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For those of you who follow the D&D campaign:

You’ll notice I’m still posting session 9. In our game, we are actually done with session 11, and session 12 is planned for this Sunday. Session 11 happened the week before Christmas. In preperation for the coming game, I went to listen to the session 11 recordings and see where we left off. It seems that while we did indeed record the entire 5-hour session, the microphone had been unplugged at some point, so we had recorded 5 hours of silence.

I think, as an experiment, that this D&D campaign blog is a failure. It takes more time to write the narritive than it does to host the session. That means I have to come up with an extra eight hours or so every week, on top of normal DM prep time. I just don’t have it, and so this site didn’t turn out as well as I’d planned.

I still plan to stick it out, although I still don’t know what I’ll do for session 11. We’re getting near the end, and I hate to stop now.

Thanks for reading.


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10 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Deoxy says:

    “I think, as an experiment, that this D&D campaign blog is a failure.”

    It depnds on what you rgoals are/were. As a way of documnting an amazing campaign (I’m jealous), it’s a rousing success!

    Selfishly, I hope you continue (or at least finish this big plot arc, or something), but I completely understand the concept of “time constraints” (taht bing why I havn’t ben actively gaming for almost 4 years now, more’s the pity).

  2. Blindeye says:

    I am realising now the one advantage to roleplaying on mIRC: Logs.

    I have saved the logs to two of my recent mIRC hosted games and they are readable instantly. I could edit them, but it is unessessary.

    It’s a shame you felt so bogged down by this project Shamus, but I really am enjoying reading it.

  3. Ronald says:

    That’s a shame. I thoroughly enjoy the series, and it makes me think back to our RPG sessions (a couple of years ago… :). Hopefully you’ve found a way to fill in the gap for session 11 – I guess I’ll find out soon. :)

  4. kilian says:

    bummer. first time on this site and i’ve been enjoying this immensely. hopefully it continues and doesn’t leave me hanging.

  5. josh says:

    this is really good, i never played a campain as good as this!its a shame that its taken you so long

  6. Bren says:

    I love these game notes! I used to record my sessions and then play them back at double speed to take notes. Due to the time involved (even though we only play once a month) it was too much. I respect you for sticking with it for this length of time.

    Can’t wait for more Chainmail Bikini!

  7. Blackbird71 says:

    I first read through this campaign probably about eight years ago.

    Now, as I am preparing to DM a campaign of my own, I am re-reading it and gathering all sorts of ideas and inspiration.

    The process of chronicling your adventures must have been a time-consuming effort to say the least, and I don’t entirely know what your criteria for success was when you first set out on this project, but if 9 1/2 years later, readers are still finding these posts both entertaining and useful then I think it hardly qualifies as a failure. It may not be the sort of project you would dedicate yourself to attempting a second time, but I for one am grateful for the work put into this, and that you were willing to share your stories with us.

  8. Patrick the nostalgic says:

    Nothing about this was a failure. I miss the group. The characters. As I read this I am happy I was a part of it all. I wish we could recreate this game and characters.

    1. Lino says:

      I recently re-read this whole series, and I’d really like for Shamus to do a campaign with you guys again. It was just a perfect storm of both players and GM. It would have been cool if you all could do that Star Wars campaign he had prepared. Or even a repeat of this one (I remember him saying that the adventure before this one was even better)!

      Sadly, on multiple occasions he’s said that he just doesn’t have the time to do it. Such a shame :(

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