doesn’t matter. You’re all alike.”

    Another thirty minutes of silence ensued. Finally, the co-pilot said, “I no like Jew.”

    The pilot replied, “Why not? Why don’t you like Jews?”

    “Jews sink Titanic.”

    The pilot tried to correct him, “No, no. The Jews didn’t sink the Titanic. It was an iceberg.”

    “Iceberg, Goldberg, Rosenberg… no mattah… all same.”

  88. TheDarkOne says:

    Dear Lord….. Maybe i am not catching the joke, but the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.

  89. Squash says:

    “To clear up this continual confusion: This is NOT the last strip. The comic ends on Friday. You'll know it's the end. It'll say so.”

    Ah. The irony. In the context of the movie–brilliant.

  90. Rhapsody says:

    I hate seeing it end – don’t know when I’ve laughed so hard… but I trust that now you’ll be starting “Conan the Barbarian” as a game?

  91. Rain says:

    I always wondered what happened to gimly and legolass after the movie… well… not really, but now I am. Hope we find out.

    well… the strip is almost over, and it looks like the stockmarket is at least finally catching on.

  92. Ravs says:


    You’ve got the Silmarillion to do now! Won’t take long, you can do Chainmail Bikini after that!

    Seriously, though thank you so much – looking forward to reading your new strip when this one is over.

  93. fren says:

    You … you bastard! You promised 4d4 pieces of candy!

  94. Margaret says:

    Regarding Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.

    C’mon people. Don’t show your n00bness. You’re suppose to answer with, “Forget it, he’s on a roll”

    psst, it’s from “Animal House”

  95. QueenMAB says:

    I’m going to miss this SO much. But on the plus side, I won’t have to worry so much about water/soda shooting out of my nose at work.

    Great screen caps Shamus!

  96. David H. says:

    A book may not be feasible, but once DMOTR is finished I think it’d be great to see the story collected into a .cbz or .cbr file — torrent that, let folks get archive copies. It’d save Shamus on bandwidth…

  97. roxysteve says:

    If the DMoTR is running his campaign a-la book, we should expect three endings, of which this is one and a half (or so).

    I loved the sincere “I quit” followed by instant capitulation in favour of more torture.


  98. roxysteve says:

    Bah! Gone for a week and the first post I make rolls a fumble. Typical!


  99. Any chance you’ll go back and fill in some “bonus strips” for the Fellowship of the Ring?

  100. Shamus says:

    RampantCoyote: Yup. I do have a few extras – six I think. So that even though it ends this Friday I’ll still be posting stuff until the 21st.

  101. Caius says:

    Sorry Leg-O-Ass but you had your chance to hook up with me at the beginning, and you could have been my queen.

    I’m a dude, for God’s sake I am a dude.

    Are you sure?

    I shoot Gimli

  102. okay! says:

    What is the point of waking up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after this week? What a great run.

    And I’m adding my vote for a Star Wars comic. I know you don’t have an obvious pedigree relationship like between Tolkien and D&D, but I think those movies need your attention. At this point you have a big audience, and you don’t need a conceit to start making the funny.

  103. Scarlet Knight says:

    Since friday will be a goodbye-fest for Shamus, let me take this time to thank all of the posters who have made me laugh along with the comic itself.

    Without you all, I would be sadly ignorant in quatum physics, the makeup of Mountain Dew around the world, and what is appropriate for a minion to ask for next Christmas…

    “A star shown on the hour of our meeting” everone.

  104. Dead_Radish says:

    How do you quantify the deliciousness of the candy that the sword creates?

  105. Starsong says:

    Mmmm, magic sword of candy! I’ve got a character in an evil campaign now that would love one of those, she’s a slaver catering to noble pedophiles. That’d be great for luring in my “little darlings”.

  106. EmeraldTiara says:

    So, you gonna do star wars now?

  107. Atanamir says:

    Quoth the Shamus: “The final page is this Friday, Sept 7th. Exactly one year from the first comic.”

    Oh, very clever. That will make the total number of chapters 144, or one gross. The sum of Bilbo’s and Frodo’s ages at the Long-Expected Party. COINCIDENCE?!?!?!?

  108. mocking bird says:

    How about Aragorn’s player finds out that it was all the dream of an autistic child.

    Or Frodo really didn’t destroy the ring. He put it on, was made Sauron’s b!tch and is waiting to get on the boat to sink it at sea (all players hate sea adventures for just that reason), getting rid of lots of powerful elves and making him Gandalf the Green in the process. Sauron then creates the Nine Swimmers to go get the One Ring again and plunges the entire world into chaos. Oh Gimli & Legomyass? They live happily ever after in the Glittering caves.

  109. Caveman says:

    I was wondering how Gollum would be resurected, and frodo would return, now I ponder no more! Can’t wait until Friday! It has been a delightful journey, I am sure your next project will be equally as brilliant! Thank you for this outstanding waste of company time! Kudos!

  110. Caveman says:

    BTW, here is a humorous parody of the Fellowship, starring Jack Black. (Just for fun)

  111. SteveDJ says:

    Just think about poor player that is playing Aragorn — after months of playing, and frequently saying “I HATE this campaign”, here he is on the verge of proclaiming “I LOVE this campaign”, just in time for the credits to roll…

  112. victor says:

    man, am i ever going to miss this.

  113. Tristan says:

    Man I’ll miss this comic…Great job!

  114. Katz says:

    Great Comic. Just like a bunch of the other guys this is my first post although I’ve been reading for quite some time. I know it’s not the last one (yet) but so many people have posted that I wanted to add to the count

    to Tristan: if your last name is Buckly I’ll kill you. (if not ignore me I’m just a random person anyway)

  115. Spirit Goblin says:

    ” Browncoat Says:

    Yes, it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor that got us into WWII in which we faught the Germans, but it was the Chinese that actually did the bombing. Learn some history. ”

    Actually I think you’ll find it was the Japanese……

    Great work Shamus, will look forward to seeing what you come up with for the penultimate strip.

    and good luck with the next project

  116. Jeff says:

    Is it just me, or is Aragorn staring at Arwen’s boobs?

