Steampunk Starwars

By Shamus Posted Thursday Mar 15, 2007

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Check it out. Brilliant idea, wonderfully executed. This guy is a great artist. (I also love the name of his blog.)


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5 thoughts on “Steampunk Starwars

  1. Retlor says:

    Wow, that rocks. Star Wars seems to lend itself quite well to Steampunk. I liked the Vader one in particular.

  2. Hagan says:

    Ah surprised you hadnt seen this yet. Its pretty cool, I love the take on Han and Mr. Chewbacca

  3. Teague says:

    Meh. Maybe Steampunk is just something like anime. One either gets it, or one doesn’t. I don’t get either. But I can still appreciate the love and talent that goes into creating both.

  4. Sartorius says:

    Further evidence for the “Empire Strikes Back” hypothesis that Star Wars is only good if someone other than George Lucas does it.

  5. Gary's Friend Jim says:

    Steampunk Star Wars seems nonsensical to me, since Star Wars has no bearing on the Victorian Era.

    The drawings are interesting, but what’s the point of them?

    I mean, really, why stop with steampunk? We could have Tolkienesque Fantasy Star Wars, Gingerbread Star Wars, Mother Goose Star Wars, Brothers Grimm Star Wars, Poker Star Wars, James Bond Star Wars, Project Runway Star Wars, Shakespearean Star Wars, Paleolithic Cave Painting Star Wars, WWII Star Wars, Dukes of Hazzard Star Wars, it could just go right down the spiraling whirlpool of madness.

    I would like to see a steampunk world with similarities to Star Wars, using the same archetypes, but otherwise original, released first as an award-winning series of graphic novels and then made into a huge overblown cinematic release that gets killed at the box office by some idiotic Ben Stiller movie.

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