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By Shamus
on Jul 13, 2012
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Let’s Play through a game and make fun of all the little flaws and lapses in common sense.

Shamus Plays World of Warcraft

This let's play series ran at The Escapist. It's the story of World of Warcraft during the transition to Cataclysm, told from the point of view of one of those little NPC Imps that Warlocks can summon.

1:Its An Imps Life
2:Toiling in the Kobold Mines
3:Into the Bandits Den
4:What Happens in Goldshire
5:Another Day Another Mine
6:Overwhelmed by Kobolds
7:The Cataclysm Begins
8:Lazy Star Crossed Lovers
9:No Murloc No Wedlock
10:0 Murloc Madness
11:What More Work
13:Crime and Punishment
14:Thinking Inside the Box
15:The Final Quest

Shamus Plays Lord of the Rings Online

The story of the Hobbit Lulzy in Lord of the Rings Online as she tries to save the Shire from rampant stupidity, apathy, and more stupidity. This series ran at The Escapist.

1:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 1
2:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 2
3:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 3
4:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 4
5:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 5
6:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 6
7:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 7
8:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 8
9:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 9
10:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 10
11:0 Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 11
12:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 12
13:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 13
14:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 14
15:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 15
16:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 16
17:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 17
18:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 18
19:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 19
20:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 20
21:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 21
22:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 22
23:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 23
24:Shamus Plays LOTRO Part 24
25:Shamus Plays LOTRO The Finale

A Star is Born: The Story of Star on Chest

My adventure in Champions Online!

Star on Chest is becoming the premiere celebrity crimefighter of Millennium City and is the author of "An Awesome Being on Being Awesome, the Story of Star on Chest". He appeared in People magazine's "Top 50 best-looking superheroes of 2007", and was a guest judge on ABC's "Dancing with the Superheroes". He's the exclusive spokeshero for Altmier's Brand Zesty Hot Sauce and for State Trust Auto Insurance.

For product endorsements, public appearances, or crime fighting, please contact Champion Media Worldwide and ask to speak with his agent.

A personal message from Star on Chest: "I'll be appearing at the grand opening of the Northwood Center Mall this weekend. Stop on by to see your favorite star-based hero in person! Autographed photos just $20! Bring a friend!"

1:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 1
2:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 2
3:Let’s Play Champions Online Pt. 3
4:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 4
5:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 5
6:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 6
7:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 7
8:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 8
9:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 9
10:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 10
11:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 11
12:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 12
13:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 13
14:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 14
15:Let's Play Champions Online Pt. 15

Josh Plays Shogun 2

This is an ongoing series by my friend Josh, playing a hardcore game of Shogun 2. It's focused on strategy and AI analysis, with a bit of historical flavor.

1:Shogun 2
2:Sengoku Tower Defense
3:Taking the Offensive
4:The Game's Afoot!
5:The Sky is Always Darkest...
7:The Rising Sun
8:Diplomatic Overtures
9:Skyrim Edition
10:A Roll of the Dice
11:Putting the Pieces Together
12:Border Wars
13:All's Fair When Josh is Playing
15:Stop Me If You've Heard This Before...
16:Calm Before the Storm
17:The Beginning of the End
18:The Battle of Okehazama
19:Anno Domini
20:Holding it Together

Fable 2

This isn't so much a Let's Play as a scene-by-scene deconstruction of the game, paying special attention to failures of logic, continuity, lore, tone, characterization, mechanics, setting, and everything else. I love the storybook presentation of Fable 2, but the story is a complete mess.

1:A Bird Crapped on Your Head
3:Shadow Court Press
4:The Goldun Riter!
5:Thematic Failures

Silent Hill Origins

I love the Silent Hill series. Well, I love the ideas it contains. Check out my long-form analysis on the plot of Silent Hill 2. Origins tried, and it had some flashes of creativity, but it was mostly an exercise in missing the point.

1:Trucker's Delight
2:Hello Nurse!
4:Dang Kids
5:At The Movies
6:Cult of Travis

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