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By Shamus Posted Tuesday Oct 24, 2006

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Via Terminally Incoherent I find this gem:

RPG Flowchart, You found something!

The tag at the bottom says the comic is by Dave Kosak, but I couldn’t find the original.

LATER: “Comic”? Why did I call this thing a comic? This is humorous, yes. But I don’t think I’d call it a comic.


From The Archives:

7 thoughts on “RPG Flowchart

  1. Alex says:

    I don’t see how that applies exclusively to RPGs. Don’t I make the same sort of analysis each day?

  2. BeckoningChasm says:

    Yeah, I was just thinking that should be part of daily life. Where’s my printer and a pair of scissors!

  3. -Chipper says:

    Re: “Is it scary?” – shouldn’t there be a decision block “Is it REALLY scary?” with Yes leading to “RUN AWAY!”? At least it would if you came from the Brave Sir Robin Knight School!

    Amusing post.


  4. Mauro says:

    It’s not actually a comic, but a column by Dave “Fargo” Kosak on Gamespy.com …. every week he writes about a specific issue in gaming, films and geek culture in general…. is often funny and always sarcastic.

    This is an image used in a very old column about the dynamics of RPG characters and the minds of the players behind them.

  5. I’m slowly working my way through areas. I’m up to date on the Comic. I’ve read all your rants. I’m working on links now. I’m going to read the campaign material soon. I work my way up from the bottom on the non-storyline type stuff–reading the most recent first. I’m greatly amused, and intrigued. I find that my time is well spent reading and enjoying the site.

    Yay enjoyment.


  6. Oh. Yeah. I forgot. I meant to say, in my last comment:

    I had seen this once before. I Enjoy finding things I’ve seen before, and had forgotten, in a new place.

    It’s like someone finding a lost treasure, and handing it back, with no request for a reward.


  7. Tacoma says:

    A metagamer would stab the flowchart with his pencil as soon as the DM handed it to him, having made all the necessary decisions already.

    Then he would try to find another thing.

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