300 for Kids

By Shamus Posted Monday Apr 2, 2007

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Everyone keeps saying how intense this movie is. I dunno. Looks kind of tame to me.


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22 thoughts on “300 for Kids

  1. Morrinn says:

    “Brush your teeth!”

  2. Vendrin says:

    Xerxes with the lollipops looks like such a pedophile.

  3. Woerlan says:

    Blank screen!

    Why can’t I see it? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?

    Curse you, Evil Office Network Proxy Server! Curse you!!!

    @[email protected];;;

  4. Sauron says:

    I caught this one last week. Became my dorm suite’s new joke for the week.

    “This is delicious!”

  5. Myxx says:

    Man, that’s funny. Thanks for passing it along Shamus. Now I have something to forward to all my net-addicted friends.

  6. CryptoKnight says:



  7. Shandrunn says:

    It’s hilarious.

    “This is delicious!”

  8. wildweasel says:


    …Couldn’t resist. =P

  9. Kulthar says:

    *lol* I’ve seen this clip before, though i’ve also had the misfortune of actually bothering to watch the whole proper film from start to finish. If its gore and nothing but hack and slash you’re after (and if you can ignore the blatant political timing and theme behind the film), I suppose it is an ok film. However, I just think that it is just so much politically motivated bollocks that I really just wanted to punch the people who made it in the face.

  10. Cineris says:

    Saw this a few weeks ago, still … So many hilarious moments, gotta love it.

  11. That is the most hilarious video I’ve seen in weeks.

  12. Sir Sefirot says:

    Kulthar, this movie is based in a comic which is quite old, so you can forget about all those political theories about 300. It’s an Awesome Movie, and this is all what it is.

  13. Shandrunn says:

    Curse this video! I’ll go see the actual film for the first time this weekend, and I’ll have great trouble to resist letting a serious film get ruined by silliness like “THIS IS CAKETOWN”.

  14. Telas says:

    I love the political conspiracy theories about this film… But separating an Angry Lefty from his pet conspiracy theory is about as difficult and potentially explosive as separating atomic components.

    The comic book was written before 2001. The movie was in production before the current situation. It’s just a film.

    (rant deleted for reasons of courtesy)

  15. g-reg says:

    that is hilarious in so many ways

    words of true wisdom

    the various political interpretations of this movie are ridiculous

  16. Marijana says:

    This isn’t really related to the topic but I have to say it! Spartans lose 1 (one) battle in a really cool way and they are famous and have computer games and films and stuff, while Athenianc CONTINUE fighting for next 50 years, win the war, liberate Greece and nothing!

  17. imp No1 says:

    this looks beyond stupid.

  18. The_Pixel_Ninja says:

    Oh god. XD
    Now someone has to take that “This is sparta!” remix and make it into “this is caketown!”
    I’m so gonna kick rion and scream this is caketown. tomorrow.

  19. Davian Wolfe says:


  20. John Darque says:

    oh no fucking way…

    underdog flashes right through the middle

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