Stolen Pixels #162: Rorschach Interview, Part 4

By Shamus Posted Friday Jan 22, 2010

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This week my site has been nothing but links to other sites. This place is rapidly deteriorating into a Shamus-branded version of FARK.

Anyway, the conclusion to the Rorschach saga is now available for viewing.

Come back later in the day, when I’ll post another link to the Escapist, but this time for my weekly column.

I swear I’ll put some content on this site soon. Really.


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29 thoughts on “Stolen Pixels #162: Rorschach Interview, Part 4

  1. Deoxy says:

    To be fair, it is primarily your OWN content you are linking to, just not hosted here. That counts for quite a lot.

  2. acronix says:

    Dunno if you made it on purpose (I guess not), but Rorschach´s face in the close-up panel looks like an emoticon to me -> (^_^)

    Yeah, I think I spend too much time reading forums.

  3. SteveDJ says:

    Well, all your content may be offsite, but I’m still leaving my comments here (re: which team (CoCo or Leno) that I’m on):

    Can I be on both teams?

    I find Leno’s monologues much funnier – and liked his version of Tonight Show more than Conan’s show. So, I support Team Leno because I watch him more (though Leno at 10 just didn’t work for me).

    But, I feel that Conan got an unfair heave-ho from NBC – and I think Leno should have been the one sent packing. So I support Team CoCo, even though I’m not a regular viewer (though his shows this week have been much better than the rest (IMHO)).

  4. Girl Gamer says:

    Hmm, not quite the ending I expected somehow. I don’t watch late night telly at all — I’ve never seen a single episode of The Late Show or whatever — but I do sort of agree that once you’ve handed off to the next guy, you’re done. I blame the network, though.

  5. Adam says:

    I agree with Deoxy. It’s your own content, so works for me. Shoot, come to think of it, enough of your stuff is now on THE ESCAPIST to where I don’t really need to come here at all anymore… ;)

  6. AGrey says:

    Team CoCo!

    actually, i don’t watch either of them. I just hope that NBC got burned bad enough by all this to go back to making real TV shows again.

  7. Craig says:

    I watched Conan before the show move, and his last week at his old time-slot was some of the best television I’ve seen. I am completely team coco, but I must admit, since his timeslot move, I haven’t watched his show once. Of course, I don’t really watch late-night television at all anymore, so it isn’t his fault. I am a fan of pretty much everything the guy does.

  8. Moridin says:

    Hmm. I used to watch Late Night with Conan O’Brien, but I don’t do so anymore(not that I stopped liking it or anything. I’ve just stopped watching TV almost entirely). I don’t even know what Leno looks like. But then, I’m European, so I don’t care even as little as you’d think by reading the beginning of this post…

  9. Tizzy says:

    Not that I’ve followed any of this very closely, but wasn’t Leno forced out of his show by NBC? Doesn’t that make them the bad guys rather than him?

  10. LizJ says:

    I hope you continue to link your stuff here, because I have this site bookmarked, not the Escapist. An offsite link is not a problem!

  11. Teldurn says:

    Tizzy, you’re presenting a fact. A truth, even. Pssh, everyone knows there is no place on the internet for truth!

  12. Randy Johnson says:

    @Tizzy No, he wanted his own show and was given it

  13. Heron says:

    I want to pick both, too. It seems like NBC is second-guessing itself, after promising Leno a new show and Conan the Late Night seat, and that’s kind of a jerky thing for them to do.

    Conan’s sense of humor is more my style, but he tends to tell dirtier jokes than I would prefer, where Leno tends to tell jokes aimed at older people but at least they’re usually cleaner.

  14. Daimbert says:

    From what I’ve heard (reading the entertainment sections of, NBC wanted to give Conan the Tonight Show to keep him from jumping networks, and then said that they’d give Leno a prime time replacement as compensation. Leno claimed that they wouldn’t let him out of his contract either way, so he took it. Then, both Leno and Conan did poorly, and so NBC wanted to move Leno back to late night and push Conan back half an hour — the most they could move him without getting into major contract problems and thus having to pay out lots of monet– but letting him keep the “Tonight Show” name. Leno agreed. Conan didn’t. So they decided to kick Conan out.

    Yeah, blame the network; they’re just really, really dumb.

    Note that I don’t watch any of the shows; I’m generally asleep by the time any of them came on.

  15. lebkin says:

    I would love to know the demographics of the viewership of both Leno and O’Brian. Because I don’t know as single person who watches either. Or Letterman for that matter. My anecdotal evidence would support the claim that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are far more popular, even though ratings obviously tell a different story. Anyone got any insight?

  16. RichVR says:

    Okay, you asked. I don’t like Conan or Leno. To me they both suck. They are the antithesis of funny. The few times I watched either one they actually leached the funny out of me. They depressed me.

    If I stay up late and have nothing to do I’ll watch Craig Ferguson. He has more funny in his appendix than both of these hacks put together. Or maybe Letterman, but his schtick is getting old too.

    Like I said, you asked.