  117. Well there is the new Hobbit movie coming out soon.
    I love this comic and I am very sad to see that it is ending so very very soon.
    Thank you so much for making such a spectacular comic and the opportunity to waste so much time on this site.


  118. Markus says:

    Shamus – thank you very much for all your hard work on this wonderful webcomic. It will be sorely missed!

    And, good luck with your next project!

  119. Jorpho says:

    What, you mean this is the second-last chance for me to comment? Better get on that!

    I always imagined this would end with that rather out-of-place singing.

    “Okay, I’ll just roll a die to see how well I sing…”

    “No! Not good enough! We do things my way now! You have to actually sing, right now, or, um, all your subjects are going to lose faith in you and revolt! Ha ha ha!”

  120. Thom Kallor says:

    OH MY GOD! I just started reading the series yesterday. And now I am freaking out because i couldn’t read the entire series. It’s like collecting every issue of a comic series all in 24 hours except the finale which won’t come out for a week!!

  121. Amber says:

    I got a link to this strip a week ago… when i started reading it I just couldn’t stop. It’s so great how true you get the players… I used to DM, so yeah, it’s super cool, and super funny.

  122. Thom Kallor says:

    I would greatly appreciate anyone teaching me

  123. Davesnot says:

    Sweet.. bonus materials!! .. oh.. and that joke about Pearl Harbor.. Kids, it’s an Animal House joke.. that’s a movie about.. oh hell, kids.. Bulushi?! Not Jim.. John.. aww.. nevermind.

    Uphill.. bothways .. in the snow… without any shoes.

  124. Kel says:

    This has been one of my favourite web comics since I was pointed this way by a friend. I’ve laughed outright at it more times than I can recall and I am waiting for the end with a mixture of impatience and sadness.

    Still, while a part of me is selfishly miffed that you are not going to do a similar treatment to other deserving movies (Star Wars! Woot!), I look forward to seeing what the next phase will be.

  125. Jaeger says:

    Just recently discovered this webcomic… lots of fun, brings back memories of campaigns gone by. I have played and lot of D&D in my day, but I didn’t much care for LOTR (I realize saying this may get my geek card taken away) but I remember enough about it that this stuff is hilarious.

  126. Dan says:

    well can’t wait till the ending

  127. TalrogSmash says:

    now i have a decision to make…

    +50 vorpal sword that makes 2d8 pieces of candy or the +40 dagger that casts Heroe’s feast you gave me for the last campaign that you told me i couldn’t bring to this one…

    what to do…

  128. Scarlet Knight says:

    Jeff Says:”Is it just me, or is Aragorn staring at Arwen's boobs?”

    Of course he is! Aragorn doesn’t want another unfortunate incident like in episode LXXX when he was checking out Haldir…

  129. Lucas says:

    Toga, Toga, Toga

  130. superfluousk says:

    Well, that’s one excellent way to speed through to the ending! :)

  131. Prrrline says:

    112 Caveman Says:
    “BTW, here is a humorous parody of the Fellowship, starring Jack Black. (Just for fun)

    It was already posted some bazillion posts ago. Shamus put it up as a fun interlude. It is funny….

  132. Jochi says:

    The Animal House joke is appropriate for another reason. That’s the first movie I remember seeing that had a “What they did after the movie was over” sequence as the credits were rolling (or just before). I get the feeling that’s what we’re going to see after Friday until the 21st.

    Others have said it, but MAN I’m gonna miss this strip, and the comments afterwards, too.

  133. Raved Thrad says:

    OMG… +50 vorpal sword of awesome that glows like a lightsaber and once a day can be used to create 2d8 pieces of delicious candy! That tops just about every other relic TSR ever created, and it’s not the +50! Vorpal swords are a dime a dozen, but 2d8 pieces of delicious candy once a day? With something like that you could conquer entire worlds!

  134. comicshorse says:

    In a ( fairly) serious Lone Wolf game I was in my P.C. was gifted with a magical spear. It was a +1 Weapon but the first time it hit a day it produced a number of loaves of rather coarse black bread equivalent to the damage it had done.
    Not as good as 2d8 pieces of candy mind.

  135. Medium Dave says:

    I don’t know what is worse, the fact that a number of reader’s here don’t remember or have never seen “Animal House” or that there are people who really believe the CHINESE bombed Pearl Harbor.


    I will miss this comic. Like all good things it must come to an end.

  136. RichardX1 says:

    >>To clear up this continual confusion: This is NOT the last strip. The comic ends on Friday. You'll know it's the end. It'll say so.<<

    Just like the last movie :-D

  137. Cynder says:

    Yaaayy!! I love Aragorn!! ^_^

  138. Dr. Manhattan says:

    Does the Vorpal Blade go snicker-snack?

  139. ERROR says:

    After you finish this, you should tackle “The Hobbit” and the “Dungeons and Dragons” movies.

    And why not Star Wars, too, while you’re at it (Since everybody else is suggesting it.).

  140. cHaoS says:

    I half expected the DM to ungloriously resurrect Gollum to railroad his campaign to the very end. On the other hand, it would have been immensely funny, if Frodo hadn’t made it and Aragorn and his army would just have been crushed. A disappointing ending for the campaign everyone hates.

    Great comic, Shamus, just finished reading it. I am also very fond of your articles on The Escapist. I also enjoyed the Stolen Pixels Comics, but it seems that you don’t do them anymore?

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