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By Shamus Posted Friday Dec 9, 2005

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So, if Final Fantasy X were somehow made into a movie, who would play the various characters?

FFX was my first exposure the the franchise, and it left a big impression on me. It has a massive, richly-detailed world. I’m talking Lord of the Rings-sized fantasy world, here. Futhermore, it is a truly unique world. This isn’t some third-generation Tolkienesque D&D ripoff. This isn’t goblins with six-shooters, or Elves in space. This is a whole new kind of world with its own ideas about magic, technology, and culture. The world of Spira has different languages, religions, sports, ethnic groups, political struggles, clothing styles, and inventions. It is full of characters that are amusing, whimsical, frightening, sad, and inspiring.

The game is a technical wonder as well. Even now, years after its release, it still looks great. The voice acting is superb. The pacing is excellent. The game is a fantastic experience, and is even fairly accessable to people new to the genre.

So I like it, is what I’m saying.

Now, I feel no need to see a movie version of it, but as I discussed earlier, it is often fun to muse over who might play the various parts. Here are my own suggestions, in order of confidence:

Joaquin Phoenix as Seymor – This seems like a perfect fit to me. The voice and look match almost perfectly. He would really look like Seymor – Assuming you can actually construct that gravity-defying blue hair. The hair would probably have to be CGI.

The character of Seymor is actually very similar to one of his earlier roles, that of Commodus in Gladiator. Seymor and Commodus are both rulers driven by their own warped emotional needs to do horrible things. Commodus is driven by a need for love, particularly the unobtainable love of his father. Seymor is driven by the loss of his mother as a boy. Both seem to wish to destroy the world in the name of saving it. Both make compelling and tortured villans.

Bruce Willis as Auron – Another natural pick. Bruce has spent his career playing this part, in slightly different permutations, over and over.

The world-weary Auron is a great source of wisdom and courage for the other heroes. It would be nice to see Bruce trade his pistol for a big-ass sword for a change.

Michael Clarke Duncan as Kimari Ronso – I assume that we would be making the seven-foot tall, blue-haired, musclebound cat-man in CGI, so we just need the right voice. MCD is is great match for the stoic and thoughtful Ronso.
Jessica Alba as Lulu – Lulu is a very dark, bitchy, goth-ish character. I didn’t care for her very much and thought she added a lot of needless friction to the team. This may make the choice of Alba a bit odd, but I think it fits. If she could actually act, I could imagine her pulling off Lulu’s condesending, arrogant, and aloof manner.
Kirsten Dunst as Yuna – This isn’t a perfect fit. Yuna is very timid with other people, and while I’m sure Dunst could play her, that’s not the sort of personality she gives off. She projects a bit too much strength to really become the shy and unsure Yuna.
Emma Watson as Rikku – This one is a cop-out, but young stars are hard to come by. As a rule, young people are just not famous. Rikku is supposed to be like 14-ish, and coming up with someone famous at that age is hard enough, much less someone that truly looks the part. I suppose you could use an Olsen Twin as well, but I’ve never actually seen the Olsen twins in anything, so I don’t know how well that fits.

Rikku is also hard to nail down visually. In most of the game she looks like a white redhead, but when the game switches to pre-rendered hi-res cgi, she looks like a blond asian. I assume the high-res version is the more “correct” one, but that doesn’t help in nailing down someone that looks the part.

I don’t have a good suggestion for Wakka. He seems to be in his mid-20’s. He’s really beefy. The picture on the left doesn’t show it, but he usually wears his hair in a single ridiculous spike that points skyward. Considering how much time he spends swimming, this seems a bit unlikely even by anime standards. He’s dark-skinned, red-haired, muscular, and speaks with a unique accent that isn’t used by anyone else in the game, even the people from his home island.

Given his build, I think you’d need a professional wrestler or athlete to play him. Nobody comes to mind.

UPDATE: Pat suggests Matt Damon. Yeah.

And here we are, with no suggestions for the main character. This is terrible. Tidus is like Rikku in that he looks white in the game and very dark-skinned in the CGI cutscenes. He’s supposed to be 16 or so, but seems to be quite athletic and muscular. I can’t imagine anyone that could pull this off.

