Stolen Pixels #227: PUNishment

By Shamus Posted Friday Sep 17, 2010

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You people and your endless “bee” puns. You think you’re so funny. Well now look at what you made me do. LOOK AT IT. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? IS IT? LOOK AT WHAT I’VE BECOME! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. I HATE YOU!


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58 thoughts on “Stolen Pixels #227: PUNishment

  1. JohnQadams says:

    wow… just… wow.

  2. Cerapa says:



    1. Jarenth says:

      A bee-hemoth, if you will.

      1. Andy_Panthro says:

        I can’t beelieve it!

        Surely this swarm of puns is over now?

        It’s bringing me out in hives!

        1. ClearWater says:

          You can’t bee serious! (And don’t call me Shirley!) That just stings.

          (Oh, and also: arrr!)

  3. Neil Polenske says:



    1. GTB says:

      hahaha. This is the first thing I thought of too.

    2. Irridium says:

      No! Do a dance!

  4. Jon Ericson says:

    Officially the best explanation yet of what the hell the subtitle of the new Metroid game actually means.

    1. RTBones says:

      Now, you, Mumbles, DRAWing a BEEd on us? Truly, unBEElievable!

      EDIT: And well and truly BEEutiful, as you say.

      1. Ratatoskz says:

        oh, beehave…

    2. SKD says:

      How many pairs of shades is he going to wear?

      1. Daemian Lucifer says:

        As many as…
        *puts on sunglasses over his regular ones*
        …is necessary


    3. Jarenth says:

      Your Bigger Than Cheeses reference sure was unexpected.

      You might even say…


      …I was BEEwilderd.


    4. Galenor says:

      Looks like you truly are the QUEEN of bee puns! :D

      1. X2-Eliah says:

        Stop drone-ing on that point. Really, these been puns seems to have lost their sting.

        1. Daemian Lucifer says:

          Dont worry,soon we will have a new spoiler warning to refill our buzz.

  5. RTBones says:

    I have already “pre-answered” under the previous post, so I will refrain from saying too much here, other than to tell you Shamus that we’re glad to see you become one of the pundits. :)

  6. Daemian Lucifer says:

    I like it*.Do you have more?

    *I read irregular webcomic,so these are tamed compared to the ones coming out of DMMs head.

    1. acronix says:

      I think the same. We are so proud of you!

      1. Joe says:

        Yeah. So many philosophy puns, so few panels.

  7. mumakil says:

    Ooh we just got stinged.
    But im sure Shamush is just Beeing fair.

    (no the puns will never stop. They shall be your doom…)

  8. SKD says:

    UH-OH. They broke Shamus.

    1. Old_Geek says:

      I’m pretty sure he was broken BEEfore this.

      1. SKD says:

        Regardless, shame him for dropping to our level and shame us for driving him to it

        1. squishydish says:

          You mean, shamus for driving shamus to it?

          1. Jordan says:

            I don’t blame him, he’s thinks this whole business is beecoming too much.

  9. Friend of Dragons says:

    Shamus employs punitive measures in his new offensive.

    1. Taellosse says:


      I think puns are much better when they aren’t so forced. Messing with the spelling of regular words always feels like they’re trying too hard.

      They’re punting, if you will.

      1. Friend of Dragons says:

        Indeed, but I admit I will also use the other type of puns on occasion if given cause to do so, which you will see if you read down a little :D

  10. John Callaghan says:

    I don’t understand this at all… Still, you’re under no obligation to pander to my own special sense of humour.

    Well done on your entertaining and usually comprehensible writing (which is more entertaining and comprehensible than I usually am in normal conversation).

    1. Pickly says:

      Yes, I’m confused as well. (After reading the comments, I can see the “gere/gear” one, but the other ones are still going right past.)

  11. Pumpkinetics says:

    Curses! We’ve been -bee-ten at our own game!

  12. SolkaTruesilver says:

    I always knew Shamus was into games..

    I never would have guessed he’d become a Gaming Pundit.

  13. Eldiran says:

    The title for this comic should have been “Sin and PUNishment”.

    1. Calli says:

      We got Chime and Punishment instead this week. Maybe Shamus was in a literary mood?

  14. X2-Eliah says:

    Shamus’s condition is even worse than it appears. Direct quote: “LOOK AT WHAT I’VE BECOME!” …Become. See – he does the puns subconsciously now. Puns to Shamus is what dancing to bees is.. wait a moment.. OH GOD!

    1. Friend of Dragons says:

      Yes Shamus, look what you’ve BEEcome.

      1. X2-Eliah says:

        Look and bee afraid.

  15. Syal says:

    And now I’m picturing System Spock.

    1. neolith says:

      :D You win!

  16. Mom says:

    This is distressing. I just broke out in hives.

  17. Hal says:

    Reminds me quite a bit of Dueling Analog’s “Games I’m glad were never made” series.

  18. Dragomok says:

    I want to admit that I enjoyed the comic even though I hadn’t known about “bee” pun then.

    Hopefully I don’t need to be aShamused ashamed about this.

  19. GM says:

    these pictures remind me of blended pics of games or movies somewhere at worth1000

  20. bit says:

    Okay, I have to admit, I found the Metroid one beeautiful.

  21. omicron says:

    Don’t worry, be happy now!

  22. Halfling says:

    We should have foreseen this. What horrors have we unleashed upon humanity!?!?!?! What have we done!

    1. Katesickle says:

      Last night I had a dream about bees. I woke up making a pun. I WOKE UP MAKING A PUN! This has to end now, beefore all of humanity becomes nothing but mindless pun-making drones. This epidemic is going to swarm over the world if nothing is done. We need to do a sting operation to exterminate the problem. We’ll bee sorry if this hive of puns isn’t beeten back beefore it beecomes to late.

      Oh god, I can’t stop buzzing with these unbeerable stingers. Shamus, quick! Nuke the swarm of unbeelieavable punny comments, and beelete the Spoiler Warning ep-bee-sode! Hurry! Beefore all is lost!

  23. Irridium says:


    I’m physically and mentally hurt now. Why didn’t we just let him bee…

  24. wtrmute says:

    Heh. In fact, I thought this was one of the funniest SPs to date. Basically every SP is interesting in some fashion, but this one is just plain funny.

  25. Timelady says:

    I thought this wasp pretty good, actually. HI’ve always gotten quite a buzz from puns, and these were real honeys.

  26. winter says:

    You missed a real opportunity to photoshop Dan from Street Fighter onto the first one. (Or would that be too ambiguous?)

  27. Will says:

    I suddenly want to see a Geres of War photoshop.

  28. Yar Kramer says:

    I like how you used the font for MGS1’s logo for a PS3 game. :B

  29. X2-Eliah says:

    Where are my Bees of Fury for the bPhone?

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