Six Songs Collide

By Shamus
on Feb 27, 2007
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This is an amazing example of how far mashups have come. Norwegian Recycling – How Six Songs Collide:

The artist doesn’t just mix the tunes, he splices and layers lyrics together. Amazing. I’m not sure I would care for the songs that went into this thing, but the blended version is enjoyable and surprising.

(Via Mashuptown.)

LATER: I should add, for the impatient, that the real magic happens around 4:15 when all six songs come into play and we seamlessly cut from one to the next, often mid-line.

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  1. neminem says:

    Alright. Yeah, that track’s pretty good… but you really want to be introduced to two people:

    Of all my favorite mashup artists, they’re the two I think of most for the “more than half a dozen sources per song” subgenre of mashups.

  2. Greg says:

    Actually, I was surprised by this myself. It’s a concept I hadn’t heard of (though I am known to generally live under a rock…) and while I expected blood to immediately come pouring out from my ears, the music was surprisingly pleasant to listen to. Still not my sort of music, but it wasn’t painful like I expected :)

  3. Dez says:

    I am a big fan of a couple of the original songs, and have not heard some of the others, but I thought that was pretty fantastic.

    I agree with Greg, the music was very “pleasent to listen to.”


  4. Paul says:

    While I am extremely impressed at the video and audio editing prowess with which that was created, it is a sad commentary on today’s adult comtemporary music genre that six songs can be intertwined that way without significant, indeed, without ANY dissonance. As Mitch Benn said a couple of years ago, “Everything sounds like Coldplay now.”

  5. pdwalker says:

    That’s @#%@ impressive!

  6. Daedalist says:

    Paul said: it is a sad commentary on today’s adult comtemporary music genre that six songs can be intertwined that way without significant, indeed, without ANY dissonance

    Popular music has always been a bit that way. Every kid who learns to play piano can bang out the chords to “Heart and Soul”, but those chords actually form the basis of a large number of songs, from Pearl Jam to Jeff Buckley. There’s plenty of common musical patterns in Western music that can be exploited in the same way.

  7. Pixy Misa says:

    That rocked.

    A lot of the art to this is finding the tunes that work together. You certainly can’t do it with just any six tunes.

  8. Pixy Misa says:

    (And I do have a little experience here, though not with that level of skill.)

  9. Farvana says:

    Paul and Daedalist:

    Remember the Pachelbel rant?

    Those songs range in age pretty widely, I believe (what, five years? More?)… Is it that surprising that several pop groups use the same basic chords? There’s only so many basic progressions.

    Coldplay is one of my guilty pleasures, and I’ll say they really haven’t dented the pop scene that much. It was already heading that direction.

  10. Ryan says:

    Very good, I rather liked it.

    I came across a similar thing sometime last year when someone took a recent song by Depeche Mode and mixed it with an earlier song by the Cure. Being familiar with both songs I didn’t think it would work at all, but turned out very well, and is my preferred way to listen to either of them now.

  11. […] WordPress is being stupid and not showing the video here – you can watch it on Shamus’ site while I fix this up. […]

  12. AndrewNZachsDad says:

    That was pretty sweet. I agree that the songs often lend themselves to this sort of work since they all sound the same, but there is truth to the idea that there are only so many “natural sounding” progressions. The real skill here I think was to layer these 6 songs in such a seamless manner to make something that was actually enjoyable to listen to.
    Great. Yet another musical genre to fill my HDD with. :)

  13. Chiaojin says:

    i love this song alot!
    can anyone list out the 6 songs that they have mix up so well>>?

  14. Musoeun says:

    In case you track comments, a heads up that the linked video is now dead.

    Yes, I’ve been avidly reading all the archives for the last week after running across you D&D Campaign – read DM of the Rings a couple years ago but now this site as a whole intrigues me.

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