DM of the Rings L:
Not to be Looked in the Mouth

By Shamus Posted Friday Jan 12, 2007

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Rohan. Gimli is a bad diplomat. Rules on mounted combat.


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61 thoughts on “DM of the Rings L:
Not to be Looked in the Mouth

  1. Robert says:

    Every Friday, I waste innumerable hours hitting “refresh” hoping that this comic, and OOTS, will have updated.

    Thank you for saving me an estimated three hours of clicking by posting early in the day. Now can you go over to OOTS and make them hurry things up?

    1. Hattington says:

      Wow! Just like me!
      Only I do my clicking refresh on Darths and Droids.

      1. StarSword says:

        Try signing up to the RSS feed.

    2. Lilly says:

      Who clicks to refresh? Why not sure just f5?

  2. Alex says:

    Fantastic as always. The screen grab selection for the last panel, especially, is priceless.

  3. xargon says:

    That’s actually better than a lot of plot hooks–at least this one doesn’t take place in a tavern.

  4. Hoyce says:

    “Hark thy fate Sucketh” Hilarious!

  5. ChristianTheDane says:

    Legolas´ line was bloody brilliant. Kudos!

  6. Lycoris says:

    Also loving the Legolas line. I LOLed. ^_^

  7. Paul says:

    “Every Friday, I waste innumerable hours hitting “refresh” hoping that this comic…will have updated.”

    Psst. Dude, RSS!

  8. Beckyzoole says:

    The screencaps are brilliant as usual, but Aragorn’s expression in the last panel is especially fitting!

  9. Tirgaya says:

    What I LOVE is the set up, because we all know Aragorn is going to hit on the girl whenever he gets to town, and the girl will turn out to be what passes for a princess.

  10. Two horses? Only two horses? Which of the three gets to walk?

  11. Clyde says:

    Steven, that would be the stumpy guy whose legs don’t reach the stirrups!

  12. Pete Zaitcev says:

    Oh come on, I thought Miranda Otto did great. She’s not a beauty certainly, but she can perform.

  13. Steve says:

    I like the way this “Aragormless” thinks. Legoless isn’t even trying and should be punished with reduction in XPs. If they ever earn any, that is.

    Question: Why is Robert (from post #1) doing impersonations of me every Friday?



  14. Carl the Bold says:

    Miranda Otto is not a beauty? Sir, I shall have to ask you to roll for initiative!

  15. theonlymegumegu says:

    The 2nd and 4th panel make GREAT expressions for the content. Also, this party seems to get gifted things and the funniest times… (I still can’t stop laughing at “Behold! We give you these boats as gifts!)

  16. Yahzi says:

    Everytime I come back here to read the latest comic, I wind up re-reading a few of the earlier ones.

    And laughing even harder at them the second time around.

    That’s about the best compliment I can think of. :)

  17. Ava Tari says:

    Dunno about Robert FirstPost, but I use Firefox and it doesn’t like the RSS feed. So I have to manually check in.

  18. MicroGoddess says:

    { “Every Friday, I waste innumerable hours hitting “refresh” hoping that this comic…will have updated.”

    Psst. Dude, RSS! }

    I need an notifier for my RSS news… which I keep forgetting to check!

    Love the Legolas shot; definitely the best in a long time. Gotta wonder how Gimli’s character will react to his end of the horse deal.

  19. Lil'German says:

    @Steve Den Beste
    [i]Two horses? Only two horses? Which of the three gets to walk?[/i]

    Hasn’t Gimli (in books and films) always shared the beast with Leggy?
    As far as i remember at least the “marvelous uplift” (hilariously bad fx) was them together on one horse… before and after i’m not sure, but i thought they’d shared all the time.

    Well, but it will definitively NOT be good for the future image of the leggy-lass Player :D

  20. SteveDJ says:

    What? The horse’s name is “Arod”?