Update: Pat suggests Jared Leto. Another good match.

Have any suggestions for Tidus or Wakka? Aren’t happy with one of the other choices? Drop a comment.

UPDATE: As pat pointed out in the comments: Matt Damon for Wakka, and Jared Leto as Tidus.


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52 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X

  1. Patrick says:

    dude…we’ve been through this.

    Matt Damon could pull of Wakka…he would just have to get a tan.

    And I was thinking Jared Leto as Tidus….

    And you forgot the obligatory inclusion of Cristopher Walken…possibly as Jecht?

  2. sim says:

    maybe jessie mccartney for tidus….maybe but definately an olson for rikku

  3. bkw says:

    Wakka’s accent in the English dubbed version is very Hawaiian. You obviously need to take the family on a week vacation to Kauai! :)

  4. Tirandell says:

    I don’t know much about celebs so i’ll stick with your choices apart from Kirsten Dunce. She is too Bimboish to play Yuna. I would think also thar the Vampire lady from League of Extraordinary Gentleman would be a good choice for Lulu. kk

  5. Kitty says:

    jessica alba is a loser she could never fit the part of LULU ever and LULU is not needness friction she is so alsome got to love the dress,….. LULU is a lot better the that useless girl yuna she to weak and need help she complains to much and an so full of her self all the other guy in the game are cool to but not yuna.

  6. Neneh says:

    Are you kidding me?! KIRSTEN DUNCE?!
    no way.
    And btw Lulu isn’t useless Lulu is essntial. She was like a big sister to Yuna and she teaches Tidus alot about how to respect women and how to win Yuna.
    As to Kitty.
    What are you NUTS?
    Where would the game be without Yuna?
    Storyline. She is one of the main characters DAMMIT.
    Its not just Tidus’s story as stated in the game. Its all about Yuna and Tidus. Its Yuna’s journey that Tidus becomes a guardian on. Yuna that Tidus falls in love with. Uhm Hello? Main Character?
    See what I’m getting at here?

  7. rayna says:

    Lulu is a goth who needs some sun that slut…

  8. ngthagg says:

    This is horribly outdated, but . . .

    Scott Caan for Wakka. He even has the hair in enemy of the state.

  9. Cesia says:

    I think Vanilla Ice fits Wakka. I’m not sure if we’re only doing actors and actresses but lets not forget that Vanilla Ice did star in The New Guy.

  10. Lenne says:

    Tidus – Paul Walker.
    Yuna – Julia Stiles.

  11. sara says:

    Angelina Jolie for Lulu!!!!

    Asia Argento for Yuna!!!

  12. Molly says:

    Rikku does not look like a blonde asian. Asians can’t go blonde, it’s physically impossible. I think Gemma Ward (she’s a model but she’s starting to act)should play her. seriously look into it. I am a genious!

  13. SongCoyote says:

    Asians can’t go blonde? Never heard of ganguro, ne?

    Kawaii-ku-nai, dakara omoshiroi desu!

  14. Big McLargehuge says:

    Well, Shamus, this is what you get for talking about YouTube… really bad internet screaming contests.

  15. Wakka is a tough one, I think I’d cast Jason Scott Lee…

  16. Dante Soulbinder says:

    All these ideas… How about actual ASIAN actors, huh? After all none of the actors can look much like like Yuna or Tidus (not to mention Rikku)… And there are LOTS of em in Japan… They would find a perfect fit :)

  17. Simon says:

    What about Angelina Jolie as Lulu ?

  18. ragnadragon says:

    Gackt would fit PERFECTLY for Tidus.

  19. David says:

    Ben styne as trommell

  20. David says:

    Cody Linley. for tidus (Mullet fingers “the blonde kid” from the movie “HOOT”) acting would need a little work and he would probably need some more muscle tone but I think he could pull it off.

