Orb of Mordan


An orb of polished stone with many strange runes engraved into it. It is a little bigger than a closed human fist.




Lawful Good and Lawful Evil characters may not use or study this item.


-3 HP, +3MP is "granted" to the owner of this object.

This object is the phylactery for Mordan the Lich King. Normally this is the container of the Lich's life force. As long as a lich's phylactery reamins intact, they will rise again after being defeated. However, this orb seems to have a number of (sometimes conflicting) enchantments which suggest it is more than a "normal" phylactery.

The surface of the orb is covered in many arcane runes and symbols. They are in draconic, infernal, and celestial. Words and phrases intersect in complex ways to form layers of spells and secrets.

The orb seems to drain a bit of life from the owner, resulting in -3HP, while at the same time placing them more in tune to the world of magic. This results in +3MP while they remain the owner of the object. This only applies to users of arcane magic (Wizards, Sorcerers) and not clerics.

The runes and spells contain a great deal of knowldege. It must be studied to learn more. When examining the orb, it is clear there are four categories of study that are possible:


At the outset, it will take only 1 hour of study to attempt to gain a level (and thus earn some knowledge) in a particular area. If you succeed, it will take 2 hours of time to attempt again in the same area of study. So, the length of time required for each attempt is the current level x 1 hour.

To study the orb:

  1. First, announce which area you plan to study from the four above.
  2. Roll d20
  3. Add your INT modifier
  4. Add +1 for all of the following languages you know: draconic, infernal, and celestial.
  5. If your roll is high enough, you will learn more about your chosen area.
Each level of study will become more difficult as you progress.