    Sure, that may be exactly from Tolkien, but seriously now, the previous strip was all about “The Name Game” — surely by now the players would be asking the DM why this horse is named after a baseball player?!?

  21. Heather says:

    “surely by now the players would be asking the DM why this horse is named after a baseball player?!?”

    Maybe they would if the DM in question (and the writer of the strip) knew anything about baseball, which he doesn’t. Oh yeah, neither do I, you mean “Arod” is the name of a player?

  22. SteveDJ says:

    Alex Rodriguez played for the Seattle Mariners, then the Texas Rangers, and now for the New York Yankees. He’s been given the nickname “A-rod”.

    I guess I sorta hoped that having been on so many teams across the country that more people would recognize the name. Oh, well.

    1. johanna says:

      While I am no fan of baseball, I know who A-rod is because of some alleged relationship with Madonna. So I wondered too if the horse was named after the baseball player.

  23. Matt` says:

    -“Dunno about Robert FirstPost, but I use Firefox and it doesn't like the RSS feed. So I have to manually check in.”-

    I’m also using Firefox, RSS works fine for me
    Bookmarks -> Subscribe to this Page -> Choose Live Bookmark if it isnt already default
    Or click the little blue icon at the end of the address bar (or click & drag it to your bookmarks)
    Or go to “organise bookmarks” and then “add a live bookmark”

  24. Shamus says:

    I was never much of a baseball fan, but 1994 sort of clinched it for me. I sneer at the sport now, and have avoided it with unreasonable devotion.

  25. mom says:

    { “Every Friday, I waste innumerable hours hitting “refresh” hoping that this comic…will have updated.”

    When I first started reading these, Shamus told me he posts around noon.
    Hope that helps.

  26. Steelbutcher says:

    RE: “Miranda Otto is not a beauty.” Nevermind rolling for initiative, that provokes an attack of opportunity (no matter what edition you play).

  27. 2.5 cats says:

    I was at a panel on webcomics at Arisia, a SF-con in Boston. They recommended this one. I just plowed through all the strips. Hilarious! Keep it up!

  28. inara says:

    my opinion may not count for much, but i think Eowyn was very pretty. She had the whole rustic beauty thing going for her.

  29. Jaja says:

    That dim-witted/lusty look on Aragorn’s face in the last panel – bloody MARVELLOUS :)Kudos to Viggo Mortensen!My opinion of him has elevated substantially (I’ve always liked him, tho).

  30. Doccy says:

    Kudos to Viggo Mortensen!My opinion of him has elevated substantially (I've always liked him, tho).

    Aye – he severely rocked as The Devil back in Prophecy!

    And as for the horses…

    1) Easy split – Kingy gets one, and skinny and stumpy get to share the other ;) After all, the dwarf’s half-sized, and the elf can, like, balance on a piano wire while he relaxes!

    2) Hasufel and Arod. Hasufel. And Arod. Anyone really think they’ll remember the names beyond “yours” and “mine”? Nawwww…

  31. Evil Minion says:

    “What would I get if I were to, say, hit on your princess?”

    Foreshadowing! :-p

  32. damien walder says:

    Hey Firefox users! Safari (free!) loves this and many other worthy sites.

    Well done again, Shamus. Still reading – nice to see your following grows faster
    than the Uruk Hai (gesundheit!) of Saruman (say what?)…

    For the record, last game session the only time I drew my rogue/ninja’s sword (bow is primary weapon), he rolled a 1 on his attack…I mean, I rolled a 1.
    DM had him trip over the sword and fall on his face in front of nasty undead thing.
    Saved by better fighters, whew!

  33. haashaastaak says:

    but since he does not hit on the Princess, she hits on him, in the book and the movie, the web comic is now set up for Eomer to suspect wrongly that Aragorn planned a rendezvous before he even saw Eowyn.

  34. Andi says:

    “Hark, thy fate sucketh.”

    Oh, man, I’m gonna hafta use that in our next campaign! Too funny!

  35. Dune says:

    I’m a bit surprised you didn’t have the off color comments by the characters about being “abnormally close to the horses” when they were given them, in our group we would have gone off about how one of the horses liked to have 2 people “riding” him at once and so on

  36. Ben says:

    Speaking of mis-pronounced names, Hasufel and Arod were character names in one of my ancient campaigns (1st edition, young pups) because as a kid it was easier to steal names that you know your players never heard of.

    Unfortunately, Knight Rider was big then, and Hasufel the sinister dark knight was always Hasselhoff, who spoke to his horse through a com-link.

    A-Rod, on the other hand, got to keep his name, but this was well before Alex Rodriguez, and the name took on a whole different meaning, mostly relating to anatomy.

    Ah, memories….

  37. Max says:

    Third comic to make me laugh out loud. They’re getting closer together now. That is a very good thing.

  38. Nathan says:

    hehehe. Good comic. You’re really starting to get the hang of this sort of thing. And also, the story is getting to the jucy bits too.

  39. Cuauhtemoc says:

    “Hark thy fate Sucketh” is the best!
    This is the strip where I laughed the most in all the series (so far).

  40. Zosete says:

    Let me join the “that line is painfully funny” and “OOTs is great” chorus. Wonderful that every now and then someone new like me can enjoy that for the first time.

    I was gonna add that this was the time i laughed the most with DMTR, but… first time I arrived here I was pointed to another strip in the storu Something about Legolas behaviour in Orthanc. I won’t spoil it for you guys, but that’s SUPERB.

  41. Jesse says:

    Oh Gad! I’m dying of laughter! STOP IT, STOP IT your killing me!

    HA HA


  42. Mina says:


    After “Inventing Swear Words” became popular among my friends and I, Legolas’s ‘making things worse’ made me laugh so hard, my forehead was on my desk as my lungs vibrated with silent laughter.
    Staghorn is a really bad roll player, Mortus (the undead guy) uses lots of l33t speak (verbally!) and Ohxorn is just a regular guy trying to invent swear words that won’t get blocked by the chat filter.

    This video by Oxhorn, maker of The Tauren Brothers… is this… WAY off subject? Or just mostly?

  43. Aragorn says:

    “Hark,thy fate sucketh?” LOLOLOL the most funny part of the campaign ive read it 5 times and that sentence wins! lol great job shamus!!!!

  44. Colin says:

    I thought Miranda Otto looked a lot better than Liv Tyler…And I’m not even into blondes.

  45. Saoirse Young says:

    “hark thy fate sucketh”. HLMFAO I used to talk to my mates in school like that just to confuse them lmao

  46. James "Dairyllama" says:

    Given the chance, some of my players will sleep with anything that has a heartbeat, and sometimes with things that don’t…… .er, all in-game, of course >.>

  47. Sargadius says:


  48. Trick says:

    Alright, I’d like to know exactly how you do it. I’m reading this while I’m home from school sick with a killer of a sore throat and a cough, but… “Hark, thy fate sucketh”… Made me literally laugh out loud.

  49. Serenitybane says:

    “Hark, thy fate sucketh?”

  50. Trae says:

    I have a horse named Pepper. :D

  51. This still makes me laugh out loud every time I come back to it. “The penalty for trespassing in your lands is free horses?” Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha!

  52. K says:

    Like several others who commented here, I burst out laughing at “Hark, thy fate sucketh.” I think I’ll try using that next time one of my friends is in a sucky situation.

  53. Wide And Nerdy says:

    “What would I get if I were to, say, hit on your princess?”

    Did you already know what Aragorn was going to “get” from Eowyn? Because that line is hilarious in hindsight.

    1. Wide And Nerdy says:

      Or really, just funnier than it already was. Which is pretty funny.

  54. 4ier says:

    There’s a messed up character encoding in the comments.
    ´ should be ´

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