  17. Sam says:

    Leno has never been funny to me. And while Conan’s Tonight Show is far tamer than his Late Night show, he’s still much better as a host than Leno could ever hope to be. I will concede that Craig Ferguson is the best late night talk show host, but between just Leno and Conan, O’Brien’s the better man. I haven’t kept up with the situation involving these two, so I can’t really give an expert opinion on it, but I think it’s safe to say that Conan got the worst out of this whole mess. People need to accept change in their lives, and a new host of the Tonight Show is something you just have to accept.

    That is, unless Jimmy Fallon gets the gig. Then I riot.

  18. Amarsir says:


    I don’t understand why people seem to think that. Jay never wanted to leave the Tonight show and 10pm was his consolation prize. There’s a 5-minute clip on Hulu where Jay gives a brief from his perspective and he’s exceedingly respectful to Conan.

    I think we can all agree though that Zucker & NBC handled it horribly. I’d be perfectly happy to see Conan go to Fox and put up some competition there. I suspect Jay would win in the head-to-head but Fox would steal viewers and Conan’s fans would be able to find him. Win/win/win except for NBC, which is justice.

    (Plus let’s be honest – a masturbating bear would still probably class up Fox a bit.)

  19. Ramsus says:

    I never really enjoyed Leno and I found Conan to be more amusing. However to me the more important matter is “no take backs!”

  20. Zaxares says:

    I have very little idea who Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien are, and I’m willing to bet that the average person in Australia hasn’t even HEARD of their names before.

    And yet this whole incident still warranted a segment on the local news here. O.o

  21. LintMan says:

    As others said, it’s really NBC to blame. They promised Conan that he would host the Tonight Show when Leno left, in something like 2004. Leno probably didn’t want to go, and Conan was probably getting impatient (and getting offers from other networks), so they came up with the idea of giving Leno a new earlier show in an attempt to keep both happy.

    But then the ratings were bad and instead of giving things a bit of time, they tried to push the reset button. Conan would be the big loser in that case, so he said forget it.

    One cool thing was Conan negotiated a nice severance package for his entire staff as part of his leaving NBC. He probably didn’t have to do that and could have gotten more money for himself if he didn’t.

  22. Steve C says:

    Shamas asked:

    I realize that most people outside of the U.S. (and a lot of people inside the U.S.) don’t know or care about it, but it’s eating up the headlines around here. Which team [CoCo or Leno] are you on?

    I’m on team Haiti. I’m vaguely aware of the late night show squabble. I’m giving it the attention it deserves (none.) The headlines on Canadian news are about Haiti, Haiti tent city conditions, recently found Haiti survivors, Haiti mass graves, Haiti telethons, etc.

    Even though the late show is directly after the news, I’m not even sure I’ve seen mention of the Conan-Leno thing on Canadian news. Last thing I saw on the news was a segment about Haiti orphans being sold and trafficked out of the country.

    I’m glad our news has enough common sense to realize Haiti is a tad more important than which talking head gets the time slot after the news.

    1. Shamus says:

      Steve C: I’m sorry your news sources only cover one story at a time. Maybe you guys should look into that?

      Yes, clearly anyone with an opinion on Conan vs. Leno is completely ignorant of the disaster. Thank you so much for enlightening us in the thread for my comic. Following your example, during my daughter’s birthday party I chided her for enjoying herself and having fun while there was misery in the world.

      Thanks for setting us all straight.

  23. someboringguy says:

    Not very funny. The last three were funny, but this…I don’t blame you though, you couldn’t finish this otherwise.What could make Roarshack quit anyway?Except death?You have to work with the material sometimes.
    BTW, ever heard of Mastermind?Some flash movies I’ve seen about the character that has this name. What do you think about the way it creates humour?I am interested in the techniques and I’m asking the opinion of someone like you, that knows…

  24. Slothful says:

    They should totally do something like they did when Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien had their feud. Get each of the comedians to engage in one big fight scene.

    If there isn’t something like that, then comedy is dead for one of them.

    Either way, I support Conan for the tonight show. Jay leno already got himself his own show, and if he usurped his former position back, it be like when Vladimir Putin retired from the presidency in order to become the prime minister.

  25. SteveDJ says:

    Now I’m on team Shamus. I was ready to unleash my own response to #22, but you said it so much better. Thank you.

    Now back to the subject – regarding that severance package for his staff: $12 million, for approx. 200 people, if it was split evenly (yes, I know it isn’t, but humor me) then everyone gets $60,000. Nice!!!

    And I’ll bet most will follow Conan to wherever he ends up. What I’d like to know is: if Conan does sign with Fox, where would they tape the show? I’m not sure where Fox’s studios are – LA, or NY (or somewhere else)?

  26. SteveDJ says:

    (sorry for the post-after-post)

    @25: How’s about a Celebrity Death-Match between Jay and Conan (or have they done that already, and I missed it?)

  27. Steve C says:

    Sorry for being a downer in the comments for a webcomic. It just gets under my skin that entertainment news “eats up headlines” that would be better served with more serious journalism.

  28. Jabor says:

    “Serious Journalism” is few and far between these days.

    Just look at the overall decline in science journalism if you want an example.

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