Experienced Points: 3 Odd Things About The Tomb Raider Xbox One Exclusive

By Shamus   Aug 19, 2014   Escapist 95 comments

Diecast #72: Tomb Raider Exclusive, Superhero MMOs

By Shamus   Aug 18, 2014   Diecast 104 comments

Tomb Raider EP23: The Ballad of Tom Braider

By Shamus   Aug 25, 2013   Spoiler Warning 176 comments

Tomb Raider EP22: Diplomacy Shotgun

By Shamus   Aug 22, 2013   Spoiler Warning 45 comments

Tomb Raider EP21: The Wheels Come Off

By Shamus   Aug 2, 2013   Spoiler Warning 73 comments

Tomb Raider EP20: Why is Everything Backwards?

By Shamus   Aug 1, 2013   Spoiler Warning 58 comments

Tomb Raider EP19: A Couple of Tools

By Shamus   Jul 31, 2013   Spoiler Warning 79 comments

Tomb Raider EP18: Kiss This Guy

By Shamus   Jul 26, 2013   Spoiler Warning 88 comments

Tomb Raider EP17: Lifter Pulley System

By Shamus   Jul 25, 2013   Spoiler Warning 90 comments

Tomb Raider EP16: Spoiler Warning – The Musical

By Shamus   Jul 24, 2013   Spoiler Warning 91 comments

Tomb Raider EP15: Run You Bastards!

By Shamus   Jul 19, 2013   Spoiler Warning 100 comments

Tomb Raider EP14: We Require More Vespene Gas

By Shamus   Jul 18, 2013   Spoiler Warning 124 comments

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