Abandon ship! (Teeth)

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 1, 2023

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So, I was fully ready to sit down and write a post this evening after my dentist appointment, but I came home with…three more dentist appointments, within the next seven days.

The day before writing this post: X-rays and cleaning
The day before this post goes up: Fillings (four)
Today: Fillings (four)
Tomorrow: Fillings (Three)
Next Wednesday: Oral surgery to remove my wisdoms and two misbehaving molars.

I haven’t mentioned it, but I’ve spent every day since Halloween on a liquid diet. I cracked a back molar somewhere between the Reese’s Cups and the Payday bars, and suddenly chewing became impossible. I’ve put some things into the blender in this last month that was never intended to be liquid. I am going to  leave this experience with more respect for my inside-outside bones.

(I’m not a total slob; one of my many disorders causes tooth enamel to break down without nearly excessive care. That in combination with the fact that ‘brushing my teeth’ was a weird bedtime ritual that happened at Grandma’s house until I was well into my teens, I’m very, very lucky to have the healthy teeth I do. I’ve learned, but the damage is done.)

Also, never ever ever wear noise-canceling headphones in an attempt to escape dentist mouth drill sounds. It does not have the intended effect. Instead of protecting you from the drill sounds, it traps you in a universe of only drill sounds. Any attempts to add music to drown out the drill will only add the distant echo of said music.

All that to say, I’m still going to do my normal back-end work, but the Sims Overthinking will be a few weeks. I need to catch my breath between stabbings.



A Look at Assassin’s Creed – AC2: Bromance Da Vinci

By Charlie Jubilee Posted Thursday Nov 30, 2023

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So I missed a couple of things somewhere. Firstly, that The Spaniard’s name is Rodrigo Borgia, and secondly that he is headed to Venice with Emilio Babarigo, a man that I deemed unimportant who helped to kill Jacopo. This could have been in the letter I didn’t read, or said to Jacopo before he died, but either way, I missed it. I don’t know how I missed it, but sometimes this stuff happens. Luckily, an old friend is headed to Venice; Leonardo da Vinci.

We catch up with Leo hauling a broken down carriage with a freaking flying machine in the back that we will come back to later. Ezio helps him fix his wheel and we enjoy a fun cart chase scene where the whole goal seems to be to rock the cart as hard as possible without toppling it, in order to get guards off the top as they attempt to overtake the carriage. This is where Ezio casually mentions they are Rodrigo Borgia’s men, like it’s common knowledge. That’s when I realized I was missing that vital bit of information. It felt like a blow to the gut, to realize I missed it. Was it me, or was it not notable enough for me to take in properly? Well, it hardly matters now. Enter, Venice.

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Wednesday Action Log 11-29-23

By Issac Young Posted Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

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This week I’m done with Risk of Rain Returns. There are only a handful of achievements left, I don’t think I’m going to get them any time soon. I’ve been sick the past few days so I haven’t done anything else. I have been looking at Mortal Sin which is a first person roguelike focused on melee combat with heavily stylized graphics. I also might try Lethal Company which I don’t know much about, but it seems like it would be fun to go in blind.

What are you guys up to?



No post from Paige this week

By Paige Francis Posted Monday Nov 27, 2023

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I’m super-busy with home repairs, transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and unfortunately trying to pay a sudden, large utility bill. Partially due to a lack of foresight, but partially due to living in a state that treats “infrastructure” as a dirty word. “Rix’larril’an of the Ascendancy 2.01” has been started, but I just haven’t had time to bang it into the right shape yet.

Love you all! Thanks for reading!



DM of the Rings Remaster XLVII: -2 to Maturity, +2 to Funny

By Bay Posted Sunday Nov 26, 2023

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The rulebooks never say that players earn XP for finding ways to imply the other guys at the table might be gay, but you would never know this from observing their behavior.

-Shamus, Wednesday Jan 5, 2007

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Sims 4 Overthinking: A Step Back

By Bay Posted Friday Nov 24, 2023

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Alright, now it’s time to finally tackle the space I’ve been dreading the most. Our family is putting a laundry room upstairs, meaning, we need to know how they’re actually using this space.

See, what I have been doing is telling this story, and only furnishing rooms once they are in the form they will be taking in the final product (or at least, very close to.). A notable exception has been the nursery when Logan was born, but otherwise, that’s the deal.
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A Look at Assassin’s Creed – AC2: A Bunch of Guys Killed

By Charlie Jubilee Posted Thursday Nov 23, 2023

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I got lost in Tuscany trying to empty my gold chest in Monteriggioni. I’m not sure how I did that, but I did. Once I got back on track though, I realized Altair had a family tomb I could rob.

It had these timed puzzles in it, where the sight of the levers became the bane of my existence. You remember how I said last time that the puzzles were easy? Yeah, I hate timed puzzles. I am so bad at them that I can feel the game laughing at me, and sometimes pitying me.

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