  21. elda says:

    All these ideas… How about actual ASIAN actors, huh? After all none of the actors can look much like like Yuna or Tidus (not to mention Rikku)… And there are LOTS of em in Japan… They would find a perfect fit

    well…i don’t think many of us know many asian actors. (i don’t even know that many american ones. which is sad i guess)

  22. Gildragon says:

    Most of the asian actors I can think of that are any good I do not think would match the characters. later I might comment on (of the people I know) who woudl be the best for the particular role. Example Chow Yun-Fat as Auron might be a good match

  23. Gildragon says:

    Chow Yun-Fat as Auron
    Michelle Yeoh as Lulu.
    Ziyi Zhang as Rikku.
    Ken Watanabe as Wakka.
    Gong Li as Yuna.
    Takeshi Kaneshiro as Tidus.
    Jet Li as Seymour.
    Lucy Liu as Belinda.
    Jackie Chan as Cid.

  24. Megan says:


    jessie Mccartny should play tidus he looks exactly like
    him. i mean come on people don’t you see how much they
    look alike. and i also think kirsten dunst should play
    yuna. and angelina jolie as lulu or jessica alba. and
    emma waston as rikku i could play her i’m blonde but not
    much of an antress.

  25. Megan says:

    ya know my freind megan looks exactly like Rikku but she won’t do it. just whatever you do don’t pick Hilarey duff to play Rikku, she’s lost her touch with acting. what about the dwayne the rock to play Wakka. he’s the closest you’ll get to Wakka with look alikes plus he is very talented with acting. and one thing about jackie chan he doesn’t look anything like cid, cid is white,chan is chinese. he very talented but just not right for cid. Dude, Gildragon pick someone that looks like them, and no more chinese people or Asian actor’s. LOOK ALIKES PEOPLE! if i think about something else i’ll blog it. guys we NEED suggestions now. if your a real fan of final fantasy leave a reply.

  26. Tito says:

    Tidus should DEFINITLY be played by Jeremy Sumpter. Rikku should be played by Tara Strong, the one who did her voice..make-up to make her look 15 though.

  27. Tito says:

    and um…wtf are u smoking gildragon…the people in final fantasy aren’t asian, not one of them. look at them.

  28. Megan says:

    THANLK U tito for backing me up with the asian people GILDRAGON was talking about THANK U TITO.

  29. Megan says:

    OK i take back what i said Angelina jolie should DEFINITLY play as lulu.she’s perfect to play the part, she dark, mysterious, and she look’s exactly like her. for me she’s the perfect person to play lulu. pick her most DEFINITLY.

  30. Megan says:

    As i said before if ypur a true fan of final fantasy leave a reply if you don’t your not a real fan of final fantasty, if you already posted leave some more if you can think of anyone to play the parts. THAT MEANS YOU GILDRAGON, think of people who are not chinese, or asian. like wakka he’s basicly mexican. yuna is white and sois tidus, lulu, rikku. and i think auron is mexican he looks like it and not to mention seymor looks white. POST IF YOUR A REAL FAN EVEN IF YOU ALREADY POSTED, POST AGAIN AND AGAIN, IF YOUR A REAL FAN, WERE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.

  31. Tito says:

    OK, maybe not Angelina Jolie to play the part of Lulu…Lulu isnt as tall as A.J….also, I’m not sure of A.J. could go goth…Amy Lee for Lulu? Shes beautiful physically and looks similar, and we all know she can pull off goth. Vanilla Ice should be Wakka. Jeremy Sumpter as Tidus, no doubt. Yuna…still haven’t decided…Bruce Willis as Auron, definitly…I agree Joaquin Phoenix for Seymour. Only choice. Emma Watson doesn’t look like Rikku to me, I’m sorry. Tara Strong with make-up. only choice I can come up with. Kimahri, he doesn’t need to be CGI. But, 7 foot tall muscle-bound dudes aren’t easy to come by.

  32. Tito says:

    Wakka isn’t mexican, listen he sounds VERY hawaiian…also, hes very muscular and has a square face, not mexican at all. Auron is definitly NOT mexican, whens the last time you saw a rugged-looking Bruce Willis look-a-like mexican? never, they are all short…jk but seriously thats not a standard mexican look. Kimahri I still can’t figure out…

  33. Megan says:

    I SAID HE SORTA LOOKS MEXICAN i didin;t say he did, but now that you mention it he does look hawaiin and sounds too. but he looks sorta mexican. and yes jolie CAN go goth HAVE YOU SEEN HER MOVIES.

  34. Tito says:

    yea i guess she could…its still a toss up between her and amy lee though

  35. Megan says:

    Tito i want you to do something, go to images and type in angelina jolie there’s a picture i found there where she looks goth go through it again and again till you find it. and i think amy lee shhound’nt play the part of lulu, she looks to young, don’t get me wrong she’s definitly goth but realy doen’t look the part THAT much. did you pick anyone for WAKKA yet? tara stong might look the part for rikku you did say she played her voice, and the key word would be MIGHT there, but maybe not cause she’s 32 but then again uhh, i don’t know right now. BLOG Tito

  36. Megan says:

    istn’t amy lee “lady soverion” she looks like it. i’m very bad with people who look like other people. Oh yeah is belinda that dead woman who challanges yuna gonna be in the movie? i was wandering about that cause someone mention her before i think it was GILDRAGON, and surprisinly the girl he mentioned looks like her, and she’s asian. i think her name was LUCY LIU, look her up and see if you agree.

  37. Megan says:

    ya knw if SHIVA gona be in the movie Natalie Portman could probebly play her, if she still has hair. If not put a wig on her, anyone agree?

  38. rabbitgmlvl says:

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  39. Megan z says:

    i knw wat u mean but just so ya knw there is always a catch that they dont tell u. me 4 right now im not gonna go there, but i deffenitly knw wat u mean.

    1. Kaliam says:

      Screw. You.

  40. Matt says:

    Hayley Benett for yuna
    emma watson is good for rikku
    my friend nick for wakka
    and myself for tidus.
    bruce is good for auron
    kat von d for lulu

  41. Katrani Merack says:

    I pretty much agree with Shamus’ picks, except for Bruce Willis. I dunno, I just can’t see Bruce as Auron. Could we possibly find a white (or whatever Auron is supposed to be- Hispanic, whatever) version of Samuel L. Jackson? Sorry, but when I think of Auron’s cahracter that’s who i think of.

  42. CodeMan says:

    I personally believe that if Brett Favre was an actor, he would make an awesome Wakka…think about it…they do look somewhat similar…they both throw balls…why not? IDK, maybe it’s just me

  43. Gildragon says:

    In response to Megan and Tito. I only used those actors becuase prior to my post the idea was to use asina actors. because in some CGI scenes they do look asian

  44. Jojoxoxox says:

    Joaquin Phoenix as Seymour WHAT THE HELL!?!

    In one part of the wedding he is so much like christopher walkin!!! It is a shame though the man is too old to play the part he would be perfect he has the smug look about him and all to me no one else could ever play this part but him!!

  45. Akweezy says:

    man idk his name but the bad guy in never back down as tidus. dudes jacked!

  46. Ephraim says:

    Dennis Quaid has THE perfect face for Auron, according to the picture up above.

  47. Noumenon says:

    Man, where did you get the commenters for this post? Very subpar. Great idea for a post though, I love FF-X.

  48. sloth says:

    the guy who played Tom Sawyer in The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, his name is Shane West. He would be absolutely perfect to play Titus. check him out.

    1. Kaliam says:

      I completely 100% agree. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a great movie, and it showed Shane’s true potential. I really, really recommend him.

  49. Kaliam says:

    I think that Natalie Portman would be a perfect fit for Yuna I think. I’m not talking about the mentally strong and leader like figure in Star Wars 1 & 2. I’m talking about the easily pushed around girl that was see in the third movie and the unsure woman that we see in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Imporium (I probably spelled magorium and imporium wrong, but I don’t care to get the movie box right now). Take that character, with the fact that Yuna and Natalie look somewhat alike, throw in some make up and practice and you will have the perfect Yuna. Not only that, but thanks to Star Wars, Natalie does have some fantasy and green screen movie experiance. Message me your thoughts about this.

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