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By Shamus Posted Wednesday Jan 11, 2006

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At a time when you can get a half-decent PC for $300 comes the news that the Playstation 3 may cost around $500.

I find it interesting that this rumor appeared after Christmas, and after the XBox 360 recall. I suspect the brains at Sony were watching very carefully how things played out for the XBox. They watched, they saw the mistake, decided the XBox was weak, and it was safe to aim the price point a bit high. This would be true if XBox was the only threat to sales, but it isn’t.

As long as I can remember, PC’s have cost at least double what you might spend on a new console. Now PC’s are cheaper all of a sudden? This is a major shift. Make no mistake: the PS3 has lots of impressive technology for that (still-rumored) $500, but that is still a very tough price. This is a big-boy toy here. Not many parents are going to slap down that much for what is, a its heart, a toy. Not when you can get a machine that will play (last year’s) games, surf the net, do word processing, email and all the other stuff a PC can do, all for a little cheaper. The PS3 is going to be the plaything of bachelors and rich kids if this turns out to be true.

Me? My bachelor days are over. I have three kids and a Gamecube.


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5 thoughts on “Playstation 3

  1. gahaz says:

    Well, im a console gamer from the age of 4, my atari raised me and i have lived within the confines of my gaming ever since. i am now 23, married, 2 kids, and a house loan. But i still always have all the major consoles. I just prepare ahead of timewhen i had a ps1 and heard the ps2 was coming i started putting money away as soon as i heard about it and had the cash by the time it came out. same for the 360, when i heard they were developing the machine i started saving for it. Then i started savin for a ps3, and its taken me awhile but i now have one. the wii was a diffrent story. i was not getting one, then i played one, and i putt it on a credit card (in my area the wii shortage is not really exsistent).

  2. Argiod says:

    The only reason I have a PS3 is that my g/f bought it for me for my birthday this year. She got an instant $100 rebate at WalMart and used that to buy my first game: Genji. I have since bought Grand Tourismo 5: Prologue and the Logitech Driving Force wheel for it.

    My one regret is that the wheel seems to only work for that game. My other driving game for the PS3 is MX vs ATV: Untamed, and it doesn’t even see the wheel. I am hoping more games will come out that support this accessory, as it is a fine simulation steering wheel. The force feedback is excellent, and I love the full 2 1/2 rotation latitude. With the pedals that come with it, it is as close to real driving as I’ve ever seen on a simulation.

    I also hope somebody will take the time to make drivers that will allow the wheel to be used on my PC. I have many driving and flight sims that would be greatly enhanced by it.

    My only other regret is that she bought me the 40GB system, and I would rather have had the 80GB HD system. The 40GB system doesn’t have the PS2 chipset, which makes the 80GB system backward compatible with all the old PS and PS2 games.

    I guess I’m stuck playing those on my PC with emulators. And, I will quit playing my pirate copy of Final Fantasy 7 when they make an update for the PS3 (and, no, I am NOT holding my breath waiting for that; despite current rumors!)

  3. Argiod says:

    Followup: I have bought a used PS2 for $75 since my first post. I’ve been reading that the ‘compatiblilty’ of the PS3 isn’t all that it’s hyped to be; so I’m glad I did it this way.

    And, I really enjoy having two separate machines, as I can be playing one while a visiting friend can be playing on the other at the same time. Compatibility or no, that’s simply not possible on a single machine.

    All in all, I am happy with both systems.

  4. PS3 says:

    I think that the PS3 is well worth the price tag of $500. It has blu-ray which is not cheap – as well as many other quality features.

    Now Blu-ray players are dropping down in price, its now time to see a price drop in the PS3 – id like to see it for $250-300.

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