Grand Theft Simulated Traffic

By Shamus   May 17, 2015   Video Games 90 comments

Grand Theft Auto Online

By Shamus   May 7, 2015   Game Reviews 57 comments

Reset Button: Do it Again, Stupid

By Shamus   Feb 1, 2015   Movies 106 comments

Experienced Points: What Makes the Technology in Grand Theft Auto V So Great

By Shamus   Jan 20, 2015   Escapist 51 comments

Diecast #83: Game Awards 2014, GTA V “Banned”

By Shamus   Dec 8, 2014   Diecast 272 comments

GTA IV vs Saints Row 2: Story

By Shamus   Mar 26, 2009   Game Reviews 21 comments

GTA IV vs. Saints Row: Missions

By Shamus   Mar 24, 2009   Game Reviews 39 comments

STUDY: Violent Video Games Turn Teens Into Fat, Weakling Killing Machines

By Shamus   Dec 8, 2008   Video Games 36 comments

GTA:SA:PC: Strangeness

By Shamus   Aug 26, 2008   Projects 34 comments

First Impressions

By Shamus   May 14, 2008   Game Reviews 52 comments

A Different Kind of Review

By Shamus   Apr 29, 2008   Video Games 31 comments

GTA: LCS: Grand Theft Railroad

By Shamus   Apr 24, 2007   Game Design 33 comments

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