Frayed Knights

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Apr 25, 2007

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Jay is onto something great here. He’s working on a comedy RPG. I had to make a WILL saving throw to keep from making a little “squee” sound when I read about it.

(The post mentions a hemp golem for crying out loud. There are about a hundred jokes in that idea alone.)


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7 thoughts on “Frayed Knights

  1. It’s been done: Kobolds ate my baby

    There’s also Toon. (And Munchkin.)

    None of which, of course, means it’s against the rules to do another one.

  2. Woerlan says:

    Hopefully it’s BETTER than those games (Toon, Munchkin, etc).

    I can’t access the link past my office web filter, but given the hemp golem reference, I’ll assume it’s a DnD spoof, or at least firmly entrenched in the fantasy genre. Here’s wishing it’s more of a “Nodwick” type experience than a “Knights of the Dinner Table” or “Dork Tower” experience.

  3. Zack says:

    The ‘hemp golem’ reminds me of some of the strange monsters from the game ‘Progress Quest.’ If you’ve never played it, do a search for it. It’s the video RPG that plays itself! Hilarity!

  4. Dev Null says:

    Three words: Kingdom of Loathing. I just played it for the artwork myself…

  5. Luanne says:

    I second the KoL comment. I remember some pretty awesome things in the The Valley of Rof L’m Fao, such as a 1335 HaXx0r (not quite 1337) and a flaming troll (with fiery talons!). There are also several types of golems, including the fruit golem. I haven’t played the game much, but it’s been quite amusing when I have.

  6. I played KoL too… but Frayed Knights isn’t that. The spoofing won’t be subtle, but it won’t be quite so over-the-top. It’s more character driven / character comedy. There’ll be plenty of poking fun at genre conventions, but since it is a custom game system you won’t have, for example, in-joked about D&D rules.

  7. wererogue says:

    Kobolds Ate My Baby is a lot of fun. In terms of comedy RPGs, I also quite enjoy Human Occupied Landfill, although you *need* a good gm, more so than other tabletop games, as the rules are deliberately fairly broken.

    I really enjoyed the remake of The Bard’s Tale as a comedy computer rpg. I reckon I’ll keep an eye on Frayed Knights